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  1. I don't have any involvement in this project whatsoever, but last night at 3am I came up with an idea for a display for the whole set of these coins. When we were young, (many, many, moons ago), and purchased a double LP they came in a folded sleeve, like a card or mans wallet. I was thinking along the same line but when opened there would slots for each of these "45's", and as a whole they would create the LP. Don't know if it's a good idea or not, and don't have the means to do it, but thought it had some merit. And sorry if I am sticking my nose in something that isn't my business, but I really, really, needed to get this off my mind, kind of like some of your song titles that are now stuck in my head. LOL
  2. just purchased one on ebay .... hope it will help get the ball rolling on more sales and enable the boy scout to achieve his goal. Good luck
  3. BVnLJ


    We got an unexpected surprise in the mail today also. What a nice gift to send out. Thank you Nielsenc and Oakcoins, my husband and I are very grateful and wish you and yours a Happy Holiday. : )
  4. ooooooo very pretty!!! No problem for us at all. Good things come to those who wait
  5. Received another invoice for payment of the coins I ordered, already paid through paypal, and was unable to reply to you email because they kept coming back undeliverable. Sooo... I sent it to your email address that is under your profile, giving the payment id#, date, & time. hope this is ok???
  6. ok tried a different approach and got them this time thank you
  7. trying to order two of these and it won't take it. help please
  8. Would like two antique copper and one copper please
  9. Was wondering if there is a trackable geocoin related to teachers. Was asked by my sister to see if I could find one for her to give her daughter for Christmas, have been looking all morning with no luck. Thanks for the help
  10. just received my set of 2006 christmas holiday geocoins and couldn't be happier. well done, and thanks for the late hours put in to get them shipped.
  11. What can be done about a "cachemuggler" who appears to be moving geocoins virtually. He "placed" four geocoins/travelbugs yesterday in the following areas. Alaska, Afghanistan, Zimbobwe, and Seychelles. My niece is a geocaching fanatic and loves, loves, loves geocaching. She is at her wits end with this muggler. He seems to be following her trackables, and taking them as soon as they are placed. Any suggestions other than the obvious of not placing anymore trackables???
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