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  1. there are 14 left in stock at this site: http://www.jockaroo.com.au/shop/product.php?id_product=105
  2. The seventh and eighth editions are available for sale now ...
  3. Cute !! Will be watching this one as well.
  4. Did anyone receive the coin for July or know what it is?
  5. Here you go.... http://www.1stcacher.com/trackables/geocoins/wolf-pack-2-celtic-wolf-full-rose-moon-copper-1818.html If you happen to buy them and are wanting to sale one of them I would be interested in purchasing one. (I don't want to have to spend a $131.84 to get one coin missing from series.) @ -Flying-Dutchman- sending you a pm regarding the wolfmoon edition : )
  6. These are the 6 versions I have. There is also a pre-sale Halloween edition for sale that has to be purchased in multiples of 10 and is noted to be the 9th in the series. I haven't seen or been notified of a sale of numbers 8 and 9 so they must have been event coins. Hope this helps : )
  7. Hi Fredrik, was just wondering is these were ordered on August 4th as stated in your previous post, or are they being ordered now with the 50 different versions you are referring to as the first batch. Thanks, LJ
  8. Good News Today "After much waiting... The April and June coins have shipped!!! We have shipped out the April and June Coin of the Month and the Bonus Trackable Tag to you today. June's Bonus Coin will ship out in a few weeks. We anticipate July's Coin of the Month to ship out the end of July. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE!"
  9. Received this update on June 18,2014, but haven't received anything other than the mother's day coin and a couple wolfpack v2 that I ordered. "Here is the latest... May's coin of the Month shipped last week. This was the Mother's coin. April's coin of the Month, Free Trackable, June's Coin of the Month and June's Bonus Coin and Pin are scheduled to ship out later next week. We again apologize for the delay. This has been an adventure for sure. Thank you again for your patience".
  10. Here is a link for geocoins made of coal from various states, West Virginia is among them. http://coalcache.com/html/products.html
  11. "As is the Dressel Dragons Signature Item. Where the hell do I get that?" You'll have to pay for the shipping but I have one if you want it. PM through here if interested.
  12. That's awesome ! So happy it finally made it to you. Thank you to all who helped it along in its six year journey.
  13. Where are the gold, silver, and bronze versions sold?
  14. Sorry you having such trouble.... try clicking on this link and "log" the coin from the task bar: http://www.geocoins.ca/home.php Hope it helps
  15. My sincerest sympathy to you and your family.
  16. The most cost effective way is to ship through paypal if that is how you are being paid for the coins: "first class package intl service - package/thick envelope" is only $8.88 for a 3 oz. coin "first class package (2-5 days)- package/thick envelope" in the United States is only $1.69 for 3oz coin then add .80 cents to $1 onto that for mailer, other shipping supplies, and handling
  17. Must be something in the air this week. There was another seller who "found" a geocoin attached to a stuffed animal named "Sporty the Fox's FTF Geocoin" and placed it on ebay for sale the very same day. In his auction he referenced the travel bug # ,TB4BRMN, and after looking it up it was apparent that he was selling something that was not his, and what was even worse it belonged to a 4 year old. I emailed him questioning the ownership of the item and explained that it's not okay to sell geocoins you find in caches, they belong to the person who paid for them and placed them out to travel. He did not respond to my email. I contacted the owner and he didn't know anything about the ebay auction nor did he give authorization for it to be sold. He also contacted the seller and ebay but hasn't heard from either of them. Not sure if I had a bee in my bonnet or what this week but I ended up purchasing "Sporty" and received him in the mail today, (at least the seller has prompt shipping going for him), and will be placing in a cache for the little boy to be able to continue to enjoy watching his geocoin travel. So in keeping with this topic, you do have to watch and be careful of what you buy because there are people who think nothing of selling what doesn't belong to them.
  18. Voted What will Sundance win when he wins?
  19. Horrible picture but retrieved from cointracking dot com
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