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  1. Received my sets today and they are really nice. Thank you ! LJ
  2. I got some($45) but you can't have them LOL waiting for GCF to spend wisely.... But she can't make it and is sending them to me to shop for her. Whatsya got good ???? BWWAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAA
  3. A Place in the Sun .... Tim Mcgraw
  4. I will see what I come up with when mine come in.
  5. Hi, looking to trade for Chris Crakes Mimbres LE's: green purple tan AND Dragonfly Talisman all four versions Have to trade: Cachehunter42 bear V2 silver Tuit polished gold with red and green enamels Moon Mushroom LE 50 minted 2007 Morpho Butterfly LE pink glitter Kokopelli (black nickel one from the Caching Place) Crakes Three Roses / 3 coin set: autumn, ice, and glow Cat Got Your Cache swirled torty version Welsh Lovespoon: polished gold with purple enamel or polished silver with blue enamel 2007 Seasons of Caching / 4 coin set / LE ant silver set OR black nickel set 2008 Maine Pirate Quest German Bier LE two-tone Geocoin Club ROT Bottle Opener WITH pathtag 2007 Geomuse suncatcher NON trackable Russian Nesting Dolls / 3 coin set: polished copper OR polished silver Guardians of the Cache / 4 coin set / polished nickel Cockatoo 3 coin set / brown, pink,white / (one of them is the artist edition but I don't remember which) Nordkapp Norwegian Attractions / "Geocaching Under the Midnight Sun" / blk nickel or polished gold Birka / polished gold OR polished silver Tiki Stacker complete set Our Angel Baby / antique silver with gold baby or antique copper with silver baby / 50 minted of each Pursuit of Caching Pie *** don't have yet but expect them any day *** pm or email if interested. thanks
  6. BVnLJ

    Mimbres Geocoin

    If I would have known that this is how it was going to work, I would have ordered 6 sets lol. It's something my mom "taught" me. Everything comes in a set and you should buy them as a set and of course you should buy two of each set in case one of the pieces goes missing or gets broken Thankfully I just "need" only one set of something. I can't see a lot of trading going on for these because of the limit and distribution of the LE coins. I think for those who just buy to "ebay only' will be selling theirs and that's how those of us who are anal (crazy) enough will pay for them
  7. BVnLJ

    Mimbres Geocoin

    So sorry Sarah but I collect Chris' coins and don't really don't want to part with it. Trying to figure out how to get the other three I missed out on sigh I feel so guilty now
  8. BVnLJ

    Mimbres Geocoin

    I didn't want to post and ruin the "mystery" of the LE's for Chris but guess it doesn't matter too much now lol I got a blue, red, and purchased a yellow or orange (not quite sure) on ebay. Just sharing a picture of the red....
  9. very pretty hopefully there will be some left when I get home from work at 6
  10. BVnLJ

    Mimbres Geocoin

    "If anyone has ordered an extra, I would love to trade for one" I ordered a couple extra of the black and white if your interested. Let me know
  11. BVnLJ

    Mimbres Geocoin

    Hi Chris got notification that my coins were shipped and thought I'd share a photo of the cabinet my husband made for me a couple weeks ago that now house my "coveted "Crake" collection". Got the space all ready for the Mimbres and plenty more for your future ones too !
  12. 1. Participating yes, email sent 8/29/08 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  13. received mine today...really nice coin
  14. I think Russ is saying that International Shipping is "Not Offered" and he lives in the UK- ergo he is excluded. Yep, no International Russ I bought an extra. If you would like to trade just let me know
  15. Lois Jean - I sent your second set of coins on the 11th as you have mentioned. I will be posting your 3rd set tomorrow. What I don't understand is after thousands of coins being sent, yours were the only ones not received not once, but twice. I just find that awfully peculiar. Not only will the 3rd set have proof of mailing, but delivery confirmation as well. Paula doesn't even read the forums anymore because of all the negativity. We have never 'stolen' from anyone EVER - and never intend on it. Our customers are always informed on the status of their coins by newsletter or email. Regards, ~J Baloney Jim....you didn't even remember what I ordered because of your system not working correctly 4/08/08 and you sent me a manual invoice. In our emails from 8/9/08 I had to tell what was ordered AND THEN you said they would be mailed on monday the 8/11/08. If you need a reminder of such, I will be more than happy to cut and paste here all the correspondence we have had on these coins since 8/9/08. So quit bs'ing about 2 and now 3 shipments of coins being shipped to me...I never received any and would like them as you were paid for !!!! Okay Jim, got your email and listened to the voice mail on my phone....even though you didn't mail through paypal and don't have those records, if you could scan and paste the receipts from the post office showing the 2 previous shipments of coins to me that you say were sent , I will apologize here on the forums for the harsh feelings and "negativity" caused by my posting. I have purchased many coins from you and have never had a problem like this, I too find it "very peculiar" that this has occurred as you say. Regards
  16. Ok sorry but .... time to vent.... I've waited patiently for 4 1/2 months and still haven't received the coins I ordered and prepaid for on 4/8/08. Since 8/04/08 I have emailed these people seven times. Was answered finally on 8/9/08 by Jim and told they would be shipped monday, 8/11/08. Still no coins or an answer to three more email inquiries. Filed a claim with paypal yesterday to no avail....only have 45 days to file a dispute. But was "encouraged" to continue with the claim. They will close it but put a flag on their account and if more problems arise then action would be taken by paypal against them. Whatever the problems these two are having there is NO excuse for not responding AND shipping the product which they have taken the money for. If they have the time to take the pictures and spend the hours it takes to place these and other coins on ebay the last two weeks for sale, then I sure as heck should have had mine sent to me. I am a fairly quiet and patient person, as my waiting four months without a complaint will attest to, but I am extremely po'd about this situation and hope that maybe posting here will bring about some kind of resolution to this. Sorry if this offends anyone or seems as an attack on cinemaboxers, but their non-action and pretty much stealing money from people doesn't deseve much more Well just got a phone call from Jim and Paula...they sent my coins but I never received them. Asked why no response to my emails since the 11th but got no reply other than that is why she won't be doing coins anymore. What a pleasant conversation I'll be waiting once again patiently for my coins
  17. should be fun....I'll play
  18. I have to trade : OR Am looking for : Would really love this one : ) OR OR trade made with Moustik for the Quebec 2008 geocoin .... thank you sooo much !!!
  19. try this http://www.newgeocoins.com/ lists new coins coming out and down the right hand side it has a listing of coin vendor websites
  20. Just checking on the status of these Thanks
  21. I have one, but am unable to see your trading list....I'll try again later : )
  22. found what I needed to know "somewhere" else
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