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  1. I know that there is an Elf coin but I would like to know if there a coin named Santa's Helper and what it looks like. The Red Christmas Earth Turtle is called Santa's Helper and the Green Christmas Earth Turtle is called Santa's Elf is that what you were looking for ???
  2. Hi, trying once again to obtain the purple and green multi-colored 2008 Earth Turtles. Have to trade Green Christmas 2008 Earth Turtle (not in hand as of yet) and these... Two-tone dragon spinner: silver with bronze or bronze with silver 2008 bronze Alaska Dragonfly Talisman: Johnny Cash or Bucket List Elf Ornament (non-trackable) Yemon/Yime Geocoinfest shiny gold finish Blue 2007 Dragonfly Also have a complete set of Tiki Stackers but am looking for the purple, multi-colored green, and the GW brown 2008 turtles for them. Long shot I know, but can't hurt to try : ) Please email or pm is interested. (We have to make our daily hospital visit and won't be home until later this evening, so I can't reply until tonight if anyone is interested) Thanks Lois Jean BVnLJ
  3. online store, on sale now, or geocoins ??? uugghh I can't think
  4. Still waiting here in PA, hope they are OK
  5. thinking about ordering one of these to help me stay awake saturday night
  6. welsh lovespoon ?? http://www.geogenus.co.uk/
  7. My husband used a driil press to put a hole on the outer ring of a compass suncatcher coin for me so I could attach a geocoin traveler tag and there was no problem with doing that.
  8. Just wanted to update where I am on getting the coins mailed out. #1 WRITE SHOP ROBERT I picked a coin from my collection that I think you will like, (fingers crossed), could you please email your mailing address so I can get it on the way to you disregard...I was able to obtain from the addresses list. I'll be mailing it out to you tomorrow morning : ) got it mailed out to you this morning : ) #2 Gatatoulis Haven't heard back from you yet on the choice of coin and I also need your mailing address so I can get it mailed to you. Received your email and will be mailing it out tomorrow morning : ) got it mailed out to you this morning : ) #3 Laval K-9 Sent your coin out this morning. : ) #4 Tank Hounds Sent your coin out this morning : ) #5 ELTADA Sent your coin out this morning : ) #6 Summerdana Haven't heard back from you yet on the choice of coin and I also need your mailing address so I can get it mailed to you. and last but not least our runner up #7 millieballon Received your mailing address and have your coin wrapped and ready to go, will be mailing it out tomorrow morning : ) got it mailed out to you this morning : )
  9. The code is engraved on the outside edge of the coin. Thanks for the info - but I am afraid that it is not there (that I can see). I have what I understand to be the Holiday Edition of the coin (Red ring, Green center w. red jewel on one side, and Green ring and Red center on the other side.) The edge (side) of the coin is smooth, and on both faces there is nothing in the silver area between the colored ring and the outside edge. The coin is supposed to be trackable, I am beginning to wonder if there is a manufacturing defect/omissioin. CacheCredit I thought the same thing but after looking on ebay at Avroair's auction of them they are non-trackable
  10. This was too hard to pick just one favorite so we decided to have six winners with a bonus runner up. #1 WRITE SHOP ROBERT loved the pictures and especially Silent Night at Temple Square, featuring Allison Sawyer #2 Gatatoulis What a great tree display !! #3 Laval K-9 Another awesome tree display #4 Tank Hounds Loved your hand carved hound sleigh, reminds me of our beagle/bassett who had to be put to sleep this year at the age of 17...still miss his face every day #5 ELTADA very thoughtful way to share the spirit of christmas #6 Summerdana for the talent you have with FIMO clay and gifting it to others here in the forums to spread some christmas cheer. and last but not least our runner up #7 millieballon who deserves a prize for dressing up in christmas balloon hats and taking their balloon reindeer caching....thank you for the smile How this hopefully will work is this: The coins are listed in the first post. #1 gets the first pick (write shop robert) please post the coin you would like and then #2 (Gataloulis) gets to pick and post the coin they would like and so on until #1 through #6 have picked. I'll also need you to email me your mailing address so I can get them sent out to you. ***Millieballon, please email your mailing address and I'll go through my coins and get one sent out to you as our runner up Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas ! LJ (BVnLJ) Our grandaughters at Christmas Eve mass tonight
  11. Just making a request of the "Yime" to please tell the story behind your 2008 Yemon-Yime coin, my curiosity has been piqued by others in different threads and now I needs to know
  12. what a CUTE coin congrats on receiving it !!
  13. We received this card in the mail with this most perfect christmas coin in it from Sweetlife yesterday. Thank you, Thank you !!!
  14. In the mail last night when we got home from work was truly one of the nicest cards with a "Tis the Season" coin in it from Sweetlife. For reasons I won't go into here, it was very fitting and the timing couldn't have been more perfect for the meaning of the coin. Thank you Valerie and Barry your kindness means much to us ((( ))) Lois Jean & Byron (BVnLJ)
  15. WOW the detail is awesome now
  16. yay !! so glad someone finally found it, was driving me nuts
  17. no luck here either .... spent 2 hours reading and searching and ended up getting a trojan virus and some kind of worm virus on my computer. ewwwwww
  18. pssst don't tell anyone but I was told it was Eartha and FSM
  19. PM sent...I have an extra trolley you can have : ) Never got the PM and Don't think I got back to you - em sent through profile today. Hope we can set up a trade. Thank you! Got your em and will send it out to you tomorrow morning, don't worry about trading for it no big deal : )
  20. We had to put two of our dog friends down this year and you have my sympathy on the loss of your Henry. I have an extra rainbow bridge coin that is referenced above if you would like it. I tried to look over Karma's previous posts to see if her dog, the one on the coin, was a lab but couldn't find mention of breed. But if you'd like one to release for Henry, just pm me your mailing address and I'll get it sent out to you LJ (BVnLJ)
  21. WOW thank you guys, I'm enjoying looking at and reading all your posts.... GATOULIS - your tree and nativity set are beautiful, what a nice display to have in your home. You must have a ton a patience to do all that and it looks georgeous with the blue lights lit up behind it too! Li-Z - you fresh greens centerpiece is pretty...once the candles are lit I bet it will smell even better than it does now : ) sharom12 - now you just gotta love a blue tree, actually blue anything in my opinion kini_ont - oh my how lucky you are to have some much snow, we love it but don't seem to have snowfalls amounting to anything here in our part of PA ky.m.guy - looks like the Griswalds . But truly the christmas spirit on the bin for food donations for the food bank ** My daughter just sent me this email .... thought it was funny** "The wife has been on my case to get the Christmas lights up. They are up now and for some reason she will not talk to me..."
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