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  1. Hey Li-Z, I have to agree with you on three points of your post.... 1) As always super fast shipping, 2) They are beautiful coins....I really love the foggy silver, and 3) Your right... this isn't normal (but just so true) They even smell good, like brand new coins! (hmmm.....this is not normal. I have the same thing with new books
  2. YEE HAW....got roped in to the bandits posse today Received a shiny black mailer and inside was coin #330 Big THANK YOU to the Geo_ Bandit for including me in your latest group of mailings....just way too cool
  3. I received the same package today as well. Truly honored and thankful to have been a part of this mission. Thank you and stay safe LJ (BVnLJ)
  4. Not only did I receive the awesome Masters of Cache from 007BigD but he also sent one of his "new heat treated" prototype siggys and splatted me with a snowball to boot. WOOT Thanks for the cointest Dave LJ
  5. Looking for: 2008 Earth Turtle Green Multi-Colored 2006 Alaska Geocoin (not the coinament with moose) Have to trade: Fear No Cache GCC SE members only bronze Good Karma GCC SE members only Tranquility blue is my world / silver pm if interested thanks LJ (BVnLJ)
  6. Thanks everyone for the help. Guess I'm just missing one at the moment thne..the 2006 geocoin. So off to the trading section I go....
  7. First of my "10" favorites 2007 Earth Turtle South Pointing Chariots Four Spirit Pottery Coins Delft Blauw / Windmulen & Shoe (spelling issues again ) 2005 Old Man Winter Caching in the Winter Wonderland 2YS4U Tracking Time Kayakerinme 5 coin set Moose on the Loose
  8. Playing in my boxes of shinies today and can't seem to figure out what coin I'm missing in the geocache alaska series. I have a 2005, 2006, and two 2008. What the heck did I miss in 2007? Went to the geocoin trading website and other than the super duper models of the ones I have, I can't see a specific coin for 2007. Does anyone have a picture of it that you could share please. Oh man...I spelled geocoin wrong in the topic heading and can't fix it. Guess the cough/congestion medicine I taking right now is kind of potent
  9. Holy smokes...there always seems to be an angle to mess things up and people who are able to find them and take advantage. Sorry for your trouble celtic cache trio, if I had one of those penny packer coins I'd send it to you to help with the ebay situation. Does anyone have an extra of these? I could look at your seeking list and see if there's is something that I could trade you for it to help her out. PM me if you do Thanks LJ BVnLJ
  10. Seeker_Knight....if you want to state facts then state facts...this is the first email you sent and my response...I tried to help on the 11th and even offered further help. You in turn just dumped my coin with rude loggings and I in turn treated you with same respect. If you truly needed more help then I should have been contacted further as I offered or you could have come here and asked for help seeing as you know how to use the forums "Hi there,When you are entering the numbers on the coin be sure to have the caps on if that's the way they are. Also, try using the number zero rather than the letter "o". I just tried it and it worked fine so I think one of the things I mentioned above might be where your going wrong. Hope that helps, but if not just email us again and we'll help out the best we can.Thank you for getting in touch with us on it rather than just dropping the coin somewhere out of frustration : ) Lois Jean (BVnLJ) --- On Wed, 2/11/09, Geocaching <noreply@geocaching.com> wrote: From: Geocaching <noreply@geocaching.com> Subject: [GEO] Seeker_Knight contacting BVnLJ from Geocaching.com To: bvnlj2nd@yahoo.com Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 1:14 AM Hi BVnLJ, I found your "Troubles Tazmanian Devil" geocoin in "Ethan's Party" geocache, located in Joppatowne, MD. Tried to log the retrieval on geocaching.com, but the system is saying that the number you listed does not exist. I even tried using the number on the coin itself, and it was not registered. Other people have managed to log this TB/Coin, so what do you thing it is that I'm doing wrong? Any help you can offer wood be appreciated. I want to make the log and move it on. Seeker_Knight AKA Kevin"
  11. If I was supposed to order one of these coins for you could you please pm me and let me know. There were three people who wanted one, and I did get them ordered but now I can only remember one of your names
  12. spotted this "compass rose" on the ceiling at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh tonight during a show
  13. Now if I only had another!... Ill work on it, as id like to fork one over for the FTP as a FTP prize ... Tell me it wouldnt be a special coin for yet another! With good reason too, so if anybody wants a trade, id go fer another Masters of Cache to accomodate! Yeah your right, that would be a nice FTP prize considering the meaning of the coin to you and them both. You can send it to him/her if you like. No worries here
  14. I'm thinking someone had a little too much coffee today. Good grief ! With a response like that, I guess I would have automatically removed him from the mailing list and let him/her know that their kind of "customer support" is not welcome there. And don't let the door hit you on the way out either
  15. DING DING DING...WE HAVE A WINNER!!! It was an Eartha indeed and I WAS FLOORED!!! Congrats, Send me your addy and ill have your prize off to you Soon! Thanks everyone for playin and goo dluck in the other cointests! WOO HOO !! Thank you so much. I love that coin, even my husband was oogling it while I was reading the rules to the contest. How cool you received two of them and are sharing one of them like this... Congratulations on your Eartha coin, now that is one awesome coin. I got to play with one at the GCF and it's one heck of a coin. Yay for you !! Thank you for the cointest....and yay for me
  16. DeLorme Eartha oohhh ahhhh ???
  17. Ok so I had to be nosy and look at link for Max But I love this picture of you and "My Yellow Lab Max" at Calabasas Peak
  18. This is a really nice mission, could I join up also?
  19. How about Hamburger... Hugs and praise went a long way in training our dogs : )
  20. "Special Features: Hinged body so wings open and close " ??? confused a little
  21. I'd be glad to help you out whenever they happen to go on sale at the sight, but as yet I haven't seen the "SE's member only" ones go up for sale....unless they went so fast that I missed it. If I'm able to get one I'll let you know and you can just reimburse me the cost of coin & shipping
  22. Hope I'm not stepping on your toes fox-and-the-hound...just got this coin in the mail and it's really cool !!] Congrats on another awesome coin.
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