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  1. : I feel so bad for the owner. I can't help since I live like 3000 miles away on the other side of the U.S. So free those travel bugsx and don't log your visit. Send them somewhere besides a motel/prison. Sneak them out. May the GPs be with you Geocacher. Use stealth and cunning
  2. Lets do some caches in Escondido like, Lake Hodges is back, Homicide, Split Rock at Hodges, Suprising View, and Nuts 4 Geocachng
  3. Hey guys, I just that we should get a group together for weekends for geocaching in Escondido, San Marcos, Valley Center, Pala and Rincon Valley, and other parts of the county. We would do city by city, and talk here on which cache we should tackle first in the County. So need your opinions. I was thinking we could be called the: San Diego County Geocachers
  4. He would be happy to help with this cache and participate in this event. If it is in California. I would suggest you do a multi-cache. That had caches at each point, and had a puzzle to the next cache. Like a puzzle for a place. Like a suduko challenge or a puzzle to figure out the coordinates, and the grand prize for the winning team would get a geocoin. This logic puzzle would be great, and once they figure out the challenge they can then see the coordinates clearly. Go to the link and look at the puzzle above. mooretechnologies.com
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would gladly be a sub for California for the 50 multi cache. This is a great idea if we could pull it off
  6. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the Loch Ness Monster Cache in San Marcos. I am having trouble finding it, and I need some help from you strong geocachers. Hiikaash
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