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  1. I would recommend a explorist 210 because it has a usb cable and 22mb memory, and you don't have to upload coordinates directly
  2. I don't have the whole shebang, so post a link leading to a picture of a pocket pc
  3. Magellan 2000 help Kinda I'll work on more links and more help for you welcome to geocaching
  4. that is not right. He is holding about 32 travel bugs
  5. this thread is for Escondido Caching, not San Diego County caching
  6. lets start throwing in stuff for caching. Need some dates
  7. Ok then thought you might be interested. Go on with your thing
  8. Whens the next day for caching. Need to know P.S. I made your 203 page
  9. You should buy the Magellan 210. It also has built in memory
  10. what kind of gps do you have. I think it depends on the type?
  11. Lets start throwing some dates in. I might be able do this weekend, but I don't think so. So lets start finding a date for caching
  12. You should buy a Magellan 210, because of the in-built memory, and usb cache cable
  13. I have had no experience with both, but prefer the Magellan 210
  14. So far 1. Team Geogeeks 2. Hiikaash 3. DaMoores (pending)
  15. It will be a group for scheduled caching, if you are interested I will add you to the list
  16. What are the caches for this weekend
  17. So far I have 1 person for the Escondido Group 1. Team Geogeeks 2. Hiikaash
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