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  1. Yep... and when we all went to find yours, we found this one first. Our name was put on that cache log as LASF right after Riffsters. I thought at first it was yours, but then it didn't have the puzzle pieces that were needed from yours. Then I stumbled around for about 20 minutes or so before I found yours only about 10-20 feet away.
  2. There is one other way to find Archived caches. If you know the owner of the archived cache, and he/she has other finds that are still active, you can go to one of those. Click on other caches hidden by this user. It will bring up all caches that person has hidden including archived.
  3. Monkey Puzzle II Reborn http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...60-5fe3aa9e7f25
  4. You can only alter the coordinates to a little over 100 feet as I recall. But as Vesak said, post a reviewer note that you need to change them. There might even be a new log type for altering the coordinates. I'd look but like everyone else right now. The site seems to be having issues.
  5. After the 20 coors I wouldn't be able to see or stand let alone find the final.
  6. 1615 where I live now in Florida. A big chunk of area to the east is swallowed up by the Atlantic Ocean. I have found over 1000 of those. For you people that live in Southern California, you should move to the Inland Empire. From where I used to live in Riverside there are 6,307. I need to go back for a cache run.
  7. I watched that on TV as it was happening. As I recall the bad guy that bled to death was shot at the back of a car in the street. How are you going to put a cache there? Overall I think this is a bad idea, unless somehow you make all the stages tributes to the policemen that were there that day.
  8. My text size is smaller. However sometime in the past 20 minutes the text has reverted back to normal. So right now mine is fine again.
  9. Sometime yesterday mine went really small too. Smallest it's been so far. I use IE 6.0.2900.2180.
  10. Please see this post Ok... thanks. Just never looked that closely before. No wonder sometimes I find them 6 feet from GZ.
  11. First of all I don't know if this was happening on previous releases or not. I just started using GSAK to create a database of solved puzzle caches. I was experimenting uploading that database along with a pocket query from GC.COM. I am uploading these to a GARMIN 60C. Because I hadn't changed the SmartName the pq was being overwritten. OK I solved that, but then doing some compares after the uploads I noticed that every once in a while the uploaded coordinates were off by .001 less on the west when the got to my GARMIN. So something like W81 49.900 might end up W81 49.899. This happens on both my entered puzzle solutions AND data from a pocket query. Any ideas?
  12. 1) A lot of puzzle cache makers don't like to give any hints on the cache page until someone finds it. And even then he/she may decide to leave the puzzle as is for all those that come later. The owner of this cache will gladly give out very subtle hints or tell you if you are on the right track if you email him. 2)What is a typical browser? I solved it and I use Internet Explorer. I'd say that is a fairly typical browser. 3)This is a fair statement. I know for a fact that someone who wasn't able to solve it the correct way, was given another way to solve it by email from the cache owner.
  13. I'm pretty sure I know how to solve the Olives are good cache. I found a similar cache here in So-Cal. As for Jackie & Bob caches, they are tricky. I met Bob when he lived out here, and his puzzle caches can get down right evil at times. He is very cool, so e-mail him if you get stuck. Tell him ShowStop said hi! ShowStop.... me EVIL? I think I know of the puzzle you speak of. Now that I'm retired I have even more time to think about puzzles. Say hi to my So. Cal. geofriends. Kestrel Trap... the owner of that one is a good friend of mine. We like puzzles.
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