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  1. I see that this is an old thread but I thought I would reply to this. I go geocaching all the time in the Ocala National Forest. Sometimes with other people. There are areas where no one gets cell coverage. There are areas where only one person might get cell coverage and the other doesn't. I've been to geocaches where I've phoned for help, and am talking to the person and they say look over there. I move 2 feet and no longer have cell coverage. I move back and it comes back. So I could tell you there is cell coverage on a listing, but it wouldn't be guaranteed so why make the statement. It might just get someone mad at the CO because they thought there might be cell coverage. You would have to say what carrier you have and how new your phone is. I'm not sure it would be worth it in areas like this, especially not knowing if other carriers work where yours works.
  2. This is the cache: Operation High Desert
  3. Provided all 3 magnetic containers are placed such that each meets the guidelines and stand on their own as Traditionals and the coords for the ammo can were in the containers, then the ammo can would be placed as a bonus cache, which would be a type of (unknown/mystery/?).
  4. There is a section that addresses this issue. It isn't 100% inclusive but it is a good place to look: Land use policies.
  5. I do not know them and did not take the time to have a look at their logs and thus do not know whether they typically cache together. I know some cacher couples with a team account that often separate to increase their find count (and not because one is on business travel and the other at home) and to stay on top of ranking lists. While this cannot be considered as cheating as there no rules in this respect, I not appreciate if such cachers boast with their achievements/find count/rank on top. I do not care if they enjoy caching in their own way, but if it comes to comparisons to others, it of course plays a role how many people are involved in a find and it is somehow childish and dishonest to create the impression in online logs that all team members have been present when this is not the case. (It is of course possible that A of team AB logs a cache in country X today at 10 a.m. and B logs a cache in another country Y today at 10 a.m. (same time zone), but it is dishonest to create the impression that both A and B have been at both caches.) As the 40000 caches per year is regarded, I guess it is possible with unlimited resources, but crazy in my opinion. Cezanne A little more about TeamSnook TeamSnook has a small popup trailer that they pull behind their car. They plan each day around geocaching. They travel to an area and set up camp for several days. Then travel around in their car looking for geocaches. They do log DNFs and will only drop a cache if they have permission from the cache owner. They will take their car on any road that it can possibly go down. They plot a route that appears to be the most efficient for finding the greatest number of caches for the next day. When they go out they do NOT stray from that route. Doing so would only mess up their plans. I know because I go out with a plan and usually end up doing something entirely different. They cache together, they cache with other people, but they don't go their separate ways and each find 50 different caches to total 100 for a day. Nope. When they get hungry they park on the side of the road and open up the back of their car where they have a cooler and make their sandwiches and stop for awhile to eat their lunch. I've come across them several times while they are stopped for lunch. They usually offer to feed me, but usually we just chat for awhile and then I head for home, while they do more geocaching in the afternoon. I'm retired too, but doing what they do seems like work to me, but it is their passion. And I would love to have visited some of the places they've been because of geocaching. I just don't want to do the power trails.
  6. I just noticed one related problem with this. If you click on the favorite button right from the page that comes back when you enter your found it, it says that you favorited it, but if you go to the cache page and refresh the screen it isn't favorited. I noticed this after logging several other caches that my favorite count was one to high. So I went back and checked. Sure enough the one that I had favorited was no longer favorited.
  7. I'm not sure about my count increasing or not. Like the last poster. I wasn't paying attention to that. I have tried two different caches even though one of them I didn't really want to add a favorite point to it. Both work the same way one is a mystery the other a Traditional. The mystery is the one I'm interested in. GC36676. I have gone back and tried again after Moun10Bike's reply. Same results. In fact I just shut down the browser and restarted it and tried again for the 5th time. Same results. I am using Firefox 9.01.
  8. I tried several times this evening to give a cache a favorite point. I click on the add to favorites button. It increments the count by one. Then I went to another cache page and came back and the favorite point was gone. And it was back in my inventory like I never gave the point away. I tried doing it again. Again it updated. This time I just refreshed the page and again it took it away.
  9. In the Fundamental Geocaching Placement section of the knowledge books it says: Geocache placements do not deface or destroy public or private property. Geocaches are placed so that the surrounding environment is safe from both intentional or unintentional harm. Keep both natural and human-made objects safe. No object or property may be altered to provide a hiding place, clue, or means of logging a find.
  10. You didn't ask me for them Ashnikes... If you think that the cache you mentioned at the beginning of this thread is bad. Then you are in for some real disappointments ahead. That cache has been around for a long time. The cache owner has no control over what gets put in their cache after they place it. You are going to find a lot of caches out there that are filled with junk. People do put their business cards in caches but it might be someone just like you who visited the cache. I used to collect them as they were representative of a personal item. I no longer do that. There are caches out there with stuff that entice you to come into the nearby store too. Things like 20% off discount stuff. If you don't want to be bombarded by the junk then find the cache, find the log, sign it and don't look at anything else in the cache. If you don't like something about the cache state it in your log. Then the owner sees it. Not everyone comes to these forums. I rarely do. But someone suggested I take a look at this thread so I did.
  11. The fact that a good number of Mr Riffster's caches are generally very hard to get to is the real reason he probably doesn't want to check the physical log books. To answer the question posed in this thread. I've deleted logs when it was obvious that someone hadn't been to one of our caches. This was when someone from way up north somewhere logged a couple of our caches, and several of our friends. All done on the same day. But in reality would have taken several days to find them. Not to mention that they logged caches in different states that same day. I sent them an email and told them why I didn't think they had visited our caches. I never got a response and they never relogged them.
  12. I solved it rather quickly, only took a couple minutes to figure out 3 of the numbers. But it is all right there if you look at it closely. If you are worried about the coords being slightly off, just adjust the puzzle for that. Like the dog with the glasses said, use the new idea for a different cache.
  13. Most reviewers have a separate account for reviewing. The 3 reviewers that might be reviewing in your area have combined for over 275 hides and over 10,000 finds on their regular accounts. Just in case you really want to know their numbers.
  14. Trail??????? What has your brother told you about this cache? Read the logs!!!! Mr.Riffster doesn't do trails. Oh wait... maybe there was a 100 feet to get from your car to the starting point.
  15. I don't think it is webcam caches. I think it is caches that have more than one found it log on the same cache by the same person. I have 6 of those for various reasons ... moving caches ... replacement caches where owner said to find and log it again, etc. I have 7 webcam caches but my total is showing 6 less.
  16. BEF could stand for Bob Evans Family restaurants. Not sure. Off Your Rockers (OYR) are all at Cracker Barrel Restaurants. CBRs all have rocking chairs out on the front porch. That isn't where the caches are hidden but that is the reference to OYR.
  17. The Swimmer's Cache has always generated a lot of fun in Southern California http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ab-e352ac3a2a4d
  18. How do you do that? He spends most of his waking hours reading cache pages.
  19. It's extremely hard to velcro one of your totally camo'd spanish moss, deer moss, palmetto chunks ammo cans to anything. So Mr. Riffster please don't use the velcro. I like the way your ammo cans just disappear so that even you have trouble finding them.
  20. no changes to the current system would be justified I don't want 5 peer reviewers going out and stomping around my pristine cache hide, and creating the inevitable geotrail before the legitimate FTFer gets a chance to hunt for it.
  21. The best thing to do is/was to post an Owner Maintenance log on your own cache. Then all the geocachers would see it. And any reviewer would see it before he/she decided to archive the cache. When you edit your cache page and put the date you fixed it in there, that might not be seen by a reviewer. The reviewer posted a note to basically say that he/she is watching to see if anything gets done. A month later when he/she didn't see anything it was archived.
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