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  1. I can confirm the issue with the logs: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=324304&view=findpost&p=5405869 Another local cacher confirmed that this is a recent change. And before anyone suggests (again) to try some other browser... this is the ONLY browser of my not too smart phone.
  2. Or should I say... me too ...just to better make my point on this reduced signal to noise ratio?
  3. I'm afraid we lost this battle already a couple of years ago, but anyway: Please make text/html mails an user selectable option!
  4. Because all letterboxes need to have the final coords posted. So nowadays people just want to change the final coords off jump street and skip all that "letter boxing" to get straight to the final To me this strikes as lazy. If I need coords added, I just add a wpt. Easy to do on every device I own. Like, so freakin easy that having GS implement this seems like a crazy waste of time and valuable resources. But hey, that's just me. At least in my neighborhood letterbox hybrids usually can be solved as mystery cache, too. About the work load on GS, they just need to remove the code, that checks weather a cache type is eligible for corrected coordinates. This would apply for all current and future cache types. Exactly, so in the meantime I wrote a gresemonkey script to do just that, so that I can correct the coords for tradis where the owners fail to do so. And if you expect low usage of this feture, then the sever load will be very marginal too, right? BTW:some posters reasoning for why this ain't needed for WIG:s and LB:s could apply to multis too, where this functionality already is. Seems no one (from Groundspeak) ever cared to answer this, but good(?) news from another thread:
  5. I can't help but wonder if someone might want this option just so they can let everyone else know what they have. Okay, you've got a brand new $700 GPS but how is that going to help me find your cache? I guess the point was to get some idea of your expected search area. For example something like. GPSr: iPhone A1324 => 15 m search radius GPSr: Leica ALS60 => 15 cm radius well, obviously depending on the expected accuracy of your own GPSr as well. But as already pointed out the accuracy depends more on the operator and his/her effort than on the device itself. Averaging with some good old device in an offset location (and correcting the coords for the offset) with better sky view, will likely give better coordinates than a snapsot at the cache location with some state of the art flagship consumer GPSr. Conclusion: if this was the intention, then maybe a plain number reflecting the expected accuracy in feet or meters, would serve much better, especialy if the finders could (and would) easily "vote" (preferably by inputting their own coords+accurcy) this number up or down. As always, the FTF-hunters are "beta testers" of new caches.
  6. I hope that it should be obvious that if this ever is going to happen, then it should be a new subcategory to the "unknown" type. (Just as HQ already is and perhaps more broadly known all the different event types are subcategories of "All Event Cache Types".) Maybe this could also help to finally settle the renaming of mysteries to unknowns to mysteries to...?
  7. My phone browser, Opera mini, doesn't currently show any cache logs at all. I'm certain there hasn't been any changes in my end of this. And I have seen logs with it after you finally stopped to block Opera mini users as "anonymous proxy".
  8. I don't see that. Is this a shopped mockup, or a screen shot of a new feature that you can see but I don't? PS to Groundspeak, Nit #4: This page is really hard to find. It's not under the Lists tab in the profile, where it would seem to logically belong. After some digging I found it via the Lists pulldown from the Your Profile Javascript menu. Awkward design. Sorry for no context -- this is a mockup of how I would like it to work. It is easy to move stuff around on a Paint screen -- its a whole other thing to set up and integrate the underlying processes to make something like that work. I think there actually used to be a setting like this. But at least for the weekly emails Ground$peak switched to HTML regardlessly almost two years ago. (Last plain text received 2012-07-26 and html on 2012-08-02.) I would also prefer plain text for the mails, but I actually do think that the cache name first is ok, for watchlist mails. This is so far my opinion for the watch list mails only. For example some other order could be more appropriate for owner mails. But please shorten the redundant part (remove "notiication") of the subject. I too have a mail client that shows only a short subset from the beginning of a long subject.
  9. My guess in the case above wouldn't be the length of the name, but perhaps the & and ' characters could cause some problems?
  10. Corrected Coordinates (hidden from others) is a very nice feature, that's available for multis and unknowns, but for some reason not for whereIgos, letterboxes and perhaps other cache types not located at the listed coordinates. If you ask me, I even need this feature for traditionals from time to time, when some not too responsive beginner have the official coordinates off by 10 meters or so and some trusted user have included better suggestions in their log. Any chance we could get this feature at least for said non tradidional types at some point?
  11. Based on other locked threads, I guess I'm not allowed to suggest, that you should keep the "old submission form" available, until you have fixed all major issues with the new one.
  12. Must say, that I do agree with this suggestion, as I have seen way too many "never loged in - not validated" accounts logging caches. What could you for example do, when a travelbug goes missing after such a users visit to a cache? They might even mention in the cache log that they took something, but still have failed to learn how to log travellers properly. I guess facebook and mobile-api users are the main issue here.
  13. Not anymore, today I got redirected to the ordinary bloat site. I really hope that this doesn't mean that it is completely buried.
  14. Did you bury wap.geocaching.com completely? seems to redirect to the ordinary bloat site now...[]
  15. Wap site got broken today (ok yesterday). Can't login, error message follows: Could not load file or assembly 'Groundspeak.Utilities, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. So now I'm unable to log anything with my mobile, which native and only browser is Opera mini, which your site deliberately blocks for some parts, such as logging and viewing/editing single log entries. (Still don't get your logic to block authenticated users, because they are "anonymous".) BTW, Opera mini uses IP-space - according to the maintainer of our local caching site, if you decide to do something about the 403.6 - Forbidden 'feature'.
  16. Onkohan tikanne pysyvä? Löytävätkö kätköilijät, tänne 'ei turhalle' foorumille, ennenkun joku pystyttää uuden "turhan"?
  17. How about the simple explanation, that CO has used his unpublished cache description as a rot13 decrypt tool? (And forgot about pasting this log there.)
  18. Any idea when it will be fixed? It's been over three four months. There are some important facebook enhancements that need to be done first. I have also seen this 'feature'. As it is now, the workaround would be to delete the entire log, that has the offending picture. As you probably know, this will generate an email to the log owner. Unfortunately you can't add a reason, when you delete a log. (Someone must have suggested this feature, if not then I just did.)
  19. Error message when trying to log in: There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://localhost/AccountService.svc/AccountService that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details. Unless this can be fixed quickly, then at least revert the "recent" change to REQUIRE login to wiew cache descriptions.
  20. Anya idea yet, how many days "a few" is here? (Three and counting...) And please redirect me if there's a more on topic topic for this.
  21. LQ

    Newest Wap Interface

    I concider this as a feature rather than a bug. You can't see the coordinates (or even the descriptions) of premium (member) only caches, so I don't see a problem here. Logging in (at least with my phone) IS a pain in the b... because of a bug introduced a year or two ago and so far ignored by TPTB. So before you can even think of requiring logging in, there definitely should be a way to do so without any workarounds. And what about the muggle risk? I guess it's easier for Joe Muggle to register and log in, than finding out about the wap site, since we regularly see posts from from experienced cacher not knowing of the wap site. But PLEASE put some priority to the handling of trackables throgh the wap site!
  22. (Firefox) BUG introduced with this update: "Hoovering display" of cache inventory went missing after this update. (Appears to work with IE browser) Pointing your mouse at the multicoin icon used to give a summary of coin types and amount of each type. Example: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...p;lng=24.956666 This is what you should see:
  23. Sort by LAST LOG results in server error 500 for cache trackable history too (www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?wid=<guid>)
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