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  1. quote:
    Originally posted by nostrada:

    Not that I am anxious for feedback or anything like this... but - THANKS! This is so exciting. Glad you enjoyed the walk, hopefully the planes didn't upset your fine ears too much.



    Noise was not a problem, can you say hunting dog, my human however is still grumbling something about socks and stickers. icon_rolleyes.gif


    If there are any other dogs out there that want some cheap entertainment, there is a building nearby that feeds the local creek cats. One good bark and you should see them scatter icon_razz.gif




    All horses owners MUST carry POOP bags!

  2. quote:
    this Monday for anyone who missed the first one, or just likes Chuckie Cheese a lot.


    At the risk of offending anyone.

    Either Marky has some tokens he hasn't used, or he's just lonely.


    Then again.........


    there are all those little humans, hmmmmmmmmmm




    All horses owners MUST carry POOP bags!

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by marwagsalot:

    Congrats to Marky and Joani on their NEW Hiking stick.


    Who gets to use it????? icon_rolleyes.gif




    All horses owners MUST carry POOP bags!




    All horses owners MUST carry POOP bags!

  4. My human told me that a long time ago it would aways rain at least one day during the Fair. They moved the date of the Fair and it would still rain. The Fair is this weekend right???




    All horses owners MUST carry POOP bags!

  5. Enuf of this smoochy, kissyface stuff!!! I just want the pretty lady to take me for a walk icon_razz.gif




    All horses owners MUST carry POOP bags!

  6. quote:
    Now I am close to my 100th but very saddened about the fact that once I made some silly noises about the Big Lady cache it went offline


    My human and I are both sure that the bag of herbs that you have around your neck, and the two chickens that gave up their lives, had nothing to do with the problem. icon_razz.gificon_razz.gif


    Go look for the predator!! icon_rolleyes.gificon_biggrin.gificon_eek.gif



    All horses owners carry POOP bags!

  7. icon_mad.gificon_frown.gificon_mad.gificon_frown.gificon_mad.gificon_frown.gif

    Man I'm gonna get rid of my Magellan and get a Garmin. I was all excited that we got the last hint and the coordinates for the "big" contest. I drug my human out to the cachmobile, and we beat feet to the trailhead.

    Only to find NO DOGS icon_mad.gificon_frown.gificon_mad.gif

    Horses were ok

    Bikes were ok

    Strollers were ok

    Walkers were ok


    NO DOGS icon_mad.gificon_frown.gificon_mad.gif

    So, it was too hot for me to sit in the cachemobile while my human tried to locate the cache, so we parked the cachemobile and sat and watched the parade from the vineyard across the street, There goes Beckerbuns, there goes Blooey, there goes George and Mary, here come Joanie and Cachie. It was a regular Who's Who of the geocaching Northern California. We ran out of water, so we left, only to see 3 more cars trying to find the illegal, nonexistant parking, what's wrong with that picture. If this sound like whining, it is, everybody should be able to participate, not just a select few.

    There, I will get down off of my dog food box and go get a chew toy.




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  8. Anyone with a cache in the downtown San Jose area might want to check on it in the near future. There was a Whole lot of people in the area over the July 4th holiday, and some of the caches may have been dislodged or discovered.



  9. quote:
    I still have the problem that I keep getting logged out. I will be shown as logged in on the main page and on the My Cache page, but when I do the filtered search, or go to a specific cache page, I am shown as logged out. I click the link to log in, and every time at first it just shows the the same page with me logged out. If I click the log in link a second time it then takes me to the log in page. I always check the Remember Me box, but it doesn't seem to help, even though I have cookies enabled.


    Are you jusing more than one computer?? I don't seem to have the problem is I just use my computer, but when I use my humans, I have to go through the whole ordeal again icon_mad.gif


    marwagsalot [:X]

  10. There are a couple of caches that have short names. When doing a search for a cache and it only has 2 or 3 letters in the name, the new format will not search for that name, it comes back with the direction that all keywords searches must have 4 letters. If all you have is the name, and the name is 3 letters long, how can you find the cache???




    marwagsalot [:X]

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