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  1. That's fantastic! I thought about using a bucket, but I didn't think the regular lids would survive the elements. Thanks for the link, this will be perfect (and it turns out they sell them at Costco!)
  2. Thanks! As long as there's no rules or complications against it then, it looks like I'm golden!
  3. Newbie here with another question! I have some ideas for some future caches I would like to set up in the coming months, and one of them requires some sort of extra large container (larger than an ammo box.) The opening would need to be at least a foot in diameter so people could trade large items, but it would need to be deeper and wider than a 50 cal ammo box. I'm thinking perhaps some sort of bucket, though I'm not sure what kind of bucket would be water tight enough to survive our winters. (We live in Edmonton, Alberta.) Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  4. Newbie here! After just finding our 39th cache, my husband and I are itching to try hiding one of our own. I've read over the guidelines, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest the best way to post a multiple physical cache situation. Basically we'd like to re-create our first date; it has three parts or significant areas we'd like to bring people, but we'd like to put a physical cache at each of the locations. (The first two would be micros -- the last being a small-sized container.) I thought maybe posting them as a multicache. . . but I'm not clear on whether or not multicaches can include more than one physical container, or if they must simply be clues and coordinates that move you along. Would it just be better to do three traditional caches but have them listed as part of a series like "Cache part 1", "Cache part 2", etc?
  5. Thanks for the ideas! If I end up getting permission from my manager, I may ask for some creative input from the rest of the staff too; I'm sure we'll think of something good~
  6. Holy forum replies, Batman. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! GPS doesn't work indoors? I wasn't aware of that. Why does my phone know where I am when I'm inside my house? How is a letterbox hybrid cache different from a mystery/puzzle cache? (Kind of off-topic, I know, but from what I know about them they both just seem like caches that are in the form of clues.)
  7. I'm wondering if this is allowed at all. For example, I work at a library and was wondering (if I got the necessary permission from the library) if I could hide a small nano cache somewhere inside. Are geocaches allowed indoors, or do they have to be hidden outdoors? (We're new to geocaching and want to start hiding our caches, and the guidelines I read didn't seem to have anything regarding this sort of thing.) Thanks!
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