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  1. Love reading how all of the names came to be! As for me, we purchased our first computer back in 1995 and immediately created an AOL account. I tried to come up with something that represented the many names I am called by the most important people in my life so I combined Sharon - Mom - Wife (at the time had been married 12 years) and came up with Sharom12. Funny that all these years later I still use it when creating user names online. Thanks for this fun cointest!
  2. OOPS, just saw that they are activated, please disregard prior PM. I attempted to send another PM to cancel offer, but received this message: There is no such member - please check the name entered and try again. This personal message has not been sent
  3. Have a great weekend WSR and Thanks for holding this cointest!
  4. I LOVE Words. The side of our fridge is covered with all things magnetic and I love to watch the kids and their friends spend time at the fridge; knowing the random assembly they leave behind will provide insight into their sense of humor, fears, thoughts... It is a simple way for them to express themselves without feeling they are bearing their souls to us old folks. But I digress; here I offer my attempt to include all of the words in a life message to my children posted where they are sure to discover it...on the door of the fridge... Today Love, Wonder, Read Yes, do call; no need Tomorrow Remember to behold & desire What does it mean? For today, I want them to take time to prioritize what is important to them in spite of what the world tells them should be important (school, work...). This includes the people in their lives; they should call today, not because they have a need rather that they are maintaining relationships today never knowing if they will have the chance tomorrow. For tomorrow, I want them to start all over again. Behold the prior day and desire all things new...
  5. In the words of my 17 year old daughter OMG Homie, that is AMAZING! So happy to have been selected to win one of these coins as this is the first cointest I have participated in. Loving the hunt and appreciate ya'll sharing the ride. THANKS Jason!
  6. I generally look at the profile of the user who has it and their history to get a feel for how often they cache, how quickly they have placed other trackables and such. You can usually tell if they are actively caching, but based on their recent finds haven't been able to place it or if they might have forgotten they have it. If you do contact another cacher, I recommend something like "Hello, I am so excited to see that you picked up my travel bug and can't wait to see where it lands next. Thank you for playing a role in my mission of watching it's journey..." Hope this helps
  7. I am a firm believer that the only things worth holding on to aren't things and just as I use good China to eat from at every meal (it was intended for this use), I believe Geocoins are meant to travel. I have purchased several coins to date and have placed an order for some TBs as well so we can personalize them with their little hitch hiker buddies. I figure that in general people will do the right thing with them when they are discovered; if by chance someone keeps one they found, I can only hope they got as much joy out of it as I intended to share and experience myself. I have seen the joy on my kids faces when they open a cache they have worked hard to find and discover a shiny coin inside that they can move along and I have seen the joy quickly leave when a "fake" coin is all they find. We have not moved a "fake" coin as they just aren't interested.
  8. Wow, what a great thread to have found! I eagerly await the next mission so my little team of Secret Agents can participate. Congratulations to all of the winners so far and Thanks to all that pumped up the count for trackables out in the wild. We are just getting started and have been purchasing a few at a time; I can't imagine what it took to get 32 of them ready at once and delivered to various caches. From the entire team; THANKS FOR INVESTING IN GEOCACHING!
  9. Thanks Mr. Jiffy for putting together this "cointest" and making the dog days of summer here in Texas feel a bit cooler!
  10. Well it may have been hot the day Mr. Jiffy #12 was placed into action, but the day we found him was stormy indeed. Fortunately, he was eager to be discovered and made his presence obvious in the ominous cloud that hung overhead. The team huddled close as the rain fell and celebrated the find before stashing #12 in a dry spot for the ride home. Mr. Jiffy was eager to return the climate to SUMMER MELTDOWN status and when the temps rose suggested a quick trip to the local Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice for a refreshing bit of summer and dove right in to try each and every one. First he tried Doug's, but it was too hard... Then he tried Patti's, but it was too soft... Finally he tried Sharon's and it was just right! With his Summer Meltdown needs met, it was time for Mr. Jiffy to find a new cache to hang out in and wait for his adventure to continue. Team Wagner began making plans for a weekend caching adventure to send Mr. Jiffy on his way, pleased with the time they shared in the adventure... more to follow when placement is complete...
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