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  1. Check this topic: pinguin coin I think they are still some available Thanks for the lead, but they are sold out of all finishes I'm sure I don't have to tell ya'll, but geocachers are about the most generous people I know! Thanks to Sivota who had a spare and is sending it my way, my new geocaching friend broom61 will be receiving a very cute and unexpected little penguin to help start her geocoin collection. I love the hunt, I love the find, but the community makes this the best hobby EVER! Thanks again Sivota!
  2. Check this topic: pinguin coin I think they are still some available Thanks for the lead, but they are sold out of all finishes
  3. Hello group, I'm looking for Penguin coin(s) for a friend who recently started caching and loves coins and penguins. Please look at my trader list and let me know if we can work something out.
  4. Congrats!! Thanks for the minor distraction from work on this very cold and icy day in North Texas.
  5. Atlantic Puffin diving from air or surface, swims rapidly underwater using wings like other alcids, catches small fishes, mollusks, and crustaceans, which it swallows underwater, but when feeding young, can carry up to 30 small fishes at one time, crosswise in bill owing to round tongue and slight serrations on interior of upper mandible which help it hold fishes.
  6. harbor seals sunning themselves on the rocks
  7. It’s not at all uncommon in Maine to see a beaver or two swimming in a lake or river. You also might come across the beavers’ lodge in the water, which may be as high as five or six feet.
  8. A pair of native Geocachers braving the cold for a 5/5
  9. You saw a pair of Puffins mating?
  10. Assuming your property participates in Forest Management, There is a growing demand for all kinds of forest products derived from Maine's greatest natural resource. Improved quality, value and productivity of Maine woodlands are a direct result of skilled forest management. Properly managed woodlands contribute to natural resource protection, good land stewardship, enhanced wildlife habitat and improved quality of life for the landowner. MIND BLOWING!
  11. Signed up: 12/17/08 Received Name: 12/31/08 Sent Package: 1/17/09 Received Package: 1/7/09 Mission Complete; hope my receiver enjoys their post Christmas package as much as I enjoyed mine. Thanks again Robert for putting this one together.
  12. Whoo Hoo! My daughter arrived home from school with the mail in tow and there was a box addressed to me which was unexpected. I promised my hubby that I wouldn't purchase any coins in January since I blew my Jan budget back in December when all of the holiday coins were to hard to resist. When I opened the box, there was a card from the other yooper indicating this was my regifting package so I quickly grabbed the camera before proceeding. With that done, I began to explore the contents of this wonderful surprise and must say that if these were all regifts and clearance sale items, I've been hanging with the wrong folks and shopping at the wrong stores. You spoiled me and I LOVE IT! Thank you "the other yooper", you made my day! Thank you also to WSR for putting this mission together; it was a blast. I have my items ready and must package them for the mail so my recipient can have as much fun as I did.
  13. Told my family I was losing my mind and shape so they got me a Nintendo DS Brain Age and wii fit. Guess I need to use them now to get both back to where they used to be!
  14. Signed up: 12/17/08 Received Name: 12/28/08 Sent Package: (Date) Received Package: (Date) Got the coin picked out to send, now I must go shopping since I got everything I asked for and have nothing to regift!
  15. You guys were so great about the mix-up I just had to make sure Santa visited you with a little something. I hope you opened it to find a few trinkets in addition to the wrapping! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  16. I posted this in a traditions thread as well, but: We have been married for 26 years and our oldest daughter is now 25 with a 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son to round out the family. We always do our BIG Christmas meal on Christmas Eve followed by hours of playing cards and then settle in to open gifts from one another. The kids are allowed to open the gifts they got for eachother and my husband and I are allowed to open the gifts he and I got for eachother. The kids receive one gift from us each Christmas Eve which is a warm, cozy, soft and snuggly pair of PJ's that they always wear to sleep in that night. We also get a new pair of PJ's and when we all arise on Christmas morning, pictures are always taken while all other gifts are opened and everyone is in their new PJ's. After the gifts are open, we cook a full breakfast spread and lounge around for a few hours taking in the meaning of the holiday and enjoying the new "toys" left under the tree. Midday, we head to the movies and always see a double feature before heading back home to close out the holiday playing cards until we can't stay awake.
  17. Like so many others, I love all the things mentioned above...but most of all: I have been married for 26 years so I am a wife, daughter inlaw, sister inlaw I have 3 children so I am a mom I work hard at my job which can be demanding at times so I am a professional I am the youngest of 10 children so I am a sister, aunt, cousin... My parents have passed away but I am A daughter to my women mentors My parents relatives have passed away, but i am a niece to so many of their surviving friends I LOVE FILLING ALL OF THESE ROLES...BUT when I am geocaching and: discover "secret gardens" and waterfalls that can't be seen from the road... have climbed over/under/up obstacles that at my age most would find a way to avoid... don't worry about looking silly and laugh at my blunders... get dirty and sweaty... get scrapes and scratches... breath the fresh air... I AM 10 YEARS OLD AGAIN, WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD...NO DEADLINES TO MEET, IMPRESSIONS TO MAKE, APPOINTMENTS TO KEEP... I LIVE FOR THE MOMENT AND THE SHEER FUN OF LIFE. SOMETIMES I FEEL A BIT NAUGHTY LIKE I SHOULDN'T BE WHERE I AM (REMEMBER TEEPEEING HOUSES AS A KID?). WHEN I FIND A COIN, I FEEL LIKE CHARLIE DISCOVERING A GOLDEN TICKET HIDDEN BY WILLY WONKA. WHEN I RELEASE A COIN AND WATCH IT TRAVEL I FEEL LIKE I AM RECEIVING POSTCARDS FROM GREAT ADVENTURES THAT I DIDN'T GET TO EXPERIENCE MYSELF BUT GET TO ENJOY BECAUSE SOMEONE CARED ENOUGH TO SHARE THE EXPERIENCE WITH ME. WHEN I ASSEMBLE A CACHE AND HIDE IT FOR OTHERS I FEEL LIKE I AM CONSPIRING WITH FRIENDS ABOUT SOMETHING THAT ONLY WE CAN POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND. GEOCACHING HAS CAUSED ME TO REDISCOVER FUN AND WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN A LITTLE FUN! AS THE SAYING GOES, YOU DON'T STOP PLAYING BECAUSE YOU GROW OLD...YOU GROW OLD BECAUSE YOU STOP PLAYING...
  18. Looks like the postman has been busy! I know that my international package has been received; can you confirm if my domestic receiver has logged receiving theirs? THANKS!
  19. I loved the Santa Mission I particpated in and think this one will be fun! Signed up: 12/17/08 Received Name: (Date) Sent Package: (Date) Received Package: (Date)
  20. What a great tradition; imagine their first tree when they move out (eventually they will) and take them with them.
  21. The elves are sorting out a new package..... Enjoy! Please enjoy. It was the elves that mixed up the names! No need to worry... It was all in the Christmas spirit. We enjoyed sending out our missions very much, and the two that we recieved spoiled us way more than we deserved, there is no need to correct the elves blunder. The mission went were the universe wanted it to go. Merry Christmas to all! You are very gracious and I wish for you gifts beyond your expectations in all areas of life; THANKS!
  22. The elves have jumbled a few addresses around.... This one was from another sender...... in the Uk. Off to have a strong chat with the elves.... It appears that I owe my thanks to ljay for this package, but if I wasn't the intended receiver I am happy to forward it to its rightful recipient (minus the chocolates we ate).
  23. Originally I had a goal of hitting 100 finds in 2008, but when I passed that a few months ago, I upped my goal to 200 by the end of 2008. Unfortunately, my husband fell ill for several months and we didn't make it out caching for nearly 2 months and our 200 finds goal no longer seems possible. For 2009, I resolve to reach 500 finds while adding 5 states to my map and 50 hides (currently have 6) and get my rapidly growing coin collection organized in a nice book rather than the tupperware it is currently housed in. Thanks for the cointest!
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