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  1. Pre-Katrina, from my friend's place that was swept off the face of the earth in the storm surge, and whose land was appropriated by the Government thereafter.
  2. It's his opinion. He's entitled to it. If this site exists mainly for people to exclusively compliment each other, then why even have a free form text field? You could just give each user a series of pre-fab checkboxed, complimentary answers for each log. Otherwise, he's doing everyone else a service by posting his impression, and it's just his opinion -- I'd appreciate reading something like that - maybe I might agree, or disagree, or decide to check it out for myself, or decide to avoid it, but I appreciate getting someone's unfiltered impression of the cache.
  3. Are you trying to say that lead is no more dangerous than water? Certainly, that is not your position. Strawman/logical fallacy argument at its best. Associating water with more toxic substances. That stupid web site he refers to is equally annoying, with BS quotes like Associating water with hydrochloric acid? This kind of stuff really pisses me off. It's total intellectual dishonesty and misrepresentation. This is like saying, "Hitler drank Diet Sprite, therefore if you drink Diet Sprite, you're a Nazi!" It really, really, really annoys me when people pull those stupid, ignorant, retarded arguments off the web. They're the last bastion of desperate people trying to distort reality to back up some specific agenda which is as far away from the truth as you can get. Sorry to come off so acerbic, but I really have an issue with people who employ misdirection and logical fallacies to pretend to make points. This is a tremendously insideous disease of ignorance that seems to be spreading.
  4. It looks like the major issue is that the NPS has a rule against leaving items on the grounds unattended for more than 24 hours, and a cache would be in violation. That makes sense. However, since Geocaching is designed to promote local locales and history, I don't see why the NPS couldn't make an exception, provided there was an agreement on rules and placement. Surely, a large group could petition to have some special provisions made.
  5. I do a lot of stained glass work and I've learned to be very careful around lead-based solder and came and other supplies. It amuses me how some people seem to think if they touch led and a third head doesn't pop out from underneath their armpit, that this indicates lead is perfectly safe. Some people just can't recognize cause and effect unless it happens right in front of them upon demand. Heavy metal toxicity does not work that way. It's a gradual, cumulative process and by the time any symptoms appear, it's way, way too late. Shortsighted, ignorant people apparently love to think that you're a "wacko" if you recognize that some things or activities will *eventually* be harmful even if it's not immediately obvious and choose to be careful.
  6. There is evidence that exposure to lead damages brain cells and reduces a person's intelligence. Pardon me if I find your response ironic and amusing at the same time.
  7. I have been impressed with the 60csx's accuracy. My only complaint thus far is sometimes the unit appears to "freeze" and not update and I have to turn it off and back on. Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. If that was really true, why have logs at all? Just drop a cache in the wild and forget about it.
  9. It seems to me, the creators of the GC software should not have someone finding their own cache increasing their find count. So I wouldn't blame the people logging the finds. I'd blame the software developers for not catching this obvious bug in the software. If they don't fix it, then it would be safe to assume that logging a find on your own cache is OK. Personally, I'd say, as long as the software allows it, then it should be OK. Otherwise it's a bug in the software and it's geocaching.com's fault. This is a basic database design issue.
  10. According to this story they now seem to think it was homocide and the pair were mother and daughter.
  11. I'm curious, is there a story behind why NPS is off limits? Was there an incident? Since NPS is public-owned land, why isn't there some sort of lobbying effort to make NPS land open for geocachers?
  12. Who has access to the web site HTTP_REFERER logs? That'll say where the traffic is coming from.
  13. I think I saw POLI on some tv infomercial talking about "no-money-down real estate" or "placing hundreds of tiny classified ads."
  14. My girlfriend has been making custom-made earrings and dropping them in area caches -- the nice ones that aren't full of trash. Hopefully someone will appreciate them.
  15. First and foremost, what irks me most is how sensitive and fragile so many people seem to be. Why is someone criticizing your cache such a horrible thing in the first place? 99.99% of those who might critique your placement do so to help you become better at the art. I doubt people are doing it just to be mean. It's another matter if people don't like micros and they're more-or-less criticizing the fact that they don't like the type of caches you hide... that's THEIR problem, not the guy hiding the caches. Nonetheless, why someone can't recognize this and not take it personally is sad. I recently found a cache that was basically a non-camo'd 35mm canister hidden in a national forest in the middle of nowhwere, on the ground, next to a log, TOTALLY SURROUNDED WITH POISON IVY. I looked at the log and several people wrote notes saying stuff like, "TFTC and the poison ivy". I noted that it looked more like the cache was "dropped" accidently than placed, except the OP had a clever way of directing people to the cache site, despite it was a really lame hide, and what bugged me more was that this could have easily been a larger, traditional cache and it wouldn't have made it any easier, but might have better rewarded those poking around in poison ivy. Now, if the person who placed that cache gets tweaked because many people think the hide is lame and the cache not well placed, so what? That's the way it is. If you don't care what other people think and you're going to get all upset like a little girl, then don't do this stuff in the first place. The whole notion IMO of hiding caches and soliciting logs is to get feedback, and the vast majority of it is almost always positive. For someone to get their manties in a bunch because someone criticized them is a personal psychological issue, and has nothing to do with this sport IMO. With that being said, when I start dropping caches, I am totally cool with whatever feedback I get, good or bad. It's really sad today how so many people really need their hand held and their tummy rubbed before they feel good enough to improve themselves and their craft.
  16. What would be the best type of container and method to make the cache negatively buoyant? Anyone have any experience with this?
  17. I don't think our anti-spyware prevents all cookies (I have gc.com on the "good" sites for that program). Plus, hopefully the two other computers I've tried (one at home, and one here at campus, logging in with a work id to the computer) would have different IP settings. Try turning on the "prompt" when cookies are set and seeing what's going on when you log in/out of these various accounts. It could be that two disparate systems are using the same cookie name and getting confused.
  18. Is it possible that you have some sort of anti-spyware (anti-cookie) setting in effect which is making the system revert to using IP addresses to check identity rather than cookies? In Firefox, you can exclude cookies from a specific domain. I'm not sure if it's obvious this is being done once you do it. But these PHP-based systems have IP-based alternatives for storing state information if the client has cookies disabled.
  19. I'm sure you wouldn't, but imagine if someone did a series where you had to look up things in the Koran or Mein Kampf or, heaven forbid, a book written by Michael Moore? Chances are people would complain. Ironically, it would be those who seem to love to make fun of how "PC" the liberals claim to be.
  20. Aren't all DNFs ultimately agnostic caches?
  21. definitely sounds like a cookie issue... I'd go into Firefox:tools:options and find the cookies for the domain name and delete them... what? you're using Firefox right?
  22. This may be a dumb question, but is there a place where there are standard forms to include in a cache to explain what it is, should muggles find it? I have seen a few common intro pages in caches and I'd like to see if anyone has any PDF or word document that's a good starting point.
  23. One thing that's crossing my mind is that I'm getting ready to place a few caches and for weeks I've been collecting loads of really interesting trinkets to put in them. I've been afraid that the first few people who find the cache may completely raid all the unique items (i.e. I put 10 items in, and after 2-3 finds, almost none of the original items are there, replaced with more boring things), so I've been wondering if I should populate the cache with more modest trinkets? Or add more interesting things as we go along? I think if my first cache got severely raided disproportionate to how many people logged finding it, that would really discourage me. Thoughts? Yea, yea, I know it's about about giving, but having people take or execute grossly unbalanced trades can be demoralizing no matter what.
  24. Morally wrong? I'm sure the dead won't mind. Cemetaries are by nature depressing places. Anything to make going there a more pleasant experience can't be a bad thing in my opinion.
  25. The question that is begged to ask is.... from the logs can you tell who the deadbeat cachers are? I've asked this before because I've looked at logs and it seemed clear that some people snatched stuff left and didn't make note, or did improper trades. If there is no repurcussion or public humiliation of those who engage in unfair trades, then what's the motivation behind following the rules? Nobody wants to be called out on this stuff, but there is undoubtedly evidence that shows who plays nice and who doesn't. Is this the dirty little secret of this hobby that nobody wants to call attention to?
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