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  1. I am reminded of my days playing in bands when I was younger. We had to translate between "political speak" and "reality" to get an idea of whether or not people liked us. "I liked your band." translates to, "Your band didn't totally suck." "I liked the third song you played." translates to, "The only song worth listening to was your third one." "The bass player was great." translates to, "The only decent guy in the band is the bass player. What's he doing with the rest of you losers?" Some bands really weren't receptive to criticism, and as a result, they never really got better, but this was also mainly due to people not being honest, and them indirectly enabling the mediocrity of the musicians and their false impression of how capable they were. Have you ever broken up with a girlfriend/boyfriend and then later had one of your friends say, "I never like them - you two weren't right for each other - he/she did some stuff behind your back.." and you'd be like, "Hey! Why didn't you say this before???" I think a lot of time and energy is wasted because people are often too diplomatic. I guess it's one of my secret wishes that our society would become a little more thick-skinned and not so sensitive. I think a lot of conflict in this world, as well as most of the mediocrity and apathy, is the result of too much pandering to peoples fragile sensibilities.
  2. The fact that this is even being discussed is a sign of how timid and insecure people are. What's wrong with criticism? Really? If someone doesn't like the way you've placed a cache, that's their opinion. If you're interested in getting better at it, you'll pay attention. I still grimace when I hear about how touchy-feely people suggest they need to be when trying to tell others the truth about how they feel. It's better for us to develop thicker skin, than it is to try to figure out an indeterminate number of warm and fuzzy ways to explain things to people with fragile sensibilities. If someone says, "Your cache placement sucks!" and your first response isn't, "Why do you think that?" then IMO, you have a problem, not the person being undiplomatic. But that's just my opinion, if you disagree, I'd prefer you keep it to yourself. (LOL, just kidding)
  3. I would pay $1500 for the v1 coin, mainly because that's probably the only chance I'd have of getting one. Since that's unlikely to happen, I've decided to not think about it much. It's probably better anyway because spending that kind of money on a token like that is really excessive consumerism. But if someone did want some fast cash, they could try me.
  4. I find that sometimes my 60csx just stops updating for no reason. If I turn the unit off and then back on, it will start working again. Anyone else have this experience? Is there a bug in the firmware or something? I've updated everything as of a few weeks ago, but this is still happening. I can zoom in and out and use the unit, but my position and heading seem to not change and the only way to fix this is to cycle the power to the unit.
  5. As I said in another thread, I initially despised MOCs. However, the person that was FTF to my first placed cache did not have the courtesy of logging the find online, so that prompted me to make my next cache MOC until someone logs FTF and that worked out well. So I can see where they can be helpful. The premium members seem to be more committed to following protocol and respecting things, so it's not a bad idea to give them at least, crack at FTF or the first few finds. I'm suspecting it's less likely the cache will be unfairly raided of good items when it's MOC. But I would never advocate making a cache permanently MOC.
  6. I guess this is another vote for wearing high-top hiking shoes? Or were you? Or would it have mattered?
  7. An easier way would be to shorten the prefix from "GC" to "G" and then you'd have exponentially more space for caches without requiring more memory or risking GPS incompatibility. To avoid conflicts, in the Gxxxxx version, you don't allow "C" as the second digit and the system could continue to differentiate between 4 and 5 character codes. I love these kinds of design issues - that's one of my specializations. My last big project was the online hotel reservation system that was acquired by hotels.com -- you want to talk about some complex queries!! The hotel industry has some really bizarre requirements and restrictions when it comes to manipulating inventory data.
  8. Ironically, I decided to make my next hide MOC until a FTF. This is because my first hide, the person who logged FTF didn't do so online. So I figure maybe if I make it MOC, the chances of the online logs matching the cache logs initially would be more accurate.
  9. I'm at a loss as to why so many people would be so excited to go out of their way to promote some corporation for little or no remuneration. Then there's the whole notion of whether or not this sport/hobby is going to be turned into one big brothel for marketers. I've seen absolut geocoins and I imagine there are many other corporations that have identified this market as ripe for suckers who will forward their corporate brand all across the universe for free. Pardon me if I find this kind of depressing. You truck all across the country to find a cache, only to be bombarded with commercials. It seems to me, if I wanted corporate advertising, I'd be back at home sitting on my a** in the living room watching tv instead of exploring the world. But that's just my opinion. Of course I'll still sign up for one of those things, because I'm a total hypocrite.
  10. Has anyone created custom maps of this type that they can share with others? This is one thing I haven't found but would expect... like .gpx files of waypoints of interest for different areas or user-created maps that can be shared... any source for stuff like this?
  11. I chose the 60csx and I can't imagine messing with any unit that's bigger than this one. I can get it into my pocket... barely, and with a 1G card, I have plenty of space so the 76's larger internal memory is moot.
  12. I see those wal-mart containers everywhere... now I know where to get them... thanks! But what's a good source for the rolled up micro log paper? Like something from an adding machine? When I say fiberglass, I'm thinking of molding it, and making it solid... then painted over. I can't imagine someone having a reaction to that.. that would mean your friend who's allergic couldn't get too close to boats and many old cars?
  13. I think it's a neat idea. Anything to get people to visit a cemetary under circumstances other than a loved ones' death is probably a good thing. Maybe I'll amend my will so that there's a place in my tombstone to hide a cache?
  14. I've been working property we recently aquired that is loaded with every form of poison ivy/oak/sumac. The first few times I got hit really bad. I was careful to not touch any of the plants, but I petted the dog, and worse, when I came in from outside, I didn't immediately change. The best way to keep from getting this stuff on you is to implement strict protocols when you're out in the woods. Even if you don't think you were exposed, you should generally immediately change clothes and take a warm soapy shower when you get in. In the summer here, we also have ticks and chiggers... I haven't been hit by poison ivy in awhile now that I'm being careful, but chiggers are still a problem. However, we've discovered that dusting with powdered sulfur before going out really keeps them away. The best solution for poison ivy and its variants that I've found, once you get it, is Zanfel.. this stuff seems to cost more than plutonium, but when you have that burning itch, it does work.
  15. Maybe this hasn't happened to anyone else, but I was running around with some friends and they asked about the geocaching thing and I didn't have notes with me, but I noticed a cache was nearby so I decided to show them what it was all about. Unfortunately I realized after about 20 minutes of searching in the hot sun, that the cache on my GPS was one of those virtual caches marking a future event spot! Is there any way to code these non-caches as something other than GCxxxx? Maybe I was stupid for not looking it up but sometimes if you see an icon nearby, it's nice to try to zero in on it quickly. These event waypoints should not be confused for legitimate caches in my opinion. I know they can probably not be downloaded to the GPS, but I like having them in there, but there should be a different ID since it's not a real cache.
  16. I always thought a really evil, clever cache would be one disguised as a bees' nest. If you want to be real sadistic, you add a motion sensor that triggers a small pocket recorder of bee sounds.
  17. Thanks for the very good suggestions! I was wondering about fiberglass... that could work out, but perhaps with fiberglass, the underlying infrastructure could be something easier to deal with than the expanding foam? There must be some other options available to "sculpt" things as well as cover foam to harden and weatherproof it? I just discovered the site armysupplywarehouse.com and picked up some stuff from them. They have this military tripwire... I'm wondering if that would work well for a situation where you want to suspend items? btw, the online shop I found has 7.62 ammo cans for $4.99, decons for $1.79, plastic waterproof match containers for $1.89. Anyone found any better deals? Here are some neat sizes for containers: 28x11x11 32x12x6
  18. I've got some ideas for some caches... I'd like to bounce them off the community here.. First, I really want to do a BIG cache. I got a shipment of large military containers, including sealed bins for tank and fighter munitions that are really cool. However, I'm trying to figure out the best way to camo something so large... is that expanding foam one of the main things people are using to make caches blend in? Is there any other subtance that is easier to work with? If you used styrofoam or something that was more easily carvable, what can you get OTC to spry on it that would harden it to make it more durable? (I'm reminded of that stuff they do on Monster House). What are peoples' experience with very large caches (beyond 5gal size)? Is there not really much need or interest or novelty in such? Second, I have this idea of wiring a large cache to an object. Is this acceptable in the rules? If I place a really nice, large, waterproof container, I don't want it walking off, so I thought I could use some steel cable to bind it to a non-moveable object. Is there any problem doing this? Also, has anyone worked with tying things up in the air and/or using pulleys? How long would fishing line last if you suspended something in a tree? Or is there more durable rope/twine that is preferred?
  19. My alias has turned into a team as a small group of us are going out on a regular basis looking for finds. At this point, I'm the only one who has registered, so they're all logged under mine, but I imagine some in the group will get their own IDs. Right now though, I'm the one with the GPS.. hehe It would be neat to have a feature of the site where people could join virtual groups and stats and info for those groups could also be generated.
  20. When I first got into caching, there was one member who had a bunch of caches in my area that were members-only and since this was post-Katrina, many of the listed caches had been wiped out but not recognized as such, so every time I would log in to find some caches, these "premium-member-only" listings would mock and tease me. It actually made me resent the person who was hiding them and at the time I dreamed of hiding my own cache with explicit instructions that the person hiding all the members only ones wasn't allowed to log it.. LOL This also had an impact in my motivation to become a premium member -- I actually resisted much longer doing so because I kind of felt like I was being coerced.... I had to pay to get the coords of good caches in my area. My attitude has mellowed since then (ha ha, ok, maybe, maybe not), but that's my first impression. I think if you have a bunch out there and you put a few MOC, that's not a big deal. I know some people who only make theirs MOC, which I think is annoying.
  21. Unfortunately there's another type of logical fallacy in your counter-argument. You're assuming that both sides of an issue are equal in weight, when they are not. The average, extremist or moderate elements of liberals and conservatives are not equal in size, power, credibility, influence or scientific/logical respectability. You use the example of some hippies who torched a few hummers as an example of liberals, while on the other side, you have 80% of the mainstream media and the president of the united states, and a good bit of corporate america. That's an unfair, inequitable characterization. Environmental issues are far more complex, and you can't use some fringe group of 8 patchoulli-reeking guys in skirts as a counterargument to a $100 Billion dollar array of corporate industry, media and political lobbyist groups. This type of logical fallacy is common in use.. The best example is the infamous "frivolous lawsuit" which supposedly exemplifies how radical some small minority may be, like the McDonald's coffee spill issue, which has rarely been accurately reported in the first place. Or some "environmental wacko" chaining himself to a tree -- as an example of the environmental movement -- another invalid association. Anyway, back on topic. I digress... sorry.
  22. Au contrair, the first geocacher was Thor. His hammer was a travel bug. After thor, the Tooth Fairy also got into geocaching and was the first to use a ceocoin that travelled from locale to another. It's the truth. See TSR Dieties & Demigods 13:4-7, and Mother Goose 7:1-5.
  23. The first thing I would put in that cache would be a copy of the Establishment Clause.
  24. You mean, kind of like Ebay feedback? Ha ha - touche'
  25. While we're on this issue, are there rules about caches that are listed on one site, not being able to be listed on another? I'm starting to understand there are other sites (i.e. terracaching) but I am not sure if you post a cache on one site, whether you are not allowed to list the cache on a different site? How many different caching sites are there? I assume geocaching/Groundspeak is the grand-daddy of them all, but how big are any of the others? Hopefully this isn't inappropriate to bring up here. I'm curious.
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