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  1. Well kewl. I can download a trial version and do a little banging around and perhaps put something together in a few days...And the campout would be a great place for the 'pre event' and 'post' dinner if that doesn't cramp the planners style... I'll keep a watch on this forum for ideas, thoughts and concerns (and I believe the campout committee is also) and we'll pull ideas together in the next few days.
  2. Well... that would be just way too easy.... The software that I used (MapSource CitySelect) for the Spokane Cache Machine 2 was very unwieldy for routing... maybe it's time to switch to what TravisL uses and I could actually snap this one out fairly quickly and painlessly! Out committee in Spokane slaved over every turn and direction on our machine route as we wanted to make it as safe as possible and route folks through the 'pretty' parts of our great city. That said, I don't think that needs to be done here (locals correct me if I'm wrong!) to put together an updated version of the same route used last time.
  3. Hey, I didn't get to go to that one. It would be a fun idea, if someone scrambled & put one together for this! Ohh.... I like that idea! I am unfamiliar with Port Townsend (I only spent about 2 hours there last fall on my way through finishing the WDC) but if someone (hint...TravisL ) would put together a route I would love to help out however I could now that I have organizing one Cache Machine under my belt! I am planning to spend the week before the campout in the area on vacation (attending the Gig Harbor Renaissance Festival the second weekend of August) and would be in the area. Let me send a message to the Campout committee and see what they think...
  4. Count more Cache Dashers in! Hopefully 3-5... but the rest don't know it yet Did anyone notice that June 17th is Father's Day? I am hoping to bring my dad along!
  5. Wow -I own 5 in the top 100 for Idaho! Would hidden caches count?? Will this be state specific?
  6. I was watching the "In Case You Missed It" news highlights on Spokane's NBC affiliate this morning from my motel room in Moses Lake -- there was a segment showing live footage of the mailbox and a description of the "tense moments" before the geocache was discovered to be something harmless, along with the other news highlights of the past week Did they find the secret plans? You know... the plans to the INLAND Empires "Secret Weapon" that were stashed there by the Rebel Alliance? Rebel Alliance you say?? I sense a disturbance in the force... FYI: I was called at work by the Police Department during the incident. Unfortunately, I was out of the office all week for a funeral and just today got the message. I called back and talked to them and and now I discover that I am the 'official person to contact' if there are any more 'incidents' like this. Not sure if this is good or bad... Actually I imagine that a real contact might be helpful to the police in the future. I am very happy that my Cache Machine Event notification was well received by the City Police and County Sheriff -sounds like there were a few 'incidents' that day that went very smoothly due to that. Hopefully the next incident will happen when I am actually here to help.
  7. The REI Pit Stop bonus cache was intentionally not published until after the Cache Machine, and was placed post-event by The Steaks a few miles west of the event Pit Stop, as planned by the committee. We would have liked to have had an actual hidden cache to remain at the event Pit Stop location, but as that is a commercial location we decided to move the physical/hidden cache location after the event. We hope that all Cache Machiners enjoyed the Pit Stop; a brief break, time to grab a few refreshments, met up with other cachers and oh yeah, find a bonus geocache! Regarding the Bridges to Nowhere series, please address your questions to The Steaks as they were hidden solely by them. I thought the texting (SMS) of coords during the event was pretty clever! I would like to suggest that if folks have recommendations about the Spokane Cache Machine 2 that they be posted here for all to see. The committee would love to answer any questions and is very willing to lend ideas and such to future Cache Machine planners. TravisL's posts after his last cache machine were VERY helpful to us here in planning this one, and we'd like to return the favor
  8. Absolutely! The Cache Dashers did our own Cache Machine in Missoula a few years back and even then we had a lot to do and a blast doing it!!
  9. Thanks Lizzy, I was just about to post that idea as well. Perhaps some moderator can copy the last posts pertaining to a NEW Cache Machine in a new thread?? I have no idea of the technicalities involved with that... So happy to have wetted so many appetites for more cache machines. Regardless, I can't wait to just relax and cache at the next machine
  10. I could have sworn that it was the Venture Cx.... The STeaks Yep, my bad... I sent out the wrong link! Garmin eTrex Legend Cx... Retails for $ 289.27 Got a little too excited there with such a great REI donation! Still a nice machine nonetheless ...
  11. Great, thanks! One more thing...on line 222 of the document, it lists GCC723 (SpiritOfNatureManitoPark) which has been unavailable for several weeks (the cache page indicates it went missing ages ago). I bet you'll be glad when this weekend is over! :-) I am actually going on vacation after this weekend (and even leaving the country!) Or well at least to an undisclosed location...
  12. Thanks! I'm at work now and away from my files... will take a look this afternoon and see what needs to be done. I only have control of the pdf and word files and will need to collaborate with others for the rest. Thanks again!
  13. Can you post or email what you have found that don't match?? I'm thinking our eyes may be crossing by now and perhaps we missed a few Thank you so much for your attention to detail!
  14. There are just a few changes that might actually not be worth printing out if you have v7.1: 1. Stateline directions were cleaned up (you can walk to a few caches instead of driving to each one, and one direction was changed from east to west, but it should all be obvious once you are there) 2. We ADDED HunnyBunny (GCTYM7) cache (Mirabeau park area) -again, right in the area of other caches so no changes to driving directions. 2b. While you are there, I missed adding on the route files Falling For Mirabeau (GCG4J7) cache -it is good to go! 3. We also ADDED A Room With a View Travel Bug Motel (GC11ZWH) -it is near the start within walking distance. 4. We ADDED 3 new caches just placed in the Airway Heights area: -Fat Burger (GC12DZ6) -No Cache Due at Signing (GC12DAH) -Oriental Delights #1 (GC12DZ3) 5. We DELETED Manito Bridge (GCYGG3) due to erosion problems at the cache site. Those are all the changes to the 'Final' routes (both pdf and msword versions). We deleted a bunch of caches from the checklist and bookmark lists as they had TOO MANY caches on them. All should be basically 'in sync' with each other. Yes... it was a long night...
  15. Hi Lizzy, No, you are not being a pest! Our Cache Machine Planning Committee is having it's final meeting tonight, which includes going through all the files with a fine toothed comb (we've all be doing it individually and tonight we merge and synchronize everything!) Today's files are pretty close to done... but we want to go through everything together one more time. So, please stand by as I expect we'll be posting some updates/changes (Spokane cachers keep on hiding cool new caches!) by tomorrow. We'll also have all the latest updates/changes at the pre-event dessert at the Kress Gallery Friday night if you need to use today's updates before hitting the road. Thanks for asking and see you soon!
  16. It is OK to bring food from the court into the Kress Gallery, but seating and table space is very limited -so we do suggest coming a little early if you want a 'sit down meal' out in the adjacent food court. There will be seating for only about the first 60 or so folks in the Gallery (but plenty of room to stand/wander around and socialize), so we planned this as a dessert pot luck for ease and best use of the Kress Gallery space. We'll have all the latest updates for the weekend, The Inland Empire Signature Item Showcase, a silent auction fund raiser, raffle tickets available for the REI Sponsored GPS Giveaway, some other fun stuff and of course dessert! See you all there !
  17. Well said T&K -the route is basically laid out in loops: -Valley/Stateline -South Hill -Airway Heights and -Downtown/North Spokane, ...with the Webcam start smack in the middle -and not by chance! So choose your loop, and have a blast! And yes, the South Hill loop is very residential, so we do suggest NOT doing that one before 8ish...and yes, the police will be notified of our...ahem...event. Cheers! Lisa
  18. Sunrise that day will be around 5:40am... but we need to have a little bit more daylight for the WebCam group picture (west facing), that is why we choose 6am to gather, and 6:15 for the group picture. Go ahead and grab some caches earlier if you want; just be sure to show up a few minutes after 6am at the WebCam to be in the HUGE group picture!
  19. Please stand by everyone on the coin orders... we are now sorting it all out to account for differing shipping and quantities and such...
  20. This looks like a great time -I'll try to make it if I can get the time away from work. How do I contact the organizers with a question?? Cheers, Lookout Lisa
  21. Hi Faith, I would also recommend (if you get away from the downtown core) The Best of Spokane: For Our Visitors. It is a nice pretty easy short hike in a great natural area, and full of info on great caches for visitors. Cheers and welcome to Spokane! Lookout Lisa
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