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  1. This is a very good cache hider and good cache maintainer. I think he has passed 500 hides and NO power trails. He archives them when he needs to. The only time I have replaced a cache for him is when I am able to get a hold of him, talk to him about where the cache is supposed to be, and then I OFFER to replace it if it is missing. Sometimes he says 'no', that he will replace it, but occasionally he gives me the go ahead and says 'thank you.' My Geocaching enjoyment has gone up 1,000% since I really started to work well with others. Just yesterday, I got a call from a cacher who was on the phone with another cacher, about a cache she couldn't find that I found in 2012. I was just a couple of miles away and drove over and helped her find the cache (it was on the way to my bank any way). Helping folks find caches, helping folks maintain caches and enjoying the camaraderie of caching, why is any of that a 'bad' thing?
  2. Since the cacher was a personal friend, I knew he wouldn't mind me trying to help as i have replaced several other caches for him, AFTER getting his permission. I made an error in a very difficultly hidden cache and rectified it in less than 24 hours. We all make errors from time to time, the question is, do we try to correct those errors when they are pointed out.
  3. Thank you for all the answers. Let me give an example. I made three trips and was unsuccessful on finding a cache and put a new container there, BUT DID NOT LOG the FIND. I emailed the owner when I got home and he asked me to NOT leave a new cache so I went out the next day and removed the cache I placed. Two more trips back and I eventually found the cache, first find in over 3 years of the cache and it has NOT been found since (about 6 months ago). As for the FIND DATE, I am not talking about the actual day you found the cache it should be logged. Many of us don't get to logging for days, weeks, months and even years later. I started in 2002 and could go on a cache and log that I found it December 1, 2002. As for being on vacation, just wait till you get home and then log the cache on the date you found it. People are worried that a thief is reading logs on caches, and while possible, I think it is rare. And even if a thief did read your found log, how does he know where you live by your Geocaching Profile? People worried that their boss is reading found logs on every cache in the county, highly unlikely (unless they are a cacher too). The thing that I feel is dishonorable is for a cacher to do a Power Trail on January 1, find 365 caches, and then log one find for every day of the year without every going out again that year. I mean, what is the point? Filling in a day here or there due to an extreme circumstance such as a death, a funeral, surgery, etc... can be understood. My first attempt at a streak was interrupted by Dental Surgery where I had 4 implants, so my streak ended as I was in extreme pain for over a week. I could have cheated, but I would only be cheating myself. And that is my point, WHY cheat yourself? By the way, great responses from everyone, thank you!
  4. Most of us place rules or guidelines on ourselves for the activities we enjoy. Most games come with rules be it chess, Monopoly, Baseball, etc... But Geocaching doesn't have much in the way of rules, just the 1/10 miles placement, not inside a business, having permission to place a cache, and a few other general rules. So I was wondering what, if any, rules you place on yourself. Things like: 1. Having PERSONALLY been at a cache you are logging as a find. (I follow this 99.9% of the time. I have ONE my son logged and ONE my wife logged that I was not personally at) 2. Logging the find on the actual DAY you found it, not moving it around to meet some challenge? 3. Replacing the cache, and log, better than you found it. 4. Trying to pick up some trash while caching. 5. Being friendly to muggles. 6. As a Cache Owner, sending a Thank You email to someone who posted they made a repair on your cache (new log, found on ground and replaced, etc...) 7. As a Cache Owner, performing maintenance when needed. 8. Not doing a "throw down" without the COs permission. 9. Following the Cache Owners instructions such as "no stamps", "no stickers", etc... 10. Appreciating our hobby enough to be grateful to Groundspeak, to help newbies starting out, to thank the cache hiders and to "enjoy the ride" as much as the "find." I don't pretend to be anyone's judge nor tell them how to play the game. Whether it is a film canister under a Wal Mart parking lot light pole skirt or an Ammo Can atop a 14,000 feet peak in the Rockies, caching is meant to get us outside and enjoy the great outdoors. If Geocaching is making you HAPPY, then you WIN! When it is all over, there is no one to answer to for personal integrity, honor and respect. Only the person in the mirror has to admit honor or dishonor.
  5. GeoCoinFest is October 14, 2017 this year on The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. While everyone is invited to attend, if you wish to get a Registration Package, the deadline is August 27, 2017 so that Geo Coins and other goodies can be ordered in time. The Event is GC6PVZW and the website is GCF2017.COM. We would love to see you there!
  6. I, too, find the original post offensive! No cache that I know has a religious, political, philosophical or social agenda.
  7. And the wonderful friends I have made Geocaching have also brought me joy!
  8. If I understand this correctly, people will log caches that they have NEVER been to because they want to be competitive and have more finds that others?! Those folks have completely LOST the purpose of Geocaching, which is too bad. But it doesn't change MY purpose of Geocaching. I still have Joy with each find!
  9. I want to thank ALL the posters on this thread thus far for a respectful and honorable dialogue, it is refreshing to see. Everyone can absolutely play Geocaching any way they want, even log every cache in the world from their basement and claim 3,000,000+ finds. I just enjoy my personal accomplishments that I TRULY achieved.
  10. What is it? Where is it? We all enjoy the activity of Geocaching and we realize that we all play the game the way that makes it enjoyable for us. But in my 15 years of Geocaching, I seem to find less and less integrity in it. And while we can all play the game we like, HOW does a cacher "find" a cache if they are not personally at the cache site? Why log a geocache on a different day than you found it? Why replace a geocache just because you can't find it? AGAIN, let me emphasize that everyone is allowed to play the game any way they want. They can log every cache in the world from their laptop without leaving their basement, but what is the point? Back in 2003 and 2004, having 1,000 finds was quite the accomplishment. It meant that one cacher, usually using a Yellow Garmin Etrex, went afield, and using paper printouts, actually found the cache. I realize technology changes, but going afield, finding a cache and signing the log is Geocaching, in my humble opinion. The whole idea was to enjoy the HUNT and the FIND!
  11. Hope to see all of you Geo Coin enthusiasts at this years GeoCoinFest 2017, being held in Long Beach, CA on October 14, 2017. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6PVZW_geocoinfest-2017-welcome-aboard http://www.gcf2017.com/ During this time, the Queen Mary will also be hosting it's annual Halloween Event, called DARK HARBOR!! This will be a fun and exciting MEGA EVENT!
  12. Love these satirical posts. Posting to show how uninterested you are in posting. It's perfect! " Especially by someone who averages around ONE POST PER MONTH! He must be Hyper Interested in the forum!!!!!
  13. Hey "THE RAT", it looks like we started caching in the same week with you starting four days before me. Yes, I do miss some of those early days, driving sixty miles ONE WAY to get just ONE cache! Printing out information for the cache hunt! For me, it was finding an ammo box at 12,000 feet elevation next to an abandoned mine in Colorado. Or maybe it was a large tupperware container hidden under a rock on a Jeep trail above Telluride, Colorado! I actually started looking for Geocaches in 2001 but just never registered on the site until 2002. In 2001, when I looked at Geocaching.com, there were only 3 or 4 caches within 100 miles of me, not really exciting. Another reason I think GC is dying, at least in my area, is the lack of new caches and the lack of numbers finding new caches that I place. Five years ago, I would have 20-30 finds in the first month of a cache but now I get 5-10 finds during the first month of a new cache. I still think that GC Headquarters, who in essence, OWN the game, could do many things to make the game more fun and more interesting. A moderator asked what I would do. For starters, with the ease of cell phone pictures, I think a new cache placement should require a picture of the cache container, that way, we don't get a Wal Mart receipt wadded up in a ball of aluminum foil and it being called a cache. While there is no guarantee that the picture is the actual cache, maybe it would make most folks THINK before making every cheap container into a cache. Next, I would make it a requirement that every cache owner do a maintenance check once a year. Again, there is no guarantee that it would actually be done, especially for the Power Trails, at least maybe a few more Cache Owners would try to do maintenance checks. OR, maybe have a "Rating Scale" for finds on the HEALTH OF THE CACHE. Nothing fancy, maybe 1-5 with 1 being the cache is in good shape to 5 where the cache was scattered all over the place. Again, there could be and probably would be, some abuse. But as a CO, if I got several 3's and 4's, I would do a maintenance check. There are many more, SIMPLE IDEAS, to improve the game. It just takes good management and some good execution.
  14. Just look at how long I have belonged to GC. I have around 6,400 finds. Now look how many posts I have made! That shows how much interest I have in this forum, or generally forums of any kind. What once was a great way to exchange and discuss ideas has turned into a 'pissing contest' with everyone doing it into the wind.
  15. I am going to "bump" this as I am interested in the original topic, "Is Geocaching Dying" or is it just a dip in interest? For example: Cachers Active cachers from US 2017 2016 Difference Last week 20212 52625 -32413 -62% Last month 66226 129455 -63229 -49% Since 1st of January 131183 222198 -91015 -41% Whole year 131185 598857 -467672 -78% Active cachers in US 2017 2016 Difference Last week 23282 53060 -29778 -56% Last month 70296 131175 -60879 -46% Since 1st of January 137816 226848 -89032 -39% Whole year 137819 620443 -482624 -78% Active cachers in/from US2017 2016 Difference Last week 19710 51878 -32168 -62% Last month 65012 127971 -62959 -49% Since 1st of January 129384 220206 -90822 -41% Whole year 129386 596113 -466727 -78% It would appear that the interest in Geocaching is dropping very rapidly from these stats. And if I recall, 2016 was way down from 2015. WHY has it dropped? I see the regular, worn out excuses of "power trails", "non maintained caches", "poorly placed caches", etc.... But whenever any entity has a precipitous drop, the FIRST place to look is MANAGEMENT. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company, a Non Profit, a Social Club, a Church, a sports team, ANY group of people, it is the MANAGEMENT that must be examined. For example, in the early days of Video Recording, the BETA system was way superior to the VHS system, and yet VHS took off and BETA faded into memory. I bet everyone reading this has watched a VHS tape and yet how many of seen a BETA tape? It is my perception that Groundspeak, or Geocaching HQ, has DROPPED the ball when it comes to Geocaching! And while there will ALWAYS be a BASE of Geocachers, the inflow of new cachers will fall way below the outflow of people tired of it. If the folks in CHARGE of Geocaching want to keep the sport going, there is going to have to be some MAJOR CHANGES in MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, GUIDELINES, CUSTOMER SERVICE and MISSION STATEMENT. Without re-inventing the wheel here, HQ needs to start with the GEOCACHE itself! They need to STOP the STUPID ONES! What do I mean "stupid" ones? For starters, in the past couple of weeks, I have found a "Pringles Potato Chip Canister" laying on the ground as a cache - that's NOT a cache, that's TRASH. I found a Dishwasher Soap Box laying on the ground, called a 'cache.' Other items found recently include a Tampon Sleeve, a drinking straw, cardboard chewing tobacco containers, glass jars and much more. Where is the QUALITY CONTROL? If I had any say, my first requirement for a cache would be that it is WATER PROOF or at least WATER RESISTANT. This is an OUTDOOR activity and it rains and snows outdoors. My list to improve the sport would go on and on, but if something isn't done, we are going to see the 'active cachers' in the US drop to below 10,000 a week and we will have to admit that the sun is setting on Geocaching and only a handful of diehards will remain!
  16. With all due respect to the previous poster, over 95% of the cachers in my area use an iPhone or Android. And we have lots of cachers with 20,000+ finds. It might have more to do with the area since most of our area is covered by Cell Coverage (Los Angeles/Orange County Area) For us old timers, it had been a progression from the Yellow ETrex to the 60CSx to the Oregon to the Smart Phone. I still carry my 60CSx and Oregon, but only as a back up. In my area, Cachly has taken over for the iPhone and a couple of favorites for the Android. I think it is very sad that Groundspeak KILLED an app that we have paid for. I have found caches in 18 states and 12 different countries using the Classic App. The design of the new App looks like programming from a High Schooler. With the number of Found Logs declining, the stepping down of the President of Groundspeak and now the killing of a great app, one has to wonder if there isn't something "fishy" going on!?!?
  17. I truly enjoy Geocaching, but some people have become rude beyond reasonableness. Back when I lived in Bayfield, CO, a town of about 1,400 folks, I had about a dozen caches hidden in and around town. Some easy, some fun, and a couple of tough ones. I even had some decoys at one. Some 'power cacher' from Denver came through and logged a find on the cache with the decoys but his signature was no where on the log. So I checked the decoys and he had signed a decoy, which clearly stated "This is NOT the cache." So I emailed him about it and got the nastiest email back. I never deleted his found log and it is still there today although the cache has to be archived. So for anyone who is "all about the numbers" even at the cost of being RUDE and NASTY, you are missing the point and the fun of caching. Power Trails are fun, not because of the numbers, but because I always do it with friends and it's like a rolling party. I also hate BUSH HIDES, but that is never going to change!!!
  18. Is it possible to BLOCK another Geocacher from messaging me. I need to block an irritating person.
  19. With a son in Washington State, an Uncle and Aunt in Oregon and good friends in Northern California, I make several trips a year up there. We usually stay at the Durango RV park in Redding or Seven Feathers resort near Mt. Shasta, so spending 6-8 weeks a year in Northern California is not unusal. Thank you so much for the help, I am going to play around and see how I might speed things up a bit.
  20. Here is a New Year's Resolution for every cacher out there. HIDE a new cache, make it available to everyone so we can introduce NEW people to the game, and make it a cache that YOU would enjoy finding. Like others have posted, a Magnetic Key holder or pill bottle under a lamp post skirt or magnetized to a Public Utility Box is getting really old. Try something like a fake pine cone reachable from the ground (yes, I have gone 50 feet up in a pine tree to get a fake pine cone, not what you call a good introduction to our sport) or an old fashioned ammo box out in the woods/desert/plains. Let's see if we can make the game better with some better caches. Just a thought!
  21. Thank you for the answers so far, it is much appreciated. So my two understandings were true: 1. You can't run a PQ larger than 1,000 caches and 2. The geocaching website will not create a PQ for all the caches in one state. It would sure be nice to plug my Oregon into my computer and click a button that says "Load all California caches that I have not found"
  22. I have been doing PQ's for years, using GSAK to put caches in my Garmin 60CSx. Now I received an Oregon 650t for Christmas and the main reason I wanted it was so I could load thousands and thousands of caches into it. So my question is, how do I load, say, every cache in California, into my Garmin, the fastest and easiest way? Sure, the iPhone/iPad work great as long as I have a signal, but I go lots of places where there is no signal and would love to have the Oregon loaded with every cache in the area. Plus, there is a chance I might visit Germany later in 2017 and would to be able to load my GPS and not pay the high data prices in Europe. My PQ is limited to 1,000 caches, as we all know and California has a bit more than 1,000 caches in it. Is there a place on the Geocaching website where I can just ask it to load all of California's caches?
  23. Active cachers from United States 2016 2015 Difference Last week 14948 29428 -14480 -49% Last month 67163 87354 -20191 -23% Since 1st of January 594709 643006 -48297 -8% Whole year 594710 645009 -50299 -8% Active cachers in United States 2016 2015 Difference Last week 15040 29553 -14513 -49% Last month 68425 88652 -20227 -23% Since 1st of January 617020 665815 -48795 -7% Whole year 617024 667912 -50888 -8% Active cachers in and from United States 2016 2015 Difference Last week 14573 28854 -14281 -49% Last month 66214 86245 -20031 -23% Since 1st of January 591995 640608 -48613 -8% Whole year 591996 642612 -50616 -8% It does appear that there is less "Geocaching Activity" comparing 2016 to 2015. While I would not call Geocaching "Dead", I would say that it is going through some sort of transformation. Groundspeak is going to have to address some of the shortcomings in Geocaching. But remember, a game is only as good as the participants. Groundspeak can set up guidelines, but it is how the players play that will either attract or turn away potential new cachers. Some cachers I meet are absolutely wonderful people, they are helpful, social, happy and enjoy caching. While other's I have met make me sorry I am in the same sport as them. When I see someone with 50,000 FINDS and 5 HIDES, I label them as a TAKER and not a GIVER. The point of Geocaching is to get outdoors, learn to use a GPS or Smartphone, make friends and have fun. Maybe do an occasional CITO event, attend a few get together's. And while we all have a few caches that we were not personally at, (I have a few), logging finds by the thousands that you were not at personally takes away from the friendly challenge of finding caches and misses the point entirely of why Geocaching was even started, that being to get outdoors and discover new places. Something else to consider is how Groundspeak DESTROYED Challenge Caches. Challenge Caches were a fantastic addition to the game. But now we have to learn how to program a GEO-CHECKER to put out a Challenge Cache?! I'm sorry, but that is really STUPID (and don't try to tell me how easy it is to program a Geo Checker) I have a dozen great CHALLENGE CACHES that I would love to put out, and I am talking Ammo Cans, Medicine Cabinet sized caches in the city, but will not do it as long as Groundspeak requires a Geochecker. Anyway, Groundspeak owns Geocaching and they can see the numbers on a daily basis. I love caching and will continue to do it but would sure love to see more participants.
  24. Los Muertos, I PMed you, I am still looking for this Coin.
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