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  1. I tested this during the last few days and also today.


    On the general map it still doesn't work. However there is a workaround: Tap on the button for pocket queries and select one of your pocket queries. It will be displayed on the map and every cache will be clickable on touch screen devices. Not optimal, but a workaround.


    Unfortunately, this issue was only fixed for caches in a PQ in this release.


    Why didn't you fix it for the normal map as well? When will it be fixed for the normal map?




    this is just embarrassing

  2. .... in no way is this a case of a testy email service. the notifications simply were not sent.

    Unless you own and control the email server - I wouldn't be so quick to state that....


    Since there is no spam filtering on my text message, i am confident that this issue is not related to testy email services. I do not need to own or control the server to make this deduction. I missed mine via email, and via text(MMS)


    SMS is generated via email


    ....and I assure you that some form of filtering is used.


    I know that, is why i made that comment

    af_juicy doesn't seem to realize it though ;)


    3 caches (that I am aware of) did not generate notifications last night -

    Alley Cat - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ee-efcf84a884f8

    The Three Pines - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...66-e9cf1c8b4782

    Chicago's Biggest Hill - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d0-74589b3ca507


    Reading the logs will verify that the notifications were not rteceived by at least 5 users-







    Fishnic is referring to the cache called "Alley cat, so add his name to the list.


    This thread - http://www.gonil.org/SMF/index.php/topic,5.../topicseen.html - adds Panther in the Den to the list. That's 7 users, not including the OP of this thread and others that had posted since.


    Notifications DID go out this evening, and I suspect that notifications we're up an running most of the day although I cannot confirm - no new caches were published before 6:00 that I am aware of. I did receive a watchlist email as early as 12:00PM today, but I don't know if that's the same system.


    I suspect that this was probably jsut a temporary outage or hiccup. Perhaps a housekeeper unplugged a server to plug in the vacuum (old joke). Perhaps the information above will help you track down the time frame (caches) and the email providers (users) that were affected. Perhaps it will never happen again.


    Hope this info helps.



  3. I did not receive any notifications after 8:00pm CST last night, even though I am certain new caches came out. I also received similar word from other hounds, er I mean cachers.


    However, I'm pretty sure my local caching group thinks I'm nuts...


    But I am here for yuo brother (or sister). It was not jsut you...

    See you at the asylum!



  4. Not sure if it has been mentioned yet or not, but i think it would be neat to keep track of my stats and compare them to my friend's stats. Kind of like how Netflix lets you add friends to a list to see what movies they have seen. It would be convenient to have a list of all my geocaching buddies on one page.


    Yeah...but...I don't really like any of you people.... :blink: j/k! totally kidding... :blink:




    Not a helpful post at all, just want to the smart alecky

  5. I'm perfectly happy with my existing tin foil hat. It does an outstanding job of preventing the "gubment" from reading my thoughts and controlling my brainwaves.


    not to mention the aliens! BTW Very few people know this, but it you include one of those old-fashioned Melmac bowls underneath the tinfoil, and a slight current (car battery should do), the hat actually acts as a police scanner so you canhear when "The man" is onto you...


    But you didn't hear it from me...


    In fact, I as never here...




    P.S. Back on topic, in the OP's post my favorite feature - washable - priceless

  6. <whistle> Two point by point replies back to back...</whistle>


    I guess my point is - GC.com is a well designed, easy to use interface that's very functional and gets the job done whereas WM.com is - well clunky and awkward to use and takes a lot of figuring out to know how the thing works. Again, 4 months in and I'm just beginning to grasp it. Maybe down the line it'll make more sense.


    regarding Wow factor, I don't see the point in emphasizing wow factor when LPC's abound. Maybe it's laziness, or whatever...


    I do this thing for thre hunt, not for the locations, etc. although they are nice, don't get6 me wrong. I don't have all the answers, and really nodoby else does either...what we have are opinions and mine happens to be that I'd rather get a root canal w/o novacaine than visit the WM.com site or God forbid have GC.com integrated into that garbage.


    Aside from the laziness factor and the "low quality Virts" according to who posts when, Virtual caches, webcam caches, etc seemed to work here long enough to get thier own category and now they've been moved to a site which, in my opinion, falls short in many significant areas.


    For the record i did bleep the "potty mouth referneces" but apparently not enough. n there were @#$%@#'s involved. those are meant to indicate random symbols, not another potty mouth word mr moderator...


    The moral of the story is, Virts are gone, and it seems there are enough happy about that that they're not coming back, but enough of us rooting for their return to make an interesting conversation in the forums every once in a while.



  7. Questions for some of you that are familiar/experienced with creating your own webpage/site;


    I would like to create my own (personal) webpage/site that I could share with friends and family. I'm tailoring it to geocaching activities, pictures and of course other misc. "stuff". I don't know much about HTML, so I need a site that will basically help me build my pages and preferably free to start. (what sites to use?)


    I've seen a couple of people with their own personal geocaching related/type sites, so I was hoping some of you could throw your suggestions out there or advice about some do's/don'ts, etc.


    Thanks in advance :huh:




    I'd probably suggest, in addition to other suggestions here, some type of WYSIWYG interface. What You See is What You Get. NetObjects Fusion is expensive but simplicity to use. Heck, you can even create a web page using Microsoft Word if you Want. I think Publisher haqs a few layouts to use.


    Dreamweaver, for a novice, can be tough to learn, but is a really good design program.


    Good luck and have fun.




    Edit - Spelling

  8. Even those who miss virtuals here might come around to Waymarking once Waymarking has gpx and PQ's. Another issue is that the Waymarking site is not as clear and intuitive to use as the geocaching site. It is easy to get frustrated at first over there!


    And the secoind time and the third time and the....werll you get the idea...


    Let's address some issues here -


    first and foremost - the reason I want to bring them back is the same reason why I do all my banking in one place - I don't want to have to go anywhere else. Let's set aside the fact that Waymarking.com is the most horribly designed concept since "the Phantom Menace"...(there's your wow factor...) The fact that I have to run two separate searches - one in an easy to use and understand format, and one at Waymarking....well sucks...


    Point 2 - I've been visiting WM.com for aobut 4 months or so and am only just recently starting to get a handle on the site - this is coming from someone who works in technical support for a web company whose job it is to learn and understand web interfaces inside and out. If I can't get it...jeez.


    Ok - wow factor - There's nothing wow about the mcdonalds down the road and there's nothing wow about the micro I found under the lampskirt. where's the difference? I piece of paper? Give me something else cuz that shpeep don't fly.


    WM.com categories - we already have a system like that here - they're called attributes.


    Geocaching, at least the hobby that most of us seem to want is about placing boxes/containers in places we never would've visited without the hobby to take us there, have a nice hike, enjoy the scenery, and go home with a nice sense of accomplishment. Waymarking is about placing boxes/containers in oops....going to places we never would've visited without the hobby to take us there, have a nice hike, enjoy the scenery, and go home with a nice sense of accomplishment.


    Finally the last reason for integration - One subscription (I don't even know if WM.com has a subscription - shows much I give [potty mouth stuff removed by moderator]), one PQ, one trip out, one set of smileys. Nuff said.


    We could argue about this till we're all blue in the face. Some have opinions, some disagree. I have seen some many forum topics about lame micros, and LPM's, etc and the general response is - that's what the ignore button is for. My position for all those out there who don't want Virtuals back - that's what the ignore button is for.


    I could go on, but I seem to be repeating myself...


    I could go on, but I seem to be repeating myself...





  9. A week ago I came across my old R/C monster truck. It was originally used to deliver cold "refreshments" from the refrigerator to myself on hot summer days on the patio. But that's off topic for the purpose of this post.


    I got to thinking what a neat project it would be to interface a GPS'r to some electronics that would in turn control the servos of the truck thus turning it into self guided geocaching machine. Just pop in some coords and off it would go.


    With refinement, it may even be able to find a cache, open it and sign the log ! Just the thing for the lazy

    geocacher ! I even thought of a name for it: the "FTF-2007"


    I wondered though, had anyone done this already ? Oh, you betcha !


    Researching, I ran across this which, in turn, led me to this. I thought the community might find it interesting.


    Cache on !


    And robots to solve puzzles, and robots to place caches....


    What if we included a flamethrower with an automated "Seek and Destroy" mode for lame micros....



  10. More than 50% of the glass container I have seen were already cracked or a bit broken - low survivability. Saw a completely shattered one hidden in rocks once.


    Broke one myself once. I was trying to get it out of its hidey hole and a rock shifted and crack!


    Well, that pretty much confirms what I had thought....I'm leary about the plastic jar as well...


    Dunno...wost case it gets temp disabled, but we'll see... it'll be a long time b4 we go through that peanut butter...



  11. ...Of glass jars...of the spaghetti sauce or apple sauce variety. I have a couple of these and i was kicking around the idea of using them. Anybody love em? hate em? none of the above? Also A hugemungo plastic peanut butter jar. All thuroughly washed of course...


    Bear in mind as I ask this question it is 0 degrees outside...



  12. with the same thought that BOMBS don't look like bombs...why would anyone NOT perceive a threat from that item that looks out of place??? MAYBE because they THOUGHT it could be a bomb!!!


    A cacher should know as much as anyone...hiding something in plain sight is the best method!!


    Here's an idea. Let's put cameras inside everyone's houses so we always know what people are doing. Then we'll make people report each week on how they spent all their time. That way, we'd always know when someone is planning any kind of crime -- not just terrorism, maybe even robberies too.


    Then we'll make all the buildings and yards and cars and houses all look the same, so it will be easy to spot anything that's out of place. No one can put anything where it doesn't belong. This will have the added benefit of making everything look tidy and preventing litter.


    All art will be approved by a committee, to make sure it is safe for our minds, and to make sure there are no bombs in it. Any new ways of doing things will also be approved by a committee.


    Then we will all be safe and sound, and we'll only be able to die of car accidents and hamburger fat, the way it was meant to be -- heck, if we have cameras everywhere, we could even ban hamburgers and force people to eat organic salad so everyone will live to 100.


    It won't be a very interesting life, but we will maximize lifespan and orderliness. Lots of security (for everyone that falls well within the norm), and no freedom. Better?




    Anyone ever seen "Equilibrium"???





  13. Because they are so popular, they have their own website.....it is: www.Waymarking.com


    On Waymarking, you have a VAST database of virtuals to hunt right at your fingertips....try it sometime! Their are some fantastic places to visit :laughing:



    Unfortunately Waymarking.com isn't one of them.


    Waymarking.com IS the reason I do not do Virtuals. They had such a good fundamental idea here and they completely disregarded it when designing that (insert explative here) site. Just my opinion.




    Edit: And the point of the topic...Absolutely yes bring them back and do away with wm.com. Or redo the site so it actualyl...uh. I dson't know...makes sense. )I don't care aout entertainment waymarks that are 2,000 miles from my home. I want the ones near me....) one of the two.

  14. Don't know if this has been discussed previously, but it'd be nice if someone visiting the site could punch in some coordinates and see where they could park a car and see what caches would be available around there. I know we have the ability to post addit'l waypoints to include parking, etc. but it's be an interesting feature - kinda a Points of interest.


    Problem is, I wouldn't know how to do that w/o actually making them look like virt caches.


    Dunno...just a thought.



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