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  1. Of my 3 active caches, I put parking # at 1, no one seems to use them. People seem to like big paved parking lots and bushwhacking. I also state that animal trails are what I use off major trails. No dammage done to virgin land, a 200 year old orchard and cranberry bog sandpits. Some people just don't read and want to use 'gee-whiz' technology to find, turn and burn to and from caches. *sigh* I think the 'cool' factor is reflected through previous logs.
  2. A well trained dog can sniff out and point to a cache. A well trained cat can spend the night downloading info for you. I remember an article in a hunting magazine years back about a man coon hunting with a cat. Dogs would tree a coon, but the cat went up after it. (It was on the last page.)
  3. PDA / Cell-tech / laptop will never replace a good paper map. Every year for XMAS, I ask for a Rand McNally road atlas. And I have to get new navigation charts. Spend some time instead of looking for a quick fix. Following an arrow is stupid. Print the caches out and look at a map. If you can afford a GPS and computer gear, why can't you afford time to print a B/W map of the area? Slackers Invade Geocaching. Film at 11...
  4. patternmaker/mould maker stuff. Mahogany and Bondo. have fun, I like to use a CNC engraver.
  5. and save the tree sillyness. and if you want to live in a tree, may your foolish God save you. You're an idiot. Save the silicon and internet space and go away... (using teak decks on a boat as we speak)
  6. need I say less other than big $ magazine I can sell big money to an idiot, just cant tell one to use it.
  7. I think that ratings should reflect the local terrain. Like a 2/X in the Rockies would slay a Everlades resident and vice-versa. I've never thought 5 star ratings systems were very good for anything (food, lodging, movies, caches, ad nauseum). I know Clay put thought and effort into the system, but 1* terrain = handicaped accesable isn't too realistic. Some people think a mile is a long distance, others are used to 5. It's all fairly relative in my mind. Like Riyadh is 6350 mi from my house.... forgot the word 'systems'
  8. I know that people see a great place while on vacation and want to turn others on to the area. BUT... think of the locals that have been going to these places and can recite more about the area than they (I) care to admit. Like how many Dunkin Donuts you pass on the way to it. Other than that, all the other virts, and math. I think I'll toss a curve when I fix my 2-part multi for the spring by using an obscure datum, like Rome 1940-Sardinia Island for the second leg
  9. Ritz Camera owns Boater's World, they get the leftovers and returns from Boaty Land.
  10. did you submit these to the posts? Nothing has shown up in months....
  11. Bored & curious is a bad combo... Don't hold your breath for a PID or the like, but I found flyby photos of areas near me. Your tax dollars at work! I knew they were there, read the first 2 words... man...
  12. They are for determining coastlines when making nautical charts. Check around the NOAA site for the full details. http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/ or http://chartmaker.ncd.noaa.gov/staff/charts.htm should get you there. Try the second one. I use alot of charts, so I happened to have it in my favorites. Lucky you, huh?
  13. I carry a driver in my trunk. Hit golf balls into Cape Cod Canal. Trying to get across. Widest sea-level canal in the world. Not littering, seen worse stuff in there, and haven't knocked out any fish either. No problem with pens or pencils. I'm amazed adults leave home without one or the other. [This message was edited by Cape Cod Cacher on January 06, 2003 at 02:40 PM.]
  14. If life was simple, it wouldn't be called life... I use boat stores, and got my pack by smoking too much. I have a Red Cross First Aid kit too. You're on your own for finding a pack and things that suit YOU. Wish you good luck.
  15. I drink beer and smoke cigarettes. Take good aim, I have a narrow @$$. I eat red meat, I kill lobsters for a living. Deal with it.
  16. A couple hours ago I saw this on the news ticker on the bottom of a news channel : Man named Jack @$$ suing producers of movie Jack@$$ for defamation of name... Like he hasn't had a life time of He11 already !!! You can't make this stuff up
  17. I'd normally leave a thread like this alone, but the NyQuil has kicked in... (REALLY kicked in) I elect umc as 'Post Up Boy' for the Forms
  18. I went to work part-time at a marine store after Thanksgiving to pay for Xmas. I've learned every new GPS, handheld and fixed that has come out since spring of '98. Took me 24 hours on the clock, I had other stuff to do as well. The store sold over 100 handhelds for Xmas. Now I'm getting people that say they don't work, it's broken and too many other questions. 90% of the time I can open the manual and show them what to do... GPS are navigation tools, not game-boys. The manuals are very dry, written by technical writers, but the info is there. My advice stands, Read The Manual! a few times. Without other distractions. Soon you'll be able to use it better than your TV's remote control! What scares me is this summer when the weekend warriors decide to try their unit out for the first time in the fog... With 5 year old charts.
  19. quote:Originally posted by lujack:I have yet to see a pair of MENS' panties. Yes, I sadly found a pair that was, well, um, recently fouled..... Hot day too. My message Icon is usually the smilie with sunglasses, I didn't want to spend time looking for a puking smilie though.
  20. Turn off the computer, TV, family, read the manual a few times and play with it! You won't go blind... GPS takes some practice, no instant gratifcation Real quick, Main Menu; Waypoint; New. Then plug in lat/lon, name, etc.
  21. Lat & Lon is my GPS want... 150 lobster traps, 200 days found. works on my end. do the math.
  22. I have a 'fanny-pack' I got from smoking too much. has a Red Cross first aid pack flashlight and GPS (48) with compass in case on the belt energy bar batteries glo-stick (s) lighter foil blanket water bottle zip-lok (s) plastic grocerie bag for trash bike tools not quite the 'Bat Utility Belt' but it works for me, I don't leave the house without a pen and paper, and I always carry a rigging knife (no fish scales on it now, I washed it off, using it now to cut some Vermont Cheddar) key ring has the gear, knife, bottle and can opener.
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