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  1. I got it REAL bad in July. Nothing I used (and I mean nothing) worked on the itching. I spent probably 30$ on bottles and tubes of crap that did nothing to help the itching.


    The thing I found most soothing was swimming in a pool. It dried the skin right up (because of the chlorine) and soothed the itching.


    This was before my current policy of washing with cool water as soon as possible after caching. Ive been in direct contact with poison ivy since but because of the cool water washing, I had no reaction.

  2. I like finding dirty containers full of junk in the middle of the woods based solely on GPS coordinates.


    I also like going to nice parks/forests/wooded areas I wouldnt normally go. Collecting signature cards is also a nice little "side" hobby for me, as well.

  3. Ok, I guess I'm over-sensitive. Imho geocaching is not a good place for proselytizing, but I've been voted down. Sorry <:-)

    I agree with you 100%


    Ive placed a couple caches before and while checking up on them I immediately removed questionable items, religious items included. I don't need my caches getting a reputation for being sanctuaries for religious crap.

  4. You can do what I did and buy a Garmin Etrex (if money is an object), familiarize yourself with the unit, look up caches in your area on the website, print up a couple you are interested in, then find them.


    Its really not hard to dive right into it.

  5. I'm still somewhat new at this, I have only found 9 caches to date.


    Today I found a cache near me that was loaded with an uncomfortable amount of Christian material. It was an ammo box. The bottom side of the lid had a Christian slogan pasted on it. I counted 4 Christian items in the cache as well.


    Reading all the logs on the cache shows that Christian items have not been placed in the cache by finders. It leads me to believe it was all put there by the hider. There is no indication of the content in the cache's description (If there was I probably wouldn't have even bothered with it).


    My question is this: Is this terribly common and am I the only one who thinks this sort of content should be reserved for church, not geocaching?

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