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  1. I'm kinda disappointed here. I thought there would be a lot more responses on this one. I just made and camo-ed a drinking staw scroll cache that is about 1 and a half inches long. I also made a ghila suit for a cache box. Looks like multi colored dead moss growing on a square box. It should camo well when hidden. I've also been experimenting with plastic paints and texturing to reduce the shiney glare on the lock and locks that I use. Walmart sells this stuff called Temperin (SP?) that is a temperary filling for cavities. The container that the filler comes in is rather small and camo's well. I have a small scroll log that is at least 2 feet long rolled up inside of one and a small neodymium magnet fits perfectly in the base. I'm still working on a super evil cache that I can't reveil because I will be using it in a multi in the near future. Let's see some pics and originality. Get those geogears turning and see what we can crank out. Swizzle
  2. What's the sneakiest, stealthest, devious, and most evil cache's that you've ever found? No need to give away locations or cache names. Just wondering what type of caches you guys have seen or made yourselves. One of mine is a cache within a cache. I drilled out the end of a pencil and FTF gets a $5 bill that I rolled up really tight and slid in the end. Then I put on the eraser. It looks just like a regular pencil. I've also heard of bolts being cut in half and drilled out for a micro log. I haven't used it yet but I have a scroll log in a straw and attached to a hook and pulled up into a rubber tube jig lure. I plan on "snaggin" it in a bush in a local fishing spot. Its brown so it should blend in with the local shrubbery really nice. The easiest one I've made is a micro with an ice breakers mint pack. Its a little bigger around then a quarter and fairly thin. I painted it with plastic paint and superglued the lid shut. I took a magnet out of an AOL box and super glued it on the back. Then I took a thumb tack and stuck it on the back of a tree. Quick and easy. I've seen real logs cut in half and hollowed out and stuck back together with magnets. A fake board and a reflector that was attached to a 35mm canister and stuck into a 4x4 that also has a stop sign on it. The reflector sits nice and flush and unless you pull on it you don't know the 35mm is there. Hollowed out branches and twigs. Just to name a few. Lets see what you got. Pics are a bonus. Swizzle
  3. I've posted a warning on the page and gave a best times to visit the cache. I do have a rather good hide on it and unless the next few cachers are sloppy then I'm not really concerned about it being stolen. Being that most partying occurs at night and on weekends I suggested looking for the cache midmorning and during the week. I also posted that the next few cachers should post there experience, the good bad and the ugly. If this continues to be a bad spot then I will move it or put it up for adoption. I hate to make a 60 mile round trip to find that there is someone there and I have to come back another time so I may put it up for adoption. Hopefully my warning cures the problem if not then I will fix it. This was the 3rd and by far the best looking spot that I found for the cache. Its not like I just tossed it in the woods and took down the coordinates. I want to take people to beautiful spots and this is one of them. Swizzle
  4. The cache is about 30 miles from my house so talking with the local PD isn't really an option for me. I would have to be there when the partying is happening to call it in. The 4x4 trail isn't long, its just well used. I'm guessing it's maybe 100 feet long with a turn around at the end. Quick and easy access of a back road. Swizzle
  5. I recently visited a creek that was rather lovely. I had never been there before and decided to place a cache. The location looks like a bit of a party spot and from what I hear it is. One of the cachers that was looking for it noticed a women dropping off 2 teenage boys and several cases of beer. Another mentions that the name of my cache should be changed to "get r done" because its a redneck hoodulum hangout. The one that saw the woman drop off the teenagers with the beer called the local police department and reported it. The group(s) of people that hang out here are somewhat rude. My intentions were not to put people into a rude situation but to take them to a beautiful picnic spot along the creek. My problem is should I relocate the cache and give up such a beautiful spot or should I allow people to continually run into rude people and hope that the cops are called enough so that they either stay home or go elsewhere? I would really like to see the 4x4 trail in this spot turn back to grass and see the spot get cleaned up. When I was there, there was one shopping bag of trash and a well used gas grill, but other then that it was nice and clean and raked up. One of the cachers said that the redneck mugglers left quite a mess after their night of drinkin'. What would you guys and girls do in this situation and why? Swizzle
  6. I recently visited a creek that was rather lovely. I had never been there before and decided to place a cache. The location looks like a bit of a party spot and from what I hear it is. One of the cachers that was looking for it noticed a women dropping off 2 teenage boys and several cases of beer. Another mentions that the name of my cache should be changed to get r done because its a redneck hoodulum hangout. The one that n
  7. I don't have any pics of my mailbox idea. The sand in the middle creates a cavity for your hides. Maybe I could make it sound a bit simpler. Pour some cement in the base. A good 6 to 8 inches should do ok. Shove a pipe into the center of the cement, fill up to the neck with sand while insuring that the pipe is still straight. Next take some veggie oil and lube up the top of the milk jug. This keeps the cement from sticking to the can. Then top it off with more cement. You'll only want maybe a 3 to 4 inch thick top. Add some rebar or coat hangers or some type of stiff metal to keep the cement from crack with everyone lifting it and moving it. Then take a 4x4 with a predrilled hole that slides over the pipe and make an indent in the cement so that the 4x4 looks like it sets into the cement. Then while the cement is drying attach the mailbox to the 4x4. Once its dry then just slide the mailbox over the pipe and you're all set. Once they find the cache they'll have to take off the mailbox and remove the pipe and pull the plug to get to it. Unless you want to attach the plug to the pipe so that all pulls up as one unit. Swizzle
  8. have always felt uncomfortable meddling around other folks' mailboxes. Perhaps it's because I live in Alabama, but I think the chances of my getting shot, dogbit, or introduced to the nearest deputy sheriff would increase greatly that way. I'm sure it would be my loss, but I'd probably give a mailbox cache a pass. That's understandable. How about a fake flower box? A 5 gallon crock in a flower/rock garden? Sink a cache in a small KOI pond. The possibilities are endless. My main question would have to be this; when you have access to a whole ranch why put it in the front yard? I know there are a few car hunters that don't want to walk out of view of their vehicle, but most of us are in it for the hunt. I think that's obvious by the amount of ,TNLNSL, that I see. Swizzle
  9. Using distracters might help as well. A pile of sticks covering nothing or a bark teepee a tree or two over will keep them looking and thinking that its already been stolen. If there is good sized rocks close by then displace them to make it look like someone was looking for something a short distance away. Take you're time with the hiding spot and do it right. A single leaf or properly placed stick can often hide a shiney box. Walk around it from a distance and see if its noticable and if it is try something else to camo it or move it completely. Just my 2 cents. Swizzle
  10. I use the Wally World Lock and Locks and then went to the paint aisle for plastic paint. They have a relatively cheap paint that is made just for plastics. I just use brown and green. A quick coat of green followed by some leafy cover and a blast of brown paint 15 minutes later. Let it dry overnight and you have a nice camo cache. Swizzle
  11. I would buy one of those big 40 qt. milk cans. Pour some cement in the base and center a pipe holder. Fill it almost to the top with sand and use some veggie oil around the sides. Pour a cement top with a pipe hole in the middle, some rebar for extra support. Then when its dry pop the top, dump the sand, place in a piece of pipe and top it off with a dummy mailbox. Drill a hole in a 4x4 that is the diameter of the pipe. When they find it they'll have to pop off the mailbox and cement plug to get to the goodies. That's what I would do anyways. Swizzle
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