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  1. I have a similar safe that weighs 34lbs and takes a key. I was thinking about doing the same and hiding it under a small waterfall. My main concern is the lock itself. Waterproof like has been mentioned above could mean that it is waterproof to a certain extent. A flooded house where the safe is pulled back out within a week might be considered waterproof. Constant water and silt, sand, and other debris could clog the locking mechanism right up. I still have to find the key to check it out but I think its big enough to hold a 30cal. Even then under a constant flow of water I would put the log in yet another waterproof container inside the ammo can inside the safe. I'd really hate to go through all of that just to have the lock jam up though. Is there a way to waterproof the lock for long term underwater use? Swiz
  2. I would like to see virtuals come back myself for a rather simple reason. I went through the time and effort to hunt down and waymark over 250 items of interest. Most of which I did some fairly extensive research on. On the other hand I have about 37 or 38 active geocaches at this point in time. Every weekend I get several nice logs from my geocaches and I've received a total of 2 visits on my waymarks. There's just not many people involved in Waymarking and to set up these waymarks to bring people to something interesting seems like a big waste of time to me. I can get more hits on a good cache on a weekend then my most visited waymark all year long. The only good thing about a waymark is the fact that you can place them in more places and practically on top of one another. They just don't get visited much because the real audience is here on the geocaching site. Out of all the waymarks I've created I've only visited 1. Why you might ask? Geocaching is more fun and more interactive. You have a container for trackables that you can send on missions. If your a numbers hunter then you love to see your smiley count pile up. You can track all the coins and trackables that you've ever found and a waymark is well its there. You drive up and 9 times out of 10 its right there. No thrill of the hunt, nothing telling you to do this and that as an extra logging requirement so that you learn about a place. You find the waymark, take a pic and post it on the site. TFTW woohoo!! So in my honest opinion Vituals should come back or to make them more visitable then create a special icon that transcends the 2 sites and allows you to get an extra smiley for each waymark visited. It will still never be as popular as geocaching but that little digit for each one would boost a lot more interest in Waymarking. Swiz
  3. Can you make one of those out of some Gatorade caps? Maybe even some peanut butter jar lids? Swiz
  4. In the picture, Swizzle showed one of the (kinda) clear film cans, with the lid that snaps into the body. I've always thought these, even by themselves, make great cache containers. My beef is with the black & grey film cans whose lid snaps over the body. Those things are almost universally crappy. Although, in the Swizzle configuration, I bet even the black & grey ones would fare better than normal. Are those grommets made of brass, or some cheaper alloy? I'm wondering if there is some way to chemically discolor them after application? They're brass plated. Might be able to rust them up a bit. I still think that the coat hanger bit is better. Another thing I read about recently is soaking your O-rings in Armour All for a few days before placing a cache and they'll last a few years longer. I'm thinking that these rubber inner tubes will start to crack and split in just a season or 2 so a soak in Armour All might increase there cache life. I plan on starting this practice real soon on caches that I place farther from home. Like the one I'm waiting on the reviewer for right now is 40 miles away and requires a 1.1 mile hike and a half mile paddle. Swiz
  5. I'm glad you like it. The only thing I added is the grommet. I can't claim it as my own design. I have however noticed that in many hide situations that the grommet is just to bright. A nice bit of coat hanger stabbed through the inner tube seems to work a lot better for stealth. Swiz
  6. I was looking to place a new cache and searched some of the local cachers hide for archived caches. I found one that had a note that it had been muggled and the cacher took the remains of the cache to the owner. I put the coords into my gps and went to the location with a new micro all set to place. I looked up from the stream bed, next to the bridge's concrete structure and there was the cache. Last found 2 years ago. I contacted the current owner because I know her pretty well and she said that she knew it was there. She just didn't want to bother with it anymore, so I asked if I could take it over and copy and paste her listing. Mostly because of its historical content to the area. If it was a Plain Jane cache listing I would have redone the cache. I ended up rescuing a TB and got many thanx from the TB's owner and gave all the local cachers another chance at a new smiley with a cache that many have already found. I like hunting for archived caches. Swiz
  7. Don't Pet Me Dumb Park Micro Da Police Man Don't Place Micros Decon Park Micro Dumb Private Message Dog Poo Micro!! Ok what is it? Swiz
  8. Hmmm.... Why You Being Mean At Duh Ignorant Idiots That Yell?!? Will You Be More Asinine During Intense Itchin' The Yucky??? Ok that just aint right!! We Yearn Bigger Micros And Decons In Interesting Treasures, Yeaaahh!!! Ok I give what is it. FTF = Found Turd on Foot SL = Stinkin' Letterbox TFTC = Two Fried To Cache TFTH = Took Fry Toy Home TNLNSL = There's Nothing Like No Stinkin' Letterbox Ok I give up. Is there anyone else here that could add something a little more humorous? Swiz
  9. My buddy did the hollow log trick. He sawed off one end and left the other end broken. Split it with his ninja sword and then using a combo of large drill bits and wood chisels he hollowed out a depression for a waterproof container. One of those money holder types that are square with a rubber O-ring. He made two other smaller depressions above and below the big depression and added 2 small steel plates and two scavenged neodymium magnets out of a hard drive. Then he put it back together and set it up in a muddy spot with the sawed off end down. Looks like a stump sticking up. Its fooled quite a few people so far. Swiz
  10. GCE152 This is our local traveler called the Adirondack Traveler. Swiz
  11. Hmmm... Have you found the guy who stole my Booger? Swiz Please if you spot my booger help me pick him out of the crowd so I can bring him back home. Who nose what goes on in the minds of cache theives!! Come Home Booger!!!
  12. I did do a clean sweep of the area around the cache but couldn't see it in the bushes. It really blows my mind as to why someone would pick my Booger. Could it be that this person is wiping out all of the Booger caches? This is nothing to sneeze at and who noses, the next cacher you meet might be a Booger Swiper!!. I just can't put my finger on who it could be. Swiz
  13. Someone stole my cache Booger In A Tree Hole. Please help me find my Booger. Out of all of my specialty containers he was my favorite pick. He's about 6" tall, Red Skin, Big Nose, Dark Eyes and was last seen full of goodies. If you sniff out my Booger can you grab him for me and we can pick a spot to meet for a pick up. Thanx, Swizzle & Family
  14. Thanx, Just a bit of a hint. Use 2" inner tube. I have 1&7/8" and its a bieotch and a half to stretch over a film can. The 27" inner tube was $4.88 (good for 23 caches), the grommet kit was $4.88 (good for 20 caches), The 35mm film cans were free from the photolab at wally world and I used info from the forum to print out a log and a mini stash note, add a pencil and coords and you're good to go. Swiz
  15. I thought they looked pretty spiffy myself. Its like taking this guy <--- and doing this to him Swiz If you want I'll mail you one of my inferior containers. Swiz
  16. Hey Clanster!! I got enough materials today to kill 30 fairies!! Swiz
  17. They could just line up all of the satellites in a perty little row and beam them straight to earth. Line them up so that everyone gets a good 2 hours worth of caching everyday instead of everyone, all the time. the whole world over. I'm also doing my part to help cut down on waste. I've cut down all the trees within 50 feet of my caches and painted the caches hunter orange to cut down on wasted time hunting for them. Of course some guy with a forest ranger badge had a major fit. I just told him to stick to his little patch of the woods and let me do what I need to do to help this global matter. some people just have no sense of priorities. Swiz
  18. What if Non-Premium Members were only allowed to use a topo and compass for their first 100 caches? That should help out and get rid of a lot of GPS users who only cache once in a while. Maybe have a machine for each cache that you need o put a quarter in to get the cache. It wouldn't take long to buy an extra satellite or 2. Swiz
  19. I was thinking of using the inner tube with a grommet to make 35mm cans easy to hang. I also plan on using the fuji film cans for extra protection and the black non reflective surface makes them ideal for dark hidey holes. Besides I don't think I could get a bike inner tube stretched over an ammo can. Swiz
  20. What if premium members are allowed exclusive rights to all FTF's before they are made available to the other members. This would cut down on a rush of signal suckers to specific areas. Swiz
  21. When I write out an extended description its not meant for the numbers folks. There will always be people out there that are interested in what me and others write as far as extended, historical text. If you're just a numbers freek then get the coords, check the clue, maybe read a log or two and go. If you avoid my cache because the discription is too long then that's your choice and gives me an extra day before I need to add a new log. Just my opinion of course. Swiz
  22. 35mm film can with a bike tube pulled over it?!? I really like that idea. I think my wifey's bike is due for some flat tires. Swiz
  23. I try to add a little history to my caches. Here's one of my latest. Swiz Fultonville Crossroads Revisited
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