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  1. Screen shot? not interested, too much work to look them up. Now a link to a publicly shared bookmark would have been cool.
  2. I would not hold my breath expecting something to be announced early, and quite frankly I don't think something will be announced by the one year anniversary. I imagine there is lots of behind the scenes discussions going on. I don't expect the new revised challenges to resemble anything that existed before, except for a few exceptions like delorme or USGS quad challenges. I expect challenge caches of the future, if they exist at all, to be very narrowly defined with out much room for wild and lengthy "rules" to qualify. I think the key point is that they will require little expenditure of reviewer time and require little to no time for appeal time, hence the narrow definition. I expect the need for millbones to be non-existent. I expect. at a minimum, the submitter will have to already qualified and perhaps even require a list of other cachers that have qualified.
  3. Is it okay if we complain if they went off fully cocked and released something that only sort of works?
  4. I believe it's that the servers at Groundspeak are powered by hamsters running in wheels. Once you establish that premise, there's no end to the possible jokes. For a time (I'm not sure if it's still the case), the page that was displayed when the site was undergoing maintenance had a video showing the hamsters undertaking said maintenance. ...and always remember, many reviewers are dogs. And some players are hamsters in frog's clothing. They have been known to leave hamsters as swag.
  5. Sounds like your sock has some work to do.
  6. As a relative newbie That's something I've wondered about -- can you fill me in on reasons to make a cache premium? Thanks for any enlightenment! If folks are having problems with their caches going missing and such, they are under the impression that making a Listing Premium Member Only gives a semblance of security. I'm not sure that is really the case or not, but it may help with more urban hides. Present company not included, but newer users may not understand the nuances of geocaching and not replace caches as they found them, or in some cases, mistakenly remove the containers. Limiting access to the Listing page to people that are willing to cough up the nominal PM fee, at least limits the audience to folks that have been to "more than one rodeo", so to speak. Another reason is it hides the cache from intro app users. Some CO's believe that group of cachers cause most of the maintenance problems.
  7. You do realize this is a desert, right? Not squishy sand, but dirt. Wild open spaces you see for miles and miles, dirt roads all over the place and pull outs galore. Just don't expect electric, water and sewer hook ups.
  8. I'm sorry but I can't get to worked up about this. It is after all state trust land that is used to generate income for schools and other services. So your cool with denying schools funding to keep this as open space? Then the efforts should be focused on changing the laws passed by congress and changing the focus of DNR's management of state trust land. Sure they will clear cut it, then replant it and in another 50 years or so everyone can get upset since they want to again clear cut the land. Oh, and along the way you can get upset about the selective cutting to promote forest health. Perhaps some can offer to swap land with the state to keep this as open space.
  9. Thanks for your efforts I'm wondering how much that really helped. Two caches replaced that were not his own. One (GC605F3), an obvious throwdown for a non-active owner (last GC visit in Aug '15) - if I found this I'd probable post a NA. Two (GC3B20K), placed a nano where the owner's hint says "a large micro" (the owner has checked in this month, but doesn't seem very active). Do we really need to 'prop up' these caches just because they are along the route? There are so many more caches in the area that could be added if we really need more caches for the CM. I assumed he did it with the permission of the CO. Perhaps I was wrong, in which case a NM should have been logged followed by a NA.
  10. If you are part of the A/B test that is seeing the Search page instead of the original homepage, you will not be able to access the original homepage for the duration of the test. If there are specific features that you would like access to please let us know. (There are multiple routes to each of the features on that page). Why would I want to start with the search page, and essentially be locked on that page? Especially if I want to run a PQ or look for a geotour. There have been a lot of discussion on the serious short comings of the search page so why would you want to start some one on a page that has short comings? One is being able to get the results into a usable form like a PQ. The other obvious problem is no usable navigation. If I was stuck with the search page for two weeks I just would not bother coming to the site for two weeks.
  11. To mark needs archive or not, that is the quetion 197 and counting.
  12. How does google maps show the stages and finals of multi and puzzles when these are hidden waypoints?
  13. Cache owners should have the ability to lock their cache listings once they've archived them. B. If that was mine I would delete the throwdown log and the bogus log of his buddy and ask GS to lock the listing.
  14. I found a cache that I later adopted. Kept the find. Some time later I adopted out that cache. Still have the find. I see no reason not to keep the find on a cache your adopted.
  15. Oh come on, you don't seriously believe that the CO will read those logs, do you? It's a powertrail! Surprising enough, some do. I was mucking about with GSAK and needed to log some caches. I would run my GSAK experiment and then delete the find on the cache. I did this several times on caches in the 300 range on Route 66. I got an email from the CO asking if I was having a problem with their caches.
  16. Personally I find it very offensive and it does not represent America to me, historic or not. Maybe you should stay on topic and not join in on the personal attacks on me. You went off topic and I stated a personal opinion. Deal with it.
  17. Personally I find it very offensive and it does not represent America to me, historic or not.
  18. But how many end in "A-Team"? I know that there isn't a guideline for it, but personally, I wouldn't mind seeing the "no agendas" extended to cache logs. Should properly be extended to swag. Then I would not be allowed to leave religious tracts when trading for condoms and would not be able to trade planned parenthood brochures for religious tracts.
  19. Well I wonder why the CO's only permit quotes from the bible. Are they deleting the logs with quotes from the Torah or the Koran? Perhaps you should wonder why the CO does not permit religious freedom.
  20. The thing is, C is a standardized language for which there's lots of additional resources you can use to help you learn it. Markdown has no defined standard, so there are countless different "dialects". The only resources we can get for the Groundspeak dialect of Markdown have to come from Groundspeak, because they're the ones creating this new language. It seems like they haven't even settled on a final version of it yet, though, so they can't very well provide definitive documentation to help us. Your description of Markdown describes the state of C when I learned it. Everything evolves. Yes, the standard for C has evolved. Markdown was released 10 years ago and still has no standard and has not evolved as a standard, everyone has their own.
  21. It would seem pointless to visit the cache location in the last scenario, but what are you gonna do... Well I thought that one was obvious to the casual observer ... all those other seekers were blind as a bat and you find the cache sitting out in plain sight under as nice pile sticks It does seem pointless to waste your time and gas seeking what is apparently not there. I would file a NA pointing out the many DNF's, NM'a and the apparent absence of the CO. If the reviewer wishes to contact me and ask me if visited the site I would say no and the reviewer is free to let the listing stand unmolested.
  22. That is why logging a NM log asking the owner to check the cache is important. Then, after an appropriate amount of time, an NA. Most reviewers will not chase DNF logs, some will chase a long standing NM and most will act on a NA that states no owner maintenance has occurred in response to a NM from and absent owner. Note that when checking for owner activity you can not rely on the last login date on the website, check logging activity since smartphone logging does not trip the website last logged date counter.
  23. Twice in a week, eh. Think I'll have to ask for at least a 10% increase in my salary. Bookmark posted, datafille updated.
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