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  1. The bookmark has been updated as has my website. Problems #35 - GC35G47 - Disabled for the last six weeks with a note the CO needs to check on it. #37 - GC35G47 - Disabled, needs logbook #41 - GC3CRT5 - Don't know. Was archived for be missing, replaced, put back in play but more DNF's than finds. #67 - GC2WRF1 - Couple DNF's and then a NM for being AWOL. #77 - GC1V27M - NM says homeless was camped next to cache, dumped the contents and took the container. CO posted a note they will check. #94 - GC5FFWH - DNF's for missing, Disabled.
  2. Strange, this whole thread some were very sure this cache was illegal. Looks like they probably just suspected it then Your quoting what narcissa said. I don't believe narcissa has the ability to read archived logs. What Cascade Reviewer said ... So there have been logs pointing out problems that were deleted an as has been shown the property the cache is on is private property, interestingly apparently property that is not part of the HOA. The question is this cache illegal or not has yet to be answered. To access this cache you need to enter a subdivision that has a home owners association. Since there is a Google street view available I assume driving the streets of the subdivision is legal. However it appears for non-HOA members entering the area of he cache is trespass. Now if the cache owner got permission from the owner of the land were the cache is hidden on and the HOA gave permission for non HOA folks to park in the area noted then the cache would be legal. The fact permission was granted and contact information on the cache page would have covered it. But this seems to be missing so one can surmise the cache is probably not placed legally.
  3. That feature would be a source of endless frustration. The cache inventories are hardly ever correct or up to date, to the point where I totally ignore them and if I find a trackable I consider it a bonus find.
  4. There are plenty of national forests to choose from on the map. Also national parks, etc... Choose one. I've chosen Shawnee National Forest in Illinois at random. I'm viewing this with the google maps overlay on geocaching.com. How many traditional caches (even recently placed ones) can you find within the perimeter of the park, as outlined in green? Maybe there's a loophole. I don't know. I would have thought these would all be illegal. C You better believe that caches are placed in National Parks with expressed permission only. Reviewers won't allow it any other way. National Forests are iffy depending on the part of the county. Some allow them, some don't. Of those that allow them some require you get permission, some don't. I certainly would not use a National forest as and example. I would expect that reviewers that regularly cover those areas are aware of the requirements.
  5. With so many things to worry about why do I need to worry about where I stamp the log or if I put a date next to the stamp. Next thing your going to want me to worry about is that I used the correct date.
  6. Reviewers publish what meets the guidelines, be it a film can every 528 feet in the desert, a film can under a lamp skirt, a keycase stuck to a stop sign or a ammo can at the end of a two mile hike in the woods. The guidelines do not include esthetic placement. I'm sure reviewers do occasionally hold there nose while pressing the publish button, they have no other choice.
  7. There some questions that should not be asked.
  8. You can't adopt out an archived cache. Once it is archived it is gone since the CO can not get it un-archieved just to adopt it out.
  9. They do. See the efforts by ecanderson to get his weekly email in this forum or was it the technology forum.
  10. Cache - GC30NTQ (The Nissing Pirce) Many DNF's, NA and pending archived from reviewer.
  11. Yes, I agree you were being quite civil. I have made requests in the past, which in my opinion were quite reasonable, but the sounds of the crickets was deafening. Given that the new search function is also limited to 31 miles I'm suspecting an api call is involved there also. Given that there does not seem to have any plans to expand that limit, I feel your request is doomed to a slow death. It's a pity, I do support the request and think it would be quite useful. I'm sure if we were to get an answer it would be along he lines that it was done for reasons of performance.
  12. You can delete all you want, but the next waypoint will continue with the numerical sequence. After you delete the waypoints save the next one and rename it 001 and then the sequence will continue from there.
  13. I think it is crystal clear by now that Groundspeak does not wish to comment and given the hostile environment probably won't. Given that suggestions by users of this nature are generally consigned to the manure pile, it is probably a useless pursuit.
  14. Just ridicolous... I enjoy my own numbers (since I know how they were archieved) and am in no way impressed just by someone other's find count (since I don't know how this was collected). I might be impressed by the background story. This even may include a story around doing a real power trail. Numbers alone aren't impressive, the stories behind them are! (BTW, same is true about favourite points - you simply don't know why they are given unless told) I agree with that. The number #1 now in California is so humble you wouldn't even notice him. edit to add: it is NOT Alamogul!!!! Huh !?! California Alamogul is listed as 115244. Materus is listed as 64616. Worldwide Alamogul is listed as 115244. Bobcam is listed as 100949. Seems Alamogul is still top dog. What list are you looking at?
  15. And that's still not right. While the art is about 60 miles north to south, and 60 miles east to west, it's actually laid out in a diamond shape. The diagonal sides are only about 45 miles, which nets a coverage area of only 2,025 square miles. Most of the caches are mystery and the finals are all over the place. I had the whole thing solved at one time. If folks want to discuss it some more I could see if can find an archived database.
  16. Please explain how this is works--how it is even possible. Top point on star (#0001) to bottom point on star (#0141) is aprox 59.5 miles. Left point on star (#0491) to right point on star (#0351) is aprox. 60.9 miles. So if we assume a square 60 miles on a side we come up with 3,600 square miles. I think the quoted statement is somewhat incorrect. I no longer have the art work loaded in GSAK so I can't give the exact solved coordinates, but the solved coordinate were not way far off the artwork. I suppose I could dig up an archive for the database if it is important.
  17. Most of the questions have been answered, but a few points to tie up loose ends. Food and drinks should be in the car - this is a "business" trip and even getting a sandwich at 7-11 is a big waste of time. I've never heard of someone running or biking on the trail. It's about numbers, not exercise, right?! Your question 3 was not answered. I wonder also whether that activity is done indoors or out. If numbers rule, use the great outdoors, like our ancestors did! In regards to question 3, your 40 miles from the nearest form of civilization, there is lots of sage brush around. Where do you think all those cows go when they have to go?
  18. So what changes to the guidelines would eliminate them, without causing the volunteer reviewers undue headaches? 1) You MUST maintain your own caches. Stating or implying on the cache page that others may assist you in that will not be tolerated. 2) Stating on your cache page that Three Cache Monte is acceptable will not be tolerated. 3) Throwdowns are not allowed, even if the cache page says they are. Your log can be deleted for that. 4) Reinstate the wording "Just because you can hide a cache every 528 feet does not mean that you should." That would be a good start, at least. I used the word "reinstate" only on #4, but really, it could be used just as well on the first three, too. Those things never used to be considered acceptable, but permissiveness prevailed, and we are now seeing the results. 1. not a problem. If I find a cache with a wet log instead of replacing the log I'll file an NA. 2. How are you ever going to know? How are you going to enforce it? Log deletion will probably not be tolerated by the frog. 3. Film cans are easily available. How are going to know that the film can there is yours or someone else's? And if there were never any DNF's how do you know who did the throwdown? 4. Okay, I'll do it every 700 feet.
  19. Seems to me that the CO art was pretty much away from populated areas. Or were you referring to the vast stretches of BLM land in Nevada and Idaho? I was looking at the satellite image of the cache location and it looks like it's located is in an agriculture area. 160 log visits in a year and a half is quite a few strangers in a community with a population of 3,524. Seems pretty remote but apparently from the logs it's upsetting some locals who don’t care for geocaching. Who knows, maybe someone geocaching did something to upset a local. I think it’s smart decision to archive the cache before someone got hurt. The thing is you need to quantify what a populated area is. Is it vast wheat fields with a house every couple miles? Or is it a area where nothing can be seen for miles and miles? Someone in this thread said the area covered by the art was 4,000 square miles. 3,500 folks in this area is pretty sparsely populated. Even if it was just 20 square miles that is still pretty sparse populations. Probably what upset the locals was they were convinced these folks in the shiny cars were out there to steal their tractors, shoot their cows or steal thier diesel. Yeah with the local being upset archive is probably the best route.
  20. Seems to me that the CO art was pretty much away from populated areas. Or were you referring to the vast stretches of BLM land in Nevada and Idaho?
  21. 800 a day is doable. Some are done with flashlight.
  22. Thank you for including home location. Now if you can include home location in popular searches you will be doing great.
  23. The problem is just not the geo-art and power trails, it is caches period. Many single caches had to be archived because of irate neighbors. The only sure fire way to prevent these problems is to put a moratorium on all cache placements.
  24. I guess you didn't bother reading my post two posts above. I even give you the link.
  25. Actually 5,000 geocaches. From the Garmin support site - eTrex 20/30 2,000 GPX files 2,000 waypoints 5,000 geocaches 200 routes, 250 points per route 200 saved tracks 2,000 archive tracks 10,000 points per track 100 custom map tiles 250 BirdsEye Imagery files Approximately 3,000 mapping segments I would not expect the 30x to be less
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