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  1. Aaargh! We who live by the Coral Sea should be having one of each metal. thanks
  2. Two coins have made it to me in Australia. Very nice job. They look great! cheers TFN
  3. I dont think that the Australian caching community would get a commemorative coin minted - that's just not how it works here. My suggestion is for everyone who enjoyed Steve Irwin's life and times - take inspiration from his actions and do a little bit for nature and conservation in your local area. Take your kids to your local zoo, identify a local animal habitat in your area and work out what lives there, practice CITO, build animal habitats in your yard etc etc. Your actions to help nature fight back against human habitation would be a much better memorial. My AUD$0.02
  4. I would go the option of having the writing in green - in my book the Aussie colours are green on a gold background and that combination should not be tampered with. (go Wallabies! ) I like this - will the fern be white or silver - silver would be good? Jacinta
  5. Perhaps your coin could be adopted as the common currency when sense finally reigns and NZ becomes just another one of our states! BTW the excellent form of the All Blacks have cost me 3 lunches so far this year!
  6. 1125.6 miles for #200 Looks like I have some travelling to do.
  7. I am interested in three (3) please - postage to Australia. yes, the price makes these attractive - thank you.
  8. Hi, there are many TB's here doing tours of the Land of OZ on behalf of their owners. If you are looking for someone to release your bug(s) here please feel free to PM me. I am not sure of the statistics but yes from time to time TB's do go missing - perhaps you could be specific in your mission for your TB to keep it away from caches that are visited by tourists or caches that are easier to access and allow the locals to move it along via caches that have a bit more of a local flavour. Plenty of Australian towns have iconic landmarks that the average visitor does not normally see. Maybe this way your TB can visit some of the "real Australia" and then, if the opportunity arises sometime in the future, you can retrace its steps to experience our Land as we experience it rather than the whistle stop tour of the tired and jaded tourist. The Aussie caching community is, in my opinion, a great bunch and would be pleased to move your TB along as per the mission specified.
  9. There are a few Aussies who are already working towards combining our geocoin acquisition efforts to get coins to us. A gold Compass Rose was an item that was identified as an item that would attract a few of us. There is a bit of a discussion to this effect on the Aussie site - you may have seen it already as I know that you are active on that site.
  10. I was very pleasantly surprised at the prices and the cost of freight. Even with exchange differences in favour of the USD my purchase has been very affordable. Cheers from Sunny Queensland. (where its not so sunny today but ya get that!)
  11. Its Thursday night here already! Been waiting all day!
  12. So North America + Europe + UK = The World Hmmm appears so.... C'mon people we would enjoy sharing in this issue too!
  13. I really like this design. You make a very effective statement. Good luck with the rest of the project - I am not able to provide any insight into what steps you need to undertake next but I do hope that the final product looks as good as the design and can be purchased.
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