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  1. New Zealand is a nuclear weapons-free zone and this status is not symbolic but enshrined in the nation's legislation. New Zealand was the first Western-allied nation to legislate towards a nuclear weapons-free zone. New Zealand seems to have quite a proud history of telling larger nations (including Australia from time to time) to get stuffed.
  2. New Zealand's national day is Waitangi Day on 6 Feb each year. It celebrates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1870.
  3. Ta for that (oh I can see the code now and I get it) Yes, the guy on the far right is warming himself up to rip some poor unsuspecting Welshman's head off!! Hey by the way Mark...what happened last night? I don't suppose that it will be a fact that counts for the competition to point out that as a result of the losses last night, for the first time in Super Rugby history there will be NO Kiwi team in the final? but lets not mention the Tah's shall we?
  4. Famous people from New Zealand include... Sir Edmund Hillary, first person to ascend Mt Everest.
  5. Here is one from left field My earliest forefather to come to Australia was a fellow called John Grono. John Grono arrived in Australia with his family in 1799 (or thereabouts) and established a fleet of ships hunting seals. John Grono and his sealers were the first white people to sight Milford Sound.
  6. The most wonderful and stirring sight in the entire world of sport is the All Blacks Haka I am a rabid Rugby supporter and loyal Wallabies fan but I love the emotion and pride of the Haka. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:ABHakaWales.jpg I also don't know how to insert an image
  7. I had a top day yesterday! 4 x Satin gold compass rose 5 x Oshndoc personals 1 x Isle of Man AND I bought a shirt for my teenage son and he deemed it to be "pretty cool"!!
  8. hear hear. I already have Dorkfish coins in my collection and am very pleased to hear that you are minting more to share the fun with others. That's what its all about indeed.
  9. Oh how clever are these coins? Please add me to the already very very long list of people interested in a set of these coins. Look after yourself - I have just recovered from what sounds similar to your current illness - if your head feels like exploding every time you move then you have my sympathy indeed.
  10. This is a fun coin - keep on going with the evolution of your design. I will watch this project with interest.
  11. sorry to be late, email sent, hope its not too late to get on board.
  12. Hi I would be interested in ordering some of these coins but your site does not seem to cater for orders from Australia. Would you please contact me to advise of cost and freight of 3 coins to Australia? I am a great fan of Cari Buziac's work.
  13. I have just been to your web site to activate one of my coins - I took the time to have a nosy about at your other 'stuff" - what a great site!! Shame that I can't count someone from Cornwall as part of my ancestry. Jacinta
  14. Ha ha! We have two significant trips coming up in the next 6 weeks. I have a fist full of coins that will qualify for this contest ready to go! Yes its a shame that we send the Crowsfeat30 coins out on their travels already! ah, I have a cunning plan that cannot fail......
  15. Received my coins in Australia thanks, great job, a very nice coin.
  16. This is not a coin that I would purchase or have in my collection - its connection with caching is tenuous at best. I am not taken with the design at all. I feel that you are producing a coin for the sake of the exercise rather than producing a coin to enhance our collections, knowledge or experiences. I do hope that you are willing to take negative feedback as well as positive feedback.
  17. Except those of us who live in the Far Northern areas of Australia - we only have two seasons - (hot and ) wet and (hot and) dry. Neither of these seasons are called "fall" either.
  18. Oh dear, your slabs only have 12 beers? That's just not right! You poor deprived people!
  19. Still right there with you. Still waiting in Australia too. Sigh.
  20. Ha ha. Best you chaps send some more good vibes to your Team!!! edit: This colonial can't spell!
  21. Hi MadBison we tend to have less of a problem with coins going missing in Australia. I was very hesitant to put coins out to start with but so far (touch wood) all is well. We put a note with each of our coins and sometimes drill holes in the coins to devalue them from a collectors point of view. Generally we also specify that the coin is to remain in Australia - a lot of Aussies do that to prevent well meaning visitors from uplifting them to less friendly locations. Give letting one of them go a shot and see what happens - perhaps one of your cheaper ones.
  22. Ha ha!!! I know the hill and since we have been avoiding it since we started geocaching then perhaps I will insist that you climb it again. Ha ha! Seriously...no, give yourself a smiley on the strengh of what you have already done. The Pyramid is not a climb I would demand people do more than once. J
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