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  1. yep, we write the date differently to you guys over there.
  2. tsun watcha want for that cowboy on your avatar? tfn
  3. Price Original or personalised concept Design Ease of purchase for international customer - no freight rip offs. After price, my main determinant is the originality of the concept - there are a few concepts that have been flogged to death IMO and I am unlikely to buy any of those. I really like a personalised coin where the design contains elements of the design that says something about the coin originator. A personal logo, something about where you are from, your home state etc. There are a lot of coins that are produced that do not appeal to me as an international customer - now of course I do realise that the bulk of coins that are sold are sold to collectors/consumers that are in Nth America so it makes sense to cater for that market. However there are a lot of coins on my "meh" list because they are too "US/Canada centric". Finally - I will not buy any coins out of Europe - sorry people if you live there - the exchange rate just kills me.
  4. Coin BUDGET? I really need to get one of these....*sigh* FX. Where can we get these geocoin budgets? Oh yes geocoin budgets. What metal finishes are these coming out in. Count me in for 3 in each finish!!
  5. Cool, now I know how these double posts happen.
  6. This might be good.....or vegemite. To quote the girls from Brenda's Girl Scout troop, when we sampled vegemite during a meeting....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Oh Vegemite is great! Full of Vitamin B. Robert combines it with cheese (plastic cheese slices, not nice cheese) on sandwiches. Yummo. Shame I have picked my flavour and it wont be vegemite.
  7. Sent an invite. The flavor of "ADingoStoleMyBaby" is still available. Ha ha, too 80's for mine. Hmmm, what colour combination would that name suit however?
  8. Oh what the heck...this looks like a lot of fun. May I join if there is room? Will have to think of something Australian to call my flavour.
  9. Gentlemen happy to report safe arrival in Australia. cheers and thanks for the fine coins and key rings. TFN
  10. That is a good idea and it makes a lot of sense. Here is another version of the coin back art using NY instead of my home coordinates. That looks great, the elimination of the coordinates made it look better. Yes that is an improvement IMO. It adds to the personality of the coin.
  11. I agree with Damenace on the co-ords thing. Maybe if you replaced it with a more obvious reference to where you are from (NY I recall). That way people who admire your coin would know immediately where the coin originated from. That would be more meaningful for me as a non-US cacher.
  12. Dont be sorry - I was comparing your results with the charges that Bunya posted and things didn't seem to add up if he is being charged $1.95 for a small envelope (one coin presumably). I think I will trundle down to my own post office and see if QLD can add another twist to the tale thanks CP TFN
  13. Hang on...have I missed something.... are you being charged AUD$0.95 or AUD$1.95 for posting your bubble mailers? If I am following this right then the costs should be AUD$2.30 (packaged and mailed). I hate it when numbers dont make sense??
  14. Thanks OshnDoc for nominating us. Glennk721 we would love to participate - after all Queensland is the Sunshine State!! cheers J&R
  15. We have done this a few times and the recipients have enjoyed finding and taking ownership of a shiney new coin.
  16. Oh, I see an arbitrage opportunity here!! Sorry can't help myself - finance industry tragic.
  17. If you need help, let's try this. I'm in Oz. The Wizard of Oz was in Kansas (sort of). But Kansas is taken. Arkansas isn't - so combining A from Australia and Oz we could substitute for Arkansas. . . . .OK I'll go quietly. Actually that makes perfect sense to me!
  18. The New Zealand National Mens basketball team is known as the "Tall Blacks". that cracks me up everytime I hear it, its great!
  19. Per Sky Evening New (New Zealand version) last night there will be no tax cuts in this years budget. Maybe next year. Hey, isn't there an election next year??
  20. The funniest TV show to come out of NZ is Police Ten 7. We see it on Fox and its one of those shows where the camera gets to ride along with the police. Its compulsory viewing at our place.
  21. Oh that is good! Actually its over 21 million reasons now. There you go, something I have learned, I didn't know that there was a movement to change flag over there. There is also a movement to change flag over here too!
  22. Oh please don't feel dated! My dad is not that old! Nor am I and thats the story I am sticking to! Our whole family took an interest in these because there were many parallels between how Wal Footrot ran his farm and how my Dad ran ours! Dad used the books as technical references!! The farm has been sold now and Mum and Dad are moving into town in a few weeks (60km away) - I bet the books are still part of his reference library! Off topic...so a fact to bring us back into line... If there are any young men about who are having trouble finding a wife/girlfriend they might like to consider moving to New Zealand! Demographically speaking there is a statisically significant over supply of young women (compared to young men) in New Zealand. Apparently migration patterns of young people is a major cause of the problem. Young men leave home to "seek their fortune" and many of them either never go home or return home with a foreign wife. Young women leave home to "seek their fortune" too but many more come home to settle without an attached foreign spouse. Hence the imbalance between the genders. (Australia also has this problem but its more pronounced in NZ)
  23. My dad has the complete collection of Footrot Flats books. He refers to them as his farming manuals!
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