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  1. CB FRS/GMRS and more *evil laugh*


    First of all don't buy FRS only GMRS and get a license. Range increases dramatically especially with Motorola and Icom. Remember there are also local FRS/GMRS repeaters in some areas, we have several here including a couple run by the ham radio clubs.


    Don't sell CB short it has it's uses especially if you are restricted to a tech license in ham. CBs can reach a long way with it's 11 meter signal in areas that are open and not subject to emi. I get 30-50 miles out of the one in my truck from the middle of the desert.


    BTW I have it all in the truck. CB, GMRS, HF/VHF/UHF, etc up to 1.2 gigs. Everything works well in an area where cells fall out of the network.


    Best gand out here here is 6m (50mhz) for mountain and canyon coverage.


    Reference the area with Google Earth Joshua Tree, CA, Kelso, CA, Baker CA and Pahrump, NV for examples of the geography here.

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