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  1. Got it! It was not a Vigenere Cipher or a Rail and Fence. It as a monoalphabetic. I studied it some more and found some patterns and was able to figure out the key. Feels really cool to have solved it and not had to plug it into a tool. I plan to hit it his evening. Only two more in this series to tackle.


    The clue was more a reference to the cache name and a sort of taunt than an actual clue.




  2. I have a problem just figuring out what type of cipher it is, if not pointed in the right direction by a clue of somekind. For instance, I have one that looks like ALALHGLFHLHEUxJHLAJDEFULxOOIELGEFIUUNxBN. I made up the letters used here but there are various lengths of text seperated by lower case x's as shown here. I've tried in a Ceasars cipher solver and a rail and fence, but nothing seems to work. The hint refers to the word "revenge", but I've come up empty searching for "revenge, cipher" on google, so I guess it's not a type of cipher. Neither does the cipher seem to contain a pattern of letters that would match "revenge", assuming a one to one substitution. Does the use of the x's or anything else give anyone a clue?

  3. I placed my first cache, Dudley's "Only a Lad" Cache at the end of May. Below is my favorite log to date. I know DE through his great hides in the area and through our mutual membership in MAGC. His kind words meant a lot. He just asked me again recently if I was planning on placing any more in the area.


    June 5 by DragonsEar (1025 found)

    WOW! If this is your first hide, can't wait to see what you come up with next! I absolutely LOVE walking along the rivers in this part of the state, and this cache gave me a chance to see the west bank of the Middle Pax River, one I have see so many times from the other side; searching for caches in in Savage Park. Walked by the remains of the old dam that was there to service the mill, and generally just had a great time on a beautiful, cool, June evening after work. Chose this cache to turn loose one of the GeoWoodstock V coins I got down in Raleigh last month. It's a cool icon, grab it while it's there! MANY thanks for the hide! Caches like this one are why I keep on chasing waypoints!

  4. so if we allow positive things to be said, we should allow negative things, as well?


    That would be the freedom of speech part. So far you are the only one to even question/address it. Do you think that caches with the names I suggested would be allowed? I think they should be allowed, but I doubt they would be because of the religous theme. Therefore why should one be allowed that is identifiable as offesive to a certain group. Nevermind, I just figured it out - because every cache will be offensive to some group, thats why!


    I'm sure Groundspeak would welcome the attention they might get for a cache name that was disrespectful of Muhammad. That cache owner would probably be accused of being a hate monger, not simply expressing his free speech


    You have no argument from me on that.


    As I previously stated, in a 'family friendly' environment, I question the name of the cache and I wonder how it was allowed, unless there is a different local meaning. Someone has stated that you can't enter dadgum in the forums. Why then in the cache pages?




    Please note the site changed my word to dadgum, so what gives?


    1. I'm all for freedom of speech, but believe that private groups have a right and often an obligation to control things like this when it can be viewed as being endorsed by the organization.


    2. Yes, I'd also think that since the name is not very 'family friendly', is part of the reason I think it shouldn't have been used. That is not unrelated to the religious reasons why folks would take offense, though.


    3. While people can get overly sensitive and everything can be offensive to someone, I think we can use some generally accepted norms to avoid predictably offensive terms. If I said "F*** Y**" to some one in the forums, I'd probably get banned or severly reprimanded pretty quickly. Why? Because it is generally agreed to be an offensive statement.


    Dave / DudleyGrunt

  5. Explain to me the different between G** D*** and just D*** because if you look it up online it comes back as the same thing.


    Uhh, me? I don't see much difference. In the second example, God is understood like the "you" when someone says, "Come here," or "Have a nice day."

  6. I'm a little slow and see that mouskakat has already posted, but I did have a couple of other points, so here goes....


    Vinny, I think that she started this off asking if others found it offensive. I don't think I'd qualify it as whining. She has logged her feelings with the reviewer (she has right to do that, correct?) and wanted to get input from others. The feeling of some it seems that she should shut her mouth and keep her opinions to herself AND that she should start respecting others' freedom of speech.


    I think what is "offensive" about the phrase in question is not the literal meaning, but the fact that it is one of many, many ways people use God's name in vain (non-reverantly).


    skisidedown, so if we allow positive things to be said, we should allow negative things, as well? Or is there no positive and negative. I'm sure Groundspeak would welcome the attention they might get for a cache name that was disrespectful of Muhammad. That cache owner would probably be accused of being a hate monger, not simply expressing his free speech.


    Dave / DudleyGrunt

  7. 1. Yes, I find it offensive. Personally, I'd probably log my feelings with the reviewer and then mark it as ignored.


    2. The idea of (Constitutionally protected) free speech is that, theorhetically and in most cases, the government can not pass a law that would limit your speech. That is not to say that there can't and shouldn't be certain limits to what private organizations may find acceptable. Groundspeak has moderators, such as briansnat and gpsfun, here in large part to limit or direct what is said in the forums. Part of their job is to squash offensive talk. No?


    3. CoyoteWhips, though I'm not familiar with the specific tire tread issue, so far I don't see anyone rioting or threatening to kill anyone over this, so I think your statement is a bit off.


    Dave / DudleyGrunt

  8. You can simply move the bugs out to an unknown location. Access the bug page and under Trackable Item Options there is a pulldown menu that reads Recalculate Distance. Under there is the option to mark as Missing.


    The bugs can still be Discovered and they won't have any false mileage added by being placed into a cache.


    That does not seem to remove them from your inventory. I just tried it with one of my coins

  9. First heard of Geocaching in late 2001 or early 2002 from "mcmasterc". He was running the program office I was working at and mentioned it from time to time. My impression was that it must be expensive to purchace this sattelite equipement and awkward to lug it around the woods and such. I didn't really get it. It next came to my attention in the spring of 2006 when my uncle, "rookie49", found an article about it in a local paper and decided to check it out. He loves gadgets of all kinds, so it probably didn't take much for him to go out and by and GPSr. He told me about some of his first ones and one he hadn't done yet called, Pre-Columbian Relic that just sounded really cool. Although it wasn't my first, it is probably the single cache that most got me interested in this. Soon, I'm likely to have about twice the finds of "rookie49".

  10. Also, my understanding is that a cache owner needs to log in at least once a month to show that he/she is still active. If this owner has not even been on the site, in addition to not taking action on this particular site, I'm suret the once you submit the SBA note, it won't take long for the spot to become available.

  11. Some of my favorite caches that happen to be micros...


    Riverside Ruins II - Finding it isn't the problem. Getting to it is a real physical challenge. Baby Goat Cache and fig3784 are by the same cacher as RRII and were clever hides and a challenge to find. Not LPC's, that is for sure.


    I'm not a micro-hater, but won't generally go out of my way to do them unless they seem to be special in some way. Either like the ones above or part of a series of caches, such as The Solar System Tour: The Sun or MD Cluedo 10 of 10 or promise to be in a special location like This Old House or Freedmen's Resting Place. I'll also be more likely look for one if I either know the owner or have some connection. The same day my first cache was published, another cacher had her first one published and she was FTF on my cache. I couldn't try until after work, but thought it would be hoot if I could be FTF on hers.


    I was recently trying to extend my consecutive days with a find streak to 9 and only had time for one cache. I chose not to run down the road to where I knew there was a recently published LPC, but to return to try to find an offset cache that I'd recently found was missing, but that the owner had since relocated. I knew it would be much more of a challenge, but I wanted the streak to mean something. I didn't find the cache, but was still glad I hadn't simply gone for the easy LPC.


    Not all micros are equal and not all are LPC's.

  12. I log a personal milage tracking TB through caches and have occassionally forgotten to pull it back out. However, if folks were to look at the bug's page before rushing out to grab it, hopefully they'd realize that it wasn't actually left behind and wouldn't fit in any cache I've ever seen. If I've ever caused any strife by forgetting to pull it back out, I appologize. BUT would have to question the sensibility of whoever was expecting to go grab it. Look here to see what I mean.



  13. I would like used, dirty golf balls and Corian sample tiles to be added to the list of items that cannot be placed in caches. :anibad:


    I checked on two of my ammo cans this week and those items were in both of them . . . there was no decent swag left . . . :P


    My son would be greatly disappointed. For some reason, he loves to find golf balls. Don't ask me. He's 10, though, and he gets a kick out of them.



  14. Hello out there. Lately I've been finding Bic lighters in caches. I take them out as I don't feel they are appropriate. But reading the 'rules' there really is no mention of them. But with all the kids caching I just feel it's a bad idea. Any opinions?


    I recently found a cache with marijuana stems, rolling paper, cigarettes, a lighter, and a condom in it. They'd been left by muggles (druggles?) who'd stumbled upon the cache while out partying in the woods.


    Of course, I removed it all and put some extra swag in it. I did not leave a geocoin I was going to drop, though. Didn't want to chance them finding it if they returned.



  15. I'll start...


    I did a 7-7, 7-7-7, 77


    At 7.07 pm on 07/07/07 I found my 77th cache.


    and proud of it !!!


    OK, I did have to sit around dodging a couple of muggles for about 20 minutes, but signed log at quoted time.

    Thanks for listening. ;)


    7 PM ?!!?!!? :)


    I made it to FlyinV's 07-07-07 @ 07:07:07 (AM) event 123 miles from home! I also did 7 caches in 4 states that day. The 7 caches was no record, but I figured I should stop there considering the date.


    My most difficult cache to date has been Riverside Ruins 2. It was more a matter of working up the courage to get into position to make the grab, than finding the cache. Read log for full story.


    Another recent milestone was my first river crossing for 2,228.7:1.


    I'm working on setting my longest consecutive days streak right now, but don't want to say anything and risk jinxing it. DOH!! Ah well, at least I didn't tell you what my current streak or goal is.



  16. 278 within 10 miles (found 101, hid 1)


    I just recently started thinking of "clearing out" circles around home. Currently, I've found all 12 active caches within 2 miles and all but 27 of the 95 within 5 miles of home. Within the 5 miles radius, I don't see any obvious "don't bother" caches. My standards may differ from others since I have a 10 year old to keep in mind, but I think we have a really strong caching community in the MGS here.


    I don't work exclusively / obsessively on these expanding radii, but it is one of my goals. I also want to find caches in the 5 remaining Marlyand counties I haven't done yet. And I want to complete the Howard Co. and Anne Arundel Co. ADC challenges. I just added NJ, DE, and PA to my states cached this weekend and need to get WV to complete Maryland's border states. I know NJ isn't one, but it was a bonus.


    Personally, I don't think we have too many junk caches in my immediate area. Or, at least, we have enough quality ones to drown them out. We have some good parks in the region, including Patapsico Valley SP, which is huge. So we've got plenty of quality locations.



  17. I dropped my phone at a cache, but was able to retreive it the next morning. Came back with a borrowed phone prepared to have to call it (hoping the battery was good), but it was laying right in the middle of the path. I was lucky that even though the cache is just in a small wooded area behind a shopping center that has a trail running from the sidewalk through the woods to the parking lot, no one had stumbled upon it and decided to keep it. And that it hadn't rained that night.


    I'm not even sure if I lost them on trail or not, but I had a Garmin cap and collapsable gopher that has dissappeard somewhere. I could understand if I set the gopher down at a cache site, but I don't think I would have taken my hat off and just left it laying around. Odd.



  18. i'm a fairly decent speller. i'm also good with grammar (did you ever end up in a relationship with someone because you shared a love of grammar?), and i understand how to use reflexive pronouns. i also check my posts and logs for agreement of number and tense.


    i know it's against a number of stylebooks, but i often tell stories in the present tense instead of the past.


    my pet peeve is people who hear common expressions, don't really understand them and therefore don't actually know the words. then they use the expression, using the words they imagine to be correct. and nu-cu-lar? don't get me started.


    i rarely use spellchecker in word processing, but if i'm not certain of a spelling, i use dictionary.com. it is more thorough and current than any dictionary in my house and easier to use, too. it isn't computers that are making us stupider.


    likewise, if i am uncertain of a grammatical construct or an idiom, i look them up.


    and i'm sorry, captain blackbeard. you may be you own spellchecker, but who checks your punctuation?




    My pet peve is people that refuse to use proper capitalization. :unsure:


    Just ribbing you, but if you are going to be so strict on spelling, grammar, agreement on number and tense, and pronunciation why throw out capitalization?




    <Posted before I read entire thread. Shame on me. But if you have a reason for your lack of capitalization, could you be a little less judgemental on others? Especially when it comes to pronunciaton and accents?>

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