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  1. I believe GS needs to alter / remove the agenda clause. It is obvious that some "agendas" don't get as much negative attention as others. As a private organization, they can do what they want, but I think they should opt for a policy more in line with the idea Freedom of Speech and let us members decide what caches we feel are over the line by not doing them. When you try to control speech to keep some people from being offended, you'll never succeed and end up alienating others.

  2. gc4c_130.png


    GeoCachers4Christ was started in May 2007 by PsYko.NS of Halifax, Nova Scotia following yet another discussion in these forums about the appropriateness of leaving religious themed items in caches. Seeing the need for a place for Christian cachers to meet and discuss matters of faith, caching and life in general, he launched the GC4C forums. We have grown to the point where we now have nearly 100 members in half a dozen countries on four continents. Check here for maps and bookmark lists of member caches.


    Our first geocoin has just been minted and should soon be finding their way into the wild. Well, at least some of them.


    Our aim is to provide a forum that encourages and enhances opportunities for fellowship amongst Christian geocachers of all backgrounds. We hope that if you think we sound like something you might be interested you stop by and check out our forums. I think we have some great folks we'd love to have you.


    To get on point and answer the questions, GC4C is the forum I visit first and most often because, I feel a real connection with my fellow members and believe we have a unique fellowship developing. We don't wish to compete with regionally based groups, but encourage our members to become more involved with them and help make them stronger. I know for instance that a majority of our members in my home state of Maryland are very involved with MGS.

  3. I finally ordered my first true signature item.




    I ordered them through wooden-nickel.com. Our Boy Scout Troop ordered nickels from them recently and I've neen happy with them. They even had a special to where I didn't need to pay for artwork on the back. They also had a stock image that was about what I wanted anyway. Even gave the geocaching organizations I belong to plugs on the back.




    My post was not meant to suggest that seekers wouldn't be expecting more risk, but that risky caches exist on the site and it's okay. A 1 star terrain cache is no guarantee that the cache is risk free.


    Permission is a completely different topic, and there are lots and lots of permissions threads. Do a search for "Frisbee" and you'll find several.


    Sure it is. The danger of an LPC is low, but not zero, and the OP suggests that the level of danger should be high enough to make us want to avoid them (at least that's what I took from the post). We can't avoid all risks, and we accept some (such as driving, eating hamburgers, etc) in order to have fun. Many of us don't think LPCs are nearly as dangerous as driving to the parking lot.


    Basically, I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you. Who decides what "better" is? There's always a "better" spot in someone's opinion. Should we all hide caches in ways that suit everyone, or maybe in ways that suit most people? What if it was shown that most non-cachers think this whole thing is a waste of time and we all should do "better" things with our time... would you give up caching for them?


    1) True, terrain is not directly related to risk, but I think there is generally some correlation.


    2) While permission and risk are two different issues, I think that it is relevant to mention that the issue of risk is largely moot if permission has not been obtained.


    3) see 2


    4) Obviously, "better" is in the eye of the beholder and my statement should only be taken as a statement of my opinion.

  5. Mushtang,


    While you are correct that nothing is 100% safe, there are a couple of problems with your argument.


    1) LPC's tend to rated about a 1 terrain, which doesn't reflect the inherent dangers of the location. Most of the examples you cite would be given a higher terrain rating to correspond to their risk factor. In those cases, the seekers probably also understand the risk going in.


    2) I'm willing to bet that 99.99% of LPC's don't have proper permissions, which the property manager would not be likely to grant given the potential problems.


    3) Unless you are going to give up the car, the risks of driving are going to be a part of most caches and other activities you undertake so is not particularly relevent here.


    Basically, those placing caches have many other options when hiding a cache and should look for better spots.



  6. I always log my finds in the order they were found. When I look at my profile all those logged on the same date show up in the reverse order.


    Yeah, that's an annoying "feature" on GC.com. I hope that is fixed in the updated version of the site.


    However, that does not appear to affect the milestone caches for me. As long as I enter them in the correct order, the correct caches have been listed as my milestones.

  7. I don't necessarily think of parking as part of the hunt. But if it is, maybe we need to add a new rating...


    Difficulty: stars2.gif

    Terrain: stars2_5.gif

    Parking: stars5.gif


    Seriously, though, for many caches it is not an issue, but sometimes it is definitely useful to have parking coords. Personally, I'll list them for my caches if there is any doubt OR if I want folks to take a certain route or discourage another.


    For my Only a Lad cache, I posted the following...


    Park near the trailhead for the "Savage Mill Trail" on Foundry Street near the Bollman Bridge. If you look at the location on the the maps, it might appear that you can park along Weathered Stone Way. However, since that street is part of a gated community, it is not an option. And while it may be physically possible to park at the school on Gorman Road, I have no idea what the terrain is like and don't want to recommend parking on school grounds anyway.


    ...along with posting a photo to the gallery with a caption of "Park Here".




    Maybe I'm holding people's hands, but some folks have chosen to cross the river after doing caches on the other side. They can take my advise or not.

  8. Thanks. There is a cache very close to where the trash heaps were and I even remember when I first found it, I thought it might have been tucked back into one of the HVAC ducts. It wasn't. Actually, two of the scouts stumbled on it as we were doing the clean up.


    Unfortunately there was a washing machine at there and a refridgerator elsewhere in the park that we were not able to remove. Maybe in the spring with some planning and enough help. That's probably where my setting it up as an official CITO event would come in.


    (PS - Notice you're from Seattle. Your not a Seahawks fan are you?)

  9. My son's Boy Scout Troop did a "CITO" event this past Saturday that I had suggested listing, but our lead said there wouldn't really be all that much trash. Well, I found out differently when we showed up. It's true there was not really a lot of random litter, but we did clean up two BIG piles of refuse and had to leave some other items for a future visit. Maybe next time I'll list it.


    It was the brainstorm of one of our ASM's that is a casual cacher and coordinated with the park volunteer who is also a cacher. Add my son and four out of the nine folks that showed up were cachers.


    Here's some of the "not much" trash we cleaned up:





    About half of it consisted of 6 foot sections of HVAC duct work. The rest of misc junk, largely going back to the days that this part of the park was a farm. Other than that, we collected about 2 large bags of litter of the section we patrolled.


    After the cleanup, we visited four caches. The guys enjoyed the hunt and even the clean up. When we come back in the spring, I'll make sure to get them to the rest.



  10. I understand that it's a sticky situation. I've found caches that I didn't feel comfortable going after including those with No Trespassing signs. I recently tried a new micro on the way to work that seems to be hidden on a dumpter (the clue indicates it is "another trashy nano") with the following signs posted on it.





    I posted the following log with the two photos:


    Stopped by for an expected quick find on my way to work this morning. Arrived on the scene and located GZ. Looked at clue for a confirmation. Not my favorite type of cache, but took a quick look in a couple of spots, but signage and chance of being nabbed at any moment from someone exiting the nearby door, led me to cut it short.


    No one else has even hinted at having a problem with the location, but hopefully anyone who is going to drive a great distance to try this cache would look it over and see my log or at least the pics in the gallery.



  11. I'd appreciate it. The information is already out there, but this would be more useful at times. I'd especially use it in regards to my son.


    I'd also like to see the ability to search for caches found by cacher1 AND cacher2. I other words, a list of cache they have both found.

  12. But mine wouldn't fit any of these.


    It won't fit in a cahce.

    It can be and has been discovered "in the wild" (well, Colonial Williamsburg). These are my favorite kinds of discoveries and can't wait to get more.

    It's not alive - last time I checked.

    I definitely don't intend for it to change hands.

    Can I at least sign it using a key?

    NO! Besides, you don't sign travel bugs (in general).

  13. Actually, it sounds like the annual Cache Across Maryland on steroids. With CAM, at least you have about 6 weeks to find 10 newly placed caches that are hidden from one end of the state to another. The event is still about socializing, but to be able to get the coordinates, you need to find all ten caches. Anyone can attend, but to log it you need to have found all ten.


    If you want to have more than a handful of folks at the event, you might want to allow a week to find each a cache or make more akin to CAM.


    One neat thing about CAM is that if you are having problems finding the cache, you can probably just hang out and wait for the next cacher or group of cachers to come by. Especially if you are doing it on a weekend when the traffic is heavier.


    Could be fun, though. I'd definitely plan it for the warm weather time frame. Primarily to allow more hours of daylight for finding the caches.


    Now I'm thinking about CAM and can't wait until it starts up in March! Thanks.



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