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  1. <whacks self in forehead> Nevermind. The memory banks just returned the fact that the store I used to patronize there was Geppi's, so of course that Steve would be Steve G. I did use to manage the Harbor Place Geppi's, though. From '95-'96. When did you frequent the store? Overall I worked for Geppi's from '93-96. First Catonsville, then Crystal City, and finally HP.
  2. I think that many young kids would get a kick out of them, even if they do not actively collect them. I've left some non-sports cards that I used to collect in some caches. I figure that some one will appreciate them. If they are not protected, they'll likely get damp and ruined in many caches. As a former collector, I'm sure you're familiar with the number styles of sleeves offered for them. If you're going to leave a few in each cache, even ziplock baggies might be a good idea.
  3. Amen to than. My son's 10 and we cache together often. Although we do scouting together, with GC it's generally just us hanging out together.
  4. I've only got 2 FTF's so far. Both were micros, but one contained a FTF prize of coordinates for a "private" cache. To get the coords, you need to be FTF on one of this guy's caches or find one of few of his special travel bugs. Found a cache yesterday that was a half gallon jug. I wasn't FTF (was 4th), but it was the day the cache was published. Contents were a police figure (like army men), poker chip, plastic bug, and some other litte something. The only things that were missing from the original contents from the cache page were a rubber snake and a TB. I'm not complaining for myself, but did think this was a very skimpy contents for a nice size cache on it's first day. I left about 5 items for the next cachers. If I'd actually been FTF, I'd probably been a little disappointed. Happy Trails...
  5. So far, I've managed to get all I need from work. I work with computers and all kinds of stuff comes in ziplock bags. Normally, I would have just thrown them away. I've even gotten a variety of sizes. Doesn't help you much, but though I'd added by two cents.
  6. Like Jhwk, I use a special travel bug (CRV) to track my milage. Since I started, May 06, I have logged 2846 miles. So far, the CRV TB has taken me to each cache (or as close as it could get). I haven't decided what to do if I fly somewhere or take another vehicle. I'll have to decide if the milage tracked should be mine or the CRV's. So far it's both.
  7. I only occasionally take anything, but usually leave something. A scout leaves a place better than he found it, after all. My son (JuniorNimrod, 10) usually wants to take something - golfballs are his favorite item. Of course, he'll also leave something out of our GC backpack.
  8. Some cachers choose their GC names, others have their names thrust upon them. "DudleyGrunt" goes back 20+ years now. A good friend, empolyer, and comic shop proprietor Steve C. gave me and a number of my friends both individual nicknames and a collective nickname, The Nimrods. I don't know where he got them, but they've stuck. We've all continued to use them so some extent, especially for e-mail and other online aliases. Steve is no longer with us, but he was a true "good guy". If you are ever in Laurel, Maryland; check out Comic Classics (39°06'19.57" N 76°50'47.49" W). His wife still runs the store which they opened together in 1982.
  9. The only time I've logged a second find for the same cache was for one (GCY7J7) that had been relocated and coords updated since my first find. Happy Trails....
  10. My best is 8 days. My longest drought is 30 days. That was from July 15 to August 15 in some serious heat.
  11. Possible that they logged the wrong cache. I know my son recently attempted to log a cache we'd just done and for some reason he did a search for it by name and not waypoint and ended up loggin a cache in NY. I noticed it and he then fixed it. Of course, he's only 10. Their account seems very strange, though. Member since Jan. 7, 07, but they have 131 cahces all NLT April '05. Don't know what's up in their case, but just wanted to say that it's possible for people who aren't being very careful to inadvertanetly log the wrong cache if the name or waypoint is similar.
  12. I didn't know you could change a post from "not found" to "found". Anyone have any thoughts on this approach? I'm sending it again to the folks who have caches placed. Driver Carries Cache (madmike) I log a DNF for any cache that I look for and can't find. I find them very useful when deciding whether or not to go for a particular cache. My intent is to always get back sometime and actually find it. Once I do, I log the Find and edit my original log to a Note. This allows me to go to my account details and view my DNF's as a list of caches I need to return to. I don't change the content of the original DNF log, I just change it to a Note. Anyone else do this?
  13. My cache retrieval vehicle is also my personal milage tracking tb - "Cache Retrieval Vehicle (CRV)" TB14VVW (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=657384).
  14. I was LTF (along with son, JuniorNimrod) at the GPS Check virtual (GC365D) before owner archived it due to many comments of suspicious (drug?) activity in the area. DragonsEar found / logged it after it was archived not realizing it had been. I was the last to log Eagle's Enigma (GCD7DC) before it was archived, though I only found the remnants (base) of the intended object of this virtual cache. THE DAM TROLLS seem to have been the last to find before the home owner moved and took the item with them. Would love to find out if and where it may have been moved to. Along with JuniorNimrod, I was also the LTF American Pride (GCPH8E) before it was apparently destroyed by muggles. I know that we hid it at least as well as it had been place when we found it, which I thought was well, but did doubt myself when I read cgcaxel's log that it had been destroyed. Falcon Loader then disabled the cache. There is an odd log nearly 2 weeks later by some one who sounds like they may have found a remnant. I don't know that cacher, but it's an odd log. Other than my most recent finds, that's it. They were all within a month and I was begining to feel like I had a bad touch.
  15. WOW. I don't see any dissent. I agree that the tread should be locked and recorded for posterities sake. I think it was just a casual comment that the other fellow made and wasn't directed specifically toward our logging practices. It just made me curious to ask. I guess the uniformity of answers has put this to bed. Thanks to all. D.
  16. I often cache with my son. We work as a team, but each have seperate ID's. When we find a chache together, we each log it as found. Regardless of who actually stumbled upon it. I've always figured that it was a team effort and that we should each log it. I've never thought anything about it until a fellow cacher commented on the practice. Sometimes, if I find it, I'll back off and just tell him and see if he finds on his own, but usually, the finder is excited and calls it out as soon as it's discovered. Just curious. Does anyone have any opions on this?
  17. Arrgghh. Why do people have to be so politically correct? If some one is going to get offended because they find something in a cache they don't like, they probably ought be participating in a more predictable hobby. I often place pocket crosses in caches and have even (gasp) left a few New Testaments I had laying around the house. I do post them in my logs incase anyone would burst into flame upon finding them. Some people need to loosen up.
  18. I'd agree if it just an occassional thing, I'd just take it and leave something extra next time. Of course, cash is alway an option. Personally, I don't take much for myelf. Often, my son (10) is with me and he will often take 2 and leave 2. If he's not with my, I'll take something for him if it's something I think he'll particularly like. Dice, dirty golfballs, and army men are some of his favorites. Often, I'll just leave an item or two and take nothing. I'm a cub scout leader and to paraphrase a rule of scouting, "A scout always leaves a cache better than he found it."
  19. From reading above, I've been pretty lucky. I think a pack of gum was probably my "worst". Only because I can't imaging chewing it after it's been sitting in a cache for who knows how long. Also since there shouldn't be any food like items left in caches. I've also a log book that wasn't just damp, but actually moldy. Unless something has slipped my mind, that's about as bad as it has gotten.
  20. When I click on an image in a TB gallery, I get returned to the TB's main page. I should be seeing the image's details (with comments and such) like I do in a user's or a cache's gallery. What's up? Or am I missing something?
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