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  1. Is there anyone who has bought this handlebar mount? I've checked out the the interesting Quest FAQ (tnx Robert), and have connected a ear-pice to the audio out and have found that it is working. The handlebar mount seems to be a copy of the charging cradle for the Quest, with a screw and a "pipe mount". I wonder if the connector REALLY is mounted on the real handlebar mount, or just in the picture. And if there is a connector on the mount, what can be found at the other end of the connector/cable? A 3.5mm headphone connector? 3 bare wires (GND, +5V, audio?)? Many questions, I'd like not to order a mount just to see for myself, that's why I'm asking so much. If it hasn't got the connector maybe it's better to order the motorcycle mount instead (but it's a bit more expensive).
  2. The picture seems to have some connector on it. What is it for? Does it really come with that connector? The part numer is 010-10507-00.
  3. I'm just wondering if there is some kind of "audio-out" connector on the Garmin Quest handlebar bike mount? On the picture on Garmin's web page, there seems to be a connector on the mount, and the only reason for that (as I see it) is to get the audio prompts out of the unit. Could someone confirm this?
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