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  1. No one from any of these areas has approached Avroair as a potential host location with the requested informal proposal or 3 local individuals/volunteers. Gotta have the horse before you can pull the cart :)


    Is it possible to list the potential host locations that have submitted their informal proposal or 3 local individuals/volunteers?


    I would like a little more clarification as to who is in the running.


    Any idea of when the location or time frame will go to a vote?

  2. Mega event caches in the US and Canada so far.


    18 Feb 07 Temecula Valley Geocaching Event III - California

    23 Mar 07 2007 MOGA - Missouri

    26 May 07 GeoWoodstock 5 - North Carolina

    20 July 07 MWGB --MEGA - thanks The Moop Along

    03 Aug 07 Rocky Mountain Rendevouz (mega event) - Idaho - thanks tsunrisebey

  3. How is the cache density in Stillwater?


    I'd modify this question to:

    "How is the cache quality in XXXX?"


    This is one of the things to consider IMO.


    Yes this is a VERY valid question. If you look at a map of Minneapolis/St Paul (ie in Google Earth) you will see that there is a very good assortment of caches for everyone. There are urban caches, city park caches, county park caches, state park caches, caches in on and around water, caches in the woods, etc. The bottom line is there is a huge assortment of caches to pick from. We would be willing to put together lists of our favorite good quality caches for anyone asking.

  4. 3 good choices for location so far. Glad to see people are interested in hosting GeocoinFest 2008. I've never been to MN so that one definitely perks me up. I know Chicago and B'ham have loads of caches. How is the cache density in Stillwater?


    Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota is home to King Boreas. The King of Cache Hides (1261 cache hides to date).

    Need I say more? <_<

  5. I am in contact with the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce (http://www.ilovestillwater.com/index.php) to see about the possibility of hosting the event here in the Midwest.


    Stillwater MN is a charming town about 20-30 min east of the Minneapolis/St Paul metro.

    Stillwater is located in the St. Croix valley on the Minnesota Wisconsin border.

    It is really beautiful country. Plus they have wineries and fly balloons there too. lol


    Here is a quick blurb from ilovestillwater.com.


    Explore the beautiful St. Croix Valley from charming Stillwater.

    Unique shops, galleries and fine restaurants dot our historic downtown.

    Lowell Park, along the river, and Pioneer Park, on the bluff, offer dramatic views of the river.

    Visit wineries, take a balloon ride, hit the hiking or biking trails or just relax with a treatment in a spa.

    Come for the day, or spend the weekend in one of our beautiful bed and breakfasts. You'll be glad you did!


    The Minneapolis/St Paul metro area has many of the same features as Chicago, plus it also has the Mall of America! There are wonderful caches throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin also.


    If you are interested in knowing more about Stillwater, MN

    Check out their website. http://www.ilovestillwater.com/index.php

    Or http://www.exploreminnesota.com/attractions/8829.html

    Or http://www.exploreminnesota.com/east_metro...oix_valley.html


    For more information about Minneapolis St Paul

    Click here http://www.exploreminnesota.com/twin_citie...tro_region.html


    I would be willing to help locally if you prefer this area.

    If the discussions were to get serious about this location there is no doubt I could find 2-3 others to help me.

  6. The 2006 CACHE MN coins are now officially SOLD OUT.


    Thanks to all who have supported this geocoin, and a special thanks to Rusty at personalgeocoins for his support.


    I may release another coin soon if there is enough interest.


    Thanks Again.


  7. Sorry for the delay, things have been hectic here last week.


    Well there is no doubt that Jayman11 won the coins. I will e-mail you to get your shipping address and ship them out tomorrow.


    The only problem is to decide which of his I should use.


    I have narrowed it down to #4 or #6.


    I will put those 2 on the MnGCA website for a vote.


    Thanks to everyone who participated!!!!



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