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    It is next to his house. The guy is Steve and did a TV spot on Geocaching in Madison.


    If he sees you, he will come out to great you...or just knock on his door and say Hi.


    When I lived in Madison, I went geocaching with him several times.

  2. I had parked my car along a side road...it was legal, no signs.


    Walked about 20 feet into the woods looking for that cache (GCQ301).


    From the woods, I saw an unmarked car pull along side mine, stop and look at it....and took off.


    Well, when I got out, that car was parked down the street, I got into my car and drove away...he followed. A little later he put on his lights and I pulled over...he yelled to stay in the car. About 10 min later another car came and they asked me what I was doing. I showed them my GPS and Print-Out of all the caches I was going to look for.


    The one cop then said "Remember, If you take something, leave something". And then said "Have Fun" and they both walked away.


    That was it.

  3. No cable modem...AT&T 6mbs DSL...In Richardson (Alma & George Bush). All the other sites run fine.


    The initial Webpage took over a min to load and I could't log in any caches....the page would never finish loading.


    This message board runs fine.


    I checked the GC web page again and it seems to be working fine now...so, maybe something local here.

  4. Maybe there can be a "Geocaching Acres". A special area where you can pack as many caches as possible into that area and no matter where you place the cache ...it would get an automatic approval.


    There would be guardrails with 100's of Magnetic key holders stuck to it, Every tree would look like a Christmas tree with Bison tubes hanging on them, an Ammo box under every log, Fake electrical outlets galore. You could spend the whole day in one area racking up 1000's of finds.


    Look there's a signpost up ahead...the next stop "Geocaching Acres".

  5. ***

    large rats

    feral cats

    drug dealers, aka drug pushers

    the often-addled and fried customers of the above-mentioned drug dealers

    hordes of gay sex cruisers

    female prostitutes, aka hookers

    johns, aka "hobbyists", seeking to hire the above-mentioned hookers

    male hustlers

    puddles of urine

    puddles of other human bodily fluids, including diarrhea, blood and semen

    piles of rat feces and cat feces

    piles of used condoms deep enuf to be able to serve as a cushion for a jump from a twenty foot height from the beams above (I am not kidding!)

    large spiders

    tens of thousands of cave crickets

    lots of mold and other fungus, including really gross green slimy stuff

    thousands of discarded and broken used syringes, some still showing fresh blood on the needle

    hundreds of broken liquor bottles

    more molds and fungus



    A Family Cache...I've been looking for one of these.

  6. Foiled Again...by another Puzzle Cache...I emailed my reviewer.




    I'm looking to place a cache at:





    Before I go thru the work of making a Cache Page, can you tell me if this is an OK spot...far enough away from other caches?






    Unfortunately, there's a Puzzle cache final just XXX feet away from that location.

  7. Please read my post first and see what I said.


    ***As stated in the cache terms, your cache must be within 600 metres of another cache.***


    How do you know if you are close to another cache if you can't see the stages of a Mystery Cache or Multi-Cache? At least with the multi cache you can see an actual physical starting point. The mystery cache showed .2 miles away (1056 Feet) and the actual physical cache could be a mile or so away.


    ***Also, your complaints are not very much appreciated. What you did was your fault, and as you are not being punished for it***


    really? How can it be my fault if you can't see the other cache when you search for it by coordinates?


    Thank you for your contribution.

  8. After going thru locating a place, checking the coordinates and seeing that is was .2 miles from another cache, creating a cache page and placing the cache...then having it denied because it was too close to a Mystery / Puzzle cache...is a real pain in the butt.


    There needs to be a way of warning you when you create the cache page. Like being able to enter in coordinates and getting a "Yes" or "No" back. They say people will triangulate and find the cache...?!?


    I have a couple caches out there already. So, I'm just going to pick this one up and say the heck with it...for now.


    (I have to add that the reviewer was doing their job and polite...No Fault There)

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