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  1. I get notifications of new caches. Before I got one that said it was .4 miles from me....but it was actually several miles away (West). I checked my home coordinates and they are correct. My zip code is also correct....but that location is a couple miles away (South). So...what are the distances based on?
  2. <steep learning curve> The very first Review was by some guy that says he is an Electrical Engineer....So What, that doesn't mean he is an expert at anything...or knows anything beyond a 9 volt battery. I also find it hard to believe that an Electrical engineer...someone who is used to operating/using electronic equipment...had such a hard time. I have the 60CSX and it has all kinds of stuff in it...stuff I never use...but if I did have to learn all that stuff, it would be a steep learning curve for me too...The first few caches I did, I felt like throwing the GPS in the lake...but as time went on, I got used to it. But just like anything else...you read the manual and try things...pretty soon you are an expert with it.
  3. Trying to get to any discussion forum... "Waiting For Forums.Groundspeak.com" or "Transferring Data from Pixel.Quantserve.com Then you wait and wait and wait..... PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\ips_kernel\class_db_mysql.php on line 457 PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\sources\ipsclass.php on line 1111 SQL error: Can't create a new thread (errno 12). If you are not out of available memory, you can consult the manual for a possible OS-dependent bug SQL error code: Date: Thursday 14th of May 2009 04:38:00 PM
  4. <bigger micro SD card - 2Gig should be plenty> I have a 2 gig in mine and can load the Whole USA street maps in it (City Navigator 2009). I also use GeoBuddy to load pocket queries in mine...it is all I need. http://www.easygps.com/geocaching.asp
  5. <We usually just stick an assortment of cholla balls to ourselves instead.> If I look closely, I can see you in there...the dripping blood gave you away.
  6. I get those too.... And Sometimes I get a "Can't Find www.geocaching.com"....then the next time I click...there it is.
  7. <For some reason I can't quite figure out, this has never been a problem for me.> Maybe that is why it is slow to get a connection there from Dallas...my DSL Line is Bucking a Head Wind to Seattle.
  8. I've tried a half dozen times to get in this far... Going to the Geocaching.Com web site then clicking on "Forums"....it sits for about 20 seconds saying "Waiting For Forums.Groundspeak.Com..." then maybe it will switch to the forums....then you start over....Click on Geocaching.com Website and it says...."Waiting For Forums.Groundspeak.Com..." and finally....PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\ips_kernel\class_db_mysql.php on line 457 PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\sources\ipsclass.php on line 1111 It says the site is under maintenance 28, 29....so today is the 30th....Is something wrong?
  9. All right, you sparked my interest! What was it B4? The Drooling Mongoloid...
  10. Well...I had a Worse name that no one liked...and I even had email complaints...So, to be more Politically Correct...I changed to: The Texas Gringo.
  11. I've used mine since updating on April 5....not a problem. Last week I put on the 2009 City Navigator (Whole USA)....and still no problems.
  12. Gringo, your avatar pierces my soul with it's Godless gaze... It scares me. The small Avatar takes away from my Elegance. You can always go to my profile and check out my Homepage to see that I'm actually smiling at you.
  13. I used to get that Bubble Goo in my Ammo Cans. That stuff kids blow bubbles with...the containers would freeze and break the plastic bottle when it got cold...then leak out as it warmed.
  14. <Some minimum distance is needed because without it, somebody *would* place 100 micros in a box with 100 log sheets and list them as 100 caches.> I think there should be a Geocaching Zone...where people can place 1000's of geocaches on a piece of property. Suppose I get a small piece of property...and place on it some trees, bushes, mail box, street lamp, rock fence and a guard rail. People could come and place their caches all over the place...just think...hundreds of magnetic key holders on the guard rail...bison tubes galore on the trees...so many micros under the lamp post skirt, it won't close...etc. Oh yea...and a monster TB Hotel. You could stop at the Geocaching Zone and in a couple hours get a years worth of caches. Just a thought.
  15. Once you upgrade to IE7 or Firefox...install the Garmin Communicator http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/
  16. Yes...use FireFox and make sure you have the Latest Garmin Communicator Plugin Installed. http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/ I have version
  17. There are two Icons on the 60csx...one for Geocaching and the other for waypoints. See if you can see them under the Waypoints Icon. That is the Icon I use all the time. That always shows me everything I loaded. If for some reason they didn't load the caches with that geocaching Icon...that CLOSED treasure chest, you wont see it under that Geocache icon. Also once that Treasure chest Icon is open...you won't see it uner the Geocaching Icon....you will have to use the Waypoints Icon to see all.
  18. I don't care if someone wants to fake a find on one of my caches...if that is the way they want to play...then so be it. I just make sure my caches are maintained for the Real Geocachers.
  19. <Better yet, why not ban useless FTF term/stats and stop the weekly squabbles about it.> I like to be the Second To Find...On Up. That way there is no rushing and I can sleep in late.
  20. So you have a record of the Original.
  21. ATP, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI......EIEIO Quit in the early 80's with just over 8,000 hours. Went into computer programming...No furloughs, No Crazy Passengers, No More Thunderstorms...and not too far to fall if a computer program crashes.
  22. <Hopefully I caught you in time...> No need to worry...I was kidding. I'm still on Win2000 using FireFox. The next computer I build...I'll install XP...I have a few new OEM copies from NewEgg when I bought parts from them. I just hate to switch operating systems now...the O/S install and then all the software takes DAYS...
  23. <Since Jeremy gets a 5% cut of every Colorado sold> What happens if someone returns that Colorado?
  24. <Also - dude - it is 2009 and win 2000 came out in 1999 - time to upgrade??> Alright...You talked me into upgrading to VISTA.
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