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  1. Active-X and Plugins is disabled.


    I have Windows 2000 and IE6 and here is the scoop....


    Click On.......



    Internet Options

    Security Tab

    Custom Level

    Run Active-X Controls & Plug-ins (ENABLE)


    Click OK


    Close IE

    Restart and try Mapquest.

  2. The memory card will shake loose over time, particularly if you use it in the car regularly (I've experienced it about 3 to 4 times since I aquired the unit). It all has to do with the metal clip used to secure the memory card behind the battery. They may have corrected this. I could probably rig it to prevent this, but I am too lazy. I just reset the card and everything is back to normal.

    What happened to the unit when the card shook loose? Did it power down?


    I'm asking because my unit will sometimes power down but only when I'm using it off-road in my Jeep.


    It's definitely related to the shaking, but my batteries are tightly fitted and have the foam rubber between the leaf spring contacts, so I don't think it's a batter contact problem.




    I didn't know it was the memory card that shook loose. I could not use the street maps...so I tried to reload the maps and then a message on the PC said I had no memory card. I then reset the card and the street maps displayed again...without the reload.

  3. *****I tried to have my FTFs and #50 find be "left side justified" on my profile sheet but anyway I try and do it, it runs it all together, help****


    Edit your profile HTML and put a line break between things...so they start on the next line. See my profile.


    <br/> ** Latest News ** <br/>

    1st Find 05/29/2006 @ 5:45 PM (Lepold Legacy: January - GCKAK3)


    100th Find 12/17/2006 @ 1:35 PM (A Tribute To The Music Man Franklin - GCM6J2)

    <br/> ----------------- <br/>

  4. I ALWAYS remove that bottled Bubble Goo...I don't care if it was placed there personally by the Bubble Goo King. They should not even be allowed to sell that stuff on earth.

  5. I have a 60csx...which is close.


    Press MARK.


    Now use the up down arrow keys to move to the Lat / Long section.


    Press ENTER.


    Now use the up down arrows to move around the number pad.


    when done...click OK.


    Then move down to the OK and press enter.


    Now...that location should show up in your way points. (Find, select way point, Enter).


    If you need to edit more, just go back to that entry and use the up down arrows to move around.

  6. ***I remember my Vista once telling me I was in Texas when I was actually in NJ. It took a few minutes but it finally settled on the right location.***


    Must have been a SMOG BANK that moved in from Bayonne or off those Refineries in Linden.

  7. ****I once drove a '71 Vega GT. I loved that little piece of junk. Of course, that was many years before I developed my fear of small cars. Sigh****


    I had to rebuild that Vega engine...smoked from the factory. Had steel sleeves put in the cylinders.


    But that Pinto...wow...it just blew up when hit from behind.

  8. It has slowed down before the Xmas holidays.


    Sometimes It just seems like there is no response and I have to click on a cache 3 or 4 times before it will retrieve anything.


    Sometimes it is fast and sometimes it might take 20 seconds or so to get the data back.


    This forum is always fast...with no problems. Just the GeoCaching side.


    I'm in Madison, Wisconsin

  9. My favorite FTF prize so far has been an unregistered geocoin, I am sure most would appreciate one.


    How does one know what the FTF prize is when it's in with a lot of other new-cache stuff? Put it on top in a baggie with a note?


    I put it in an envelope that is marked in a magic marker that says: "First To Find - Take This With You".

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