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  1. I Think you may have pressed the "Stop Navigation" menu entry


    Try This:


    Press the "Find" button


    Highlight a Cache....Enter




    If you see "Resume Navigation" Highlight that and press enter...That should put it back into navigation mode and in the menu you should see "Stop Navigation"...leave it that way.

  2. ***Geez, I'm in the middle of NJ and don't get cell phone coverage in a lot of places when out in the woods.***


    I used to live in Springfield, NJ (near Union, Morristown) years ago and know some of the area. Maybe it is because the Cell Phone signals can't penetrate the SMOG coming in from NY, Staten Island, Bayonne, the Exxon refineries in Linden...etc.


    Maybe that is why your post came across twice...confusion in the SMOG.....LOL

  3. After all the reports here...I'm really happy now that I didn't hurry up and buy a Colorado. I don't want to dish out $500 to be a Garmin Beta Tester. With all the reported problems...I wonder if they can be fixed by just firmware updates alone...and not a whole hardware (chipset) redesign / replacement.


    I wanted to get a Colorado to replace my 60CSX and start on the "Where-I-Go" stuff...but now I'll probably just get a PDA...probably a Mio (because they tested on a Mio 350)...and work with that.


    I'll just have to watch the progress and posts of current Colorado users and see if by the end of 2008...there are positive posts. Until then...My 60CSX works just fine for me.

  4. ***I do not. I have not. And I never will, audit the paper logs in my caches against the online logs. Never.***




    The cache is there for the hunting. People can do whatever they want...the true Geocachers will actually find it...the others can have their grandmother sign it for them...or just dream about it and log it from the comfort of your home.


    All I ask is that you hide it again...whether Physically or Telepathically.

  5. ***Have you ever gone into a library***


    Well that is like Geocaching...You go to the catalog find a book that sounds really interesting. You write down the books Dewey Decimal number (The Coordinates) and then go on your hunt. Once you find the book...you are disappointed because it is small book (Micro) and then refuse to look at it....and then swear off libraries.

  6. ***I don't guess there is an easy answer to solving a puzzle cache***


    Yes there is...I put a puzzle cache out there for you Clueless People...




    There is one in Florida just like mine....




    And 1 in Oklahoma



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