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  1. ***That should explain that....Which Says....


    "Sorry, for privacy reasons we cannot reveal the names of the watchers of your cache."***


    I find that hard to believe...since you can click on user profiles and usually get their information, caches they found, caches they placed...etc.


    Isn't that private too? Heck, why would you want people to see the caches you found or yet...be embarassed by your DNF's?


    What about the people that found your cache? When you go to do maintenance and find the cache un-hid and the log wet...you have a list of names that were there...


    Or worse yet...the pictures the geocachers took and are listed in their user profile. Many cachers have pictures of themselves or their kids at various places...now, we know what they look like...and in what city they live...maybe some stalker will hunt out some pretty looking geocacher....who knows....


    So...to know who is watching your cache seems to be a fairly harmless matter considering everything else that is available to you about a geocacher.

  2. ***I was just going to say that, why would ANYONE want the entire US on 1 card? Have your home area, maybe with a 200Mi radius loaded, that's more than enough. Unless you plan to do a long haul, in which case, load more. But why would you want to load it full with places you'll never make it to?***


    Because I have the space on my card to load the whole USA...it DOES NOT make my 60csx any heavier.

  3. ***One good reason is that people will try to use it as a list of people to accuse, if their cache goes missing.***


    Thats a good reason? Hahahahaha


    Why would someone watch the cache just to rob it?

  4. ***It isnt necessarily about "secrecy," its more about privacy for lack of a better word***




    *** don't feel like its another persons business to reveal what I am watching.***


    But yet I can click on your profiles and see what caches you did, what you hid and any pictures you took....so the Privacy stuff does not fly.

  5. ***The more appropriate question is, why would it be worth the programming cost and server load to provide this information?***


    There must already be some program code that looks to see how many others are looking at your cache...and then reporting that to you.

  6. ***I work in the IT field and I catch all kinds of crap when something goes wrong. NOTHING in the world will work 100% of the time.***


    I work as a Project Manager (and many other hats) in the IT field...and if we implement changes to production and they cause a problem...we always have a Roll-Back plan to restore the system to where it was...and then debug the code on a Dev machine to see what might have been missed and what went wrong...and add it to the project's Lessons Learned.


    It is Hell to be under pressure while production is down and the customers wait...Been there done that and If I was closer, I'd bring you my emergency bottle of Extra-Strength Tums.

  7. ***I think this thread needs to be shut down***


    I was the OP for this thread almost a YEAR ago.


    Since that post, I've received my Platinum membership and upgraded further to Radium ++ (by inventation only). I've received my engraved Wall Plaque, Geocache Decoder Ring and ID badge about a week later...along with an instructional video on the Secret Radium ++ Handshake.


    As a Radium ++ member, I receive 125% off Hotel and Rental car rates (They actually pay you to use their products).


    I receive Upcoming cache notices before they are published.


    I have also been invited to ring the bell at NASDAQ.


    I'm a very satisfied Radium ++...so this thread can be closed if needed.


    Good Luck To All Lesser Humans.


    (The only thing that I can not do as a Radium ++ member ...Is Spell correctly)

  8. ***Either ten or twelve sides? Why not eleven sides? Or nine? Thirteen? ***


    Just pick your number and go to that side.


    ***I have NO idea what you mean by "never will everybody agree", either.***


    You didn't agree...so you are part of that "never will everybody agree".

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