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  1. Isn't that waymark advertising? After all it tell you to eat there to make a log and it asks you to report on the conditions.


    Could this be KFC drumming up some business?


    Visit Instructions:

    To log this KFC, you must have eaten at this particular location. Please enter the items you ordered from this visit in the log description. You CAN include your GPS in log photos.


    Please comment on the cleanliness of the facility, the courtesy of the staff, and the quality of the food served (e.g. fresh, hot, presentation).

  2. I had a Multi-Cache not approved because it was 15' feet closer to RailRoad tracks than what was allowed.


    It took some time to move that stage to a new location and then change the hints in the previous stage to match the new coordinates...etc.


    For 15' feet I was pissed to...but at who? I guess myself for not placing that stage far enough away and double checking the distance. The reviewers were only doing their job...and caught me.

  3. ***It's a good feature, but some people don't want their bug discovered.***


    The discovery feature is usefull just to know your TB (or Geocoin) is still out there in a cache somewhere. I thought one of mine was missing but a Discovery post showed up the other day.


    Since my TB's had no restriction on where to go...I just wondered that if you saw it...why not take it to the next cache...and I got a lot of answers of "Why".

  4. ***117" of snow and 17° ***


    17 degrees would be a heat wave....for the next few days we are expecting -10 actual and wind chills to -25.


    We have already broken the old snow record here in Madison, WI. I don't think the city has any salt for the roads left. The snow has exceded what they planned for. Most of the roads are still iced over and lots of accidents.


    The Geocachers here are sitting by the fireplace. Sunday it is supposed to be 36 degrees...guess I'll wear my shorts.

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