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  1. Add me to that list of non-cache page people too.....


    Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached.

  2. I almost bought a Colorado when they first came out...boy, am I glad I didn't. I'm keeping my 60Csx until I start to see some good reviews about the Colorados.


    What might happen is that Garmin may have to use a new release / chipset to get all the features and modifications to work...like a revision B....or a Colorado 500.


    I'll just wait and see.

  3. I don't schedule them either...I run them when I want to refresh my cache list.


    Ok, I archived the old one, created a new one and marked that as "Delete When Run". I ran it and got the Pocket Query within a couple min.


    Whats the deal with that?


    Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll store that information into my personal "Organization Process Assets" for future use.

  4. ***I have this stuff sent to a Gmail account. I might create another email address at a different server to see if anything comes.***


    Ok, I ran another Pocket Query and had the PQ sent to my paid web-hosting email address (Not Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail)....and it still has not come.

  5. Having issues receiving Pocket Queries. It started about 2 days ago. On Friday afternoon, I ran 1 for that day...after a few hours, nothing came. I ran it again...and nothing came. That night (around 10:00 pm central), I got about a dozen new listings, a weekly news letter and 1 Pocket query.


    Saturday (11:00 am central), I ran another Pocket Query and nothing came. So, I ran another....and still nothing.


    So, I get new listings, news letters and no pocket queries.


    I have this stuff sent to a Gmail account. I might create another email address at a different server to see if anything comes.

  6. I'm in Dallas and because of the city and few parks where you can hide an Ammo Can...there is a MICRO on every corner, in every tree and bush and under every lamp-skirt at every wallmart and other shopping centers.


    If there were Virtuals, I could at least use the Donkey at the Owens Sausage factory in Richardson....oh wait...there are 2 lampskirt micros within .1 miles........DANG.

  7. Suppose I do a pocket query for 500 caches within 25 miles of my home coordinates...but there are already 500 caches within 5 miles of my home coordinates.


    Does that mean nothing appears for the other 20 mile radius or are things averaged out over that radius/distance to give you something to find up to 25 miles?

  8. I did that once...took a logbook from 1 cache and placed it in another cache.


    When I first looked in the Ammo box, I didn't see a log book...just a Baggie with a TB and paper in it....which I thought was the TB information.


    Thinking the logbook was missing, I put a piece of paper and pen in the ammo box and dropped off the TB at another cache. After another Geocacher discovered the error, I went back to the other cache, got the logbook and placed it in the proper cache. It took a few days though.


    These were the log entries:




  9. ***Please discuss Wherigo hardware questions in... of all places... the Wherigo Hardware forum. This thread is about Wherigo geocaches.***


    Since a "Moderator" mentioned that they went out with a workable PPC...I thought that just maybe I could get an answer here of what he used that worked...since just about everyone else in the Where-I-Go Hareware forum has problems.


    But never mind with a quick answer...I'll re-read all the problems in Where-I-Go hardware forum..."Of All Places".

  10. ***I was able to get out today with a borrowed Pocket PC and play through a couple of the Wherigo "play anywhere" cartridges.***


    What did you use that worked?


    I've looked at the Where-I-Go hardware forum several times but everyone seems to report some kind of problems with various PPC's.


    Since I won't get a Colorado yet...I might invest in a PPC that I knew worked with Where-I-Go.

  11. ***Off topic, but I wanted to note that you're mistaken, or reacting to outdated information, so that nobody is confused by this portion of your post.***


    June of last year I was not allowed to do a true POD-Cache...I had to also include a Transcript of that audio file to get it published.


    When did things change?

  12. ***I would like to see a time limit (1 or 2 years) set on all caches to keep the sport fresh***




    ***Nothing to do with smilies***


    I agree...once the locals have found the caches it is basically done unless the "Out-Of-Towners" come look for them.


    Even if the caches change once a year...it gives the locals and frequent "Out-Of-Towners" fresh caches to look for too.

  13. I was going to get a Colorado 400 to replace my 60CSX and do Where-I-Go...but there seems to be too many problems with the Colorado...So, I am holding off.


    I would get some GPS enabled PDA but in the hardware forum I have not see something that works 100%...so I am holding off on that too.


    Otherwise, it looks interesting and I would like to try it.

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