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  1. calreenp, GPSax, and Sparky, my greatest thanks to you for bumping this up. I would be very excited & would definitely post lots--as I'm sure others would--if this became a reality. Jeremy, I hope that you seriously consider this.
  2. CDs are smaller and therefore can be put in more caches than a VHS. I've seen CDs but not a VHS in a cache, but I think they're both great ideas.
  3. Yes. If we didn't get close to it, we usually post a note.
  4. First of all, I completely disagree with ScoutMaster's irrelevant and what I think is a completely incorrect comment & will try my very hardest not to beat the dead horse. To be on topic: I'm pretty sure I'm not on this phantom list. At least I try to aviod getting put on it.
  5. Personally, I think it would be great if one least one topic about kid posters could be kept on topic. I'm a 'tweener. I usually log and print out caches. I've done more than you might think, as I have been selected to be a US Ambassador overseas (more here). Kids cachers, unite! (or at least post on this thread )
  6. read your log for "The Town Before Time," wouldn't change a thing. When you're the cache hider, an entertaining story like that always feels better than a one-liner.
  7. Would my redundant button block out posts like the following?: (not necessarily the first one, but the second) I thought that was a great story -JoeSchmo
  8. Well, no snow, and if I want adventure, I'll go geocaching. I do plan to stay up 'till midnight, I think just because of tradition.
  9. .....unethical? That's why they're honest!
  10. Howzabout a rule for vacation caches, which we are implementing on our own: Three consecutive DNFs, archive it. This way, you can be sure that's it misplaced (somebody (singular) has missed our cache). Sure, its a pain for the three people, but we've attempted several caches in our area, hidden by people in our area, that were gone. Its just one of the lumps in the sport that you have to take. Now, following this rule requires somewhat constant moderation of your cache, you should be doing this anyways, because you spent the (extra) time to hide a cache in an unfamiliar area, you probably care about it! edit: I was typing while the last five-or-so posts were being posted
  11. That was the first time in a long time that it rained, and the first time in my (brief) life that it rained on Christmas. Now, on the 26th, its 70 and sunny.
  12. Maybe there's still hope, maybe lots of people will log on in the evening....we spiked up to 97.......
  13. We're the cool guys, lookin' at a thing in a bag....
  14. Not on the coordinates, no. However, we did seem to, according to Mopar's log, create a very enjoyable and unique cache. Sorry for bringing the topic off course.
  15. I say: hide a virtual! This cache that we placed on vacation was approved without a problem; we even said we were out of the area on the top of the page!
  16. That's reassuring Not as much. Probably CNN, in a way, is acting like a tabloid, putting in big, bold letters an opinion that leaves the reader to believe that its a fact, unless they read the whole article. Anyways, what about the foothills? edit: typo
  17. That's a pretty neat website. I got a few minutes of enjoyment looking for the smallest city in my state (Elmira).
  18. Ode to the Cacher's Christmas Convention Oh, well......
  19. 103...I think all hope is lost. Still, that's a whole lot of people, more than most message boards will ever get.
  20. Top thing about winter caching: Southern California has no snow.
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