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  1. Thank you that was very informative.
  2. What's ROFTALMALO (or something like that)? I've always been puzzled by that.
  3. Bogus logs and stuff...well...it's just pointless. I've found 140 caches, and it's pretty satisfying to sit back (this is an odd figure of speech; I'm not really sitting back, like in a chair) and think about all of the work and searching and time that I've put into it and say (another odd figure of speech, I'm not really saying this out loud) "I have found 140 caches, and I am proud of it!" Having x number of finds and having cheated to get those finds just would be, kind of....pointless. You would know it was all a lie and it's kind of hard to be proud about a lie. Also, when people don't cheat, you admire them. Think about CCCooperAgency (along with BruceS, Team Alamo, and other cachers in that tier). It's amazing to see how much they find and mind-boggling to think that they actually found all of them. Think of it like baseball: steriods is cheating, people do it to reap results, but everybody's against it. When one finds out that another is cheating, with fake logs or steriods, all of their records are instantly speculated, disregarded or put into shame with an asterisk. It also puts the records of the honest people (such as Hank Aaron or CCCoperAgency) under speculation despite the fact that they were earned honestly. I just felt motivated to say something.
  4. That's just too bad that it's gone. We did a cache at the Epcot Center once, and it was a great hide and very fun to find. Disney caches are really neat because people from all over find it. I hope this doesn't mean an end to Disney caching...
  5. Although I don't think that the books will offer much to seasoned cachers, I think it's pretty neat that they're making them. In my opinion, it'd be easier to find caching through a book at the bookstore rather than on the Internet, which would be kind of hard to do, unless you had a GPS and you were looking for something to do with it.
  6. We got our first. It was a micro cache by a hider in the area that's notorious for hard caches, as we would soon learn. Not really the best choice. We didn't get our second, however. Turns out it was on the other side of the fence. Oh, well.
  7. 12. I think I'm the youngest in forum posting history. I'm close at least.
  8. Just found another 1000+ not on the list: DavidT21 & Fisherwoman Another snior cacher: Geo13
  9. Among the 1000 finders in SoCal: Cachefan Ranboze Team Dakiba FishPOET ventura kids (not on the list) Gumby&Pokey And, also a senior cacher: sr. hikers
  10. Shinkes, that's really neat! Thanks, Jeremy & co!
  11. Maybe there'll be an ammo box at the end of the rainbow...
  12. Well, Dirk Pitt would certainly be a good choice, but how about Team NUMA? Some of the members would include Dirk, Al, Kurt, Joe, Admiral Sandecker, Gamay, and St. Julian Purlmetter (a must for puzzle caches). ...and Paul Trout. Some of the machinery they use in the books would be great for those swimming/underwater caches.
  13. Wow, great link. My/our 140 seems like an endless library full of locations and memories...can't imagine all the fun I'd have and the places I'd see and all the people I'd meet if I had a thousand finds. I think the list forgot bthomas, however. And, of course, their forum title is four-digit cacher.
  14. Yeah, that would be pretty cool, and geocaching would get a lot of publicity if something like this happened, even though it'd be highly unlikely. But it would be even cooler (depending on one's point of view) if astronauts on the next trip after the geocaching hide tried to find it....AND IT WASN'T THERE!!! Dun, dun, dun....
  15. And Vixen 03. What about Kurt Austin & Joe Zavala?
  16. Can I reply my responses? OK, I will. 1.) If I made my own cache, I would either put in the regular trinkets or a huge bunch of TBs. I'd like to hide it somewhere near Mount Baldy, because (I think) cache density in that area is sparse to none, & its full of really great views. 2.) If I were a TB, I'd like to go to New Zealand, because the whole place is really green & calendar-esque (I say this from expirience, not LOTR movies). Seeing some of the more "wild," more unhabited places would be a treat. 3.) I'd not like to find a cache in the middle of a very populated city, or in a place that is in view of a somewhat busy street. I wouldn't want to find a cache here because I'd hate to see a muggle see us and maybe check out what we were looking for, and lead to the archiving of a cache. Thanks for the thread!
  17. None. Again. But, I did go on a very nice hike.
  18. ...ran into a NaviCache cache (on accident)?
  19. Would a smurf replace the eagle on the back of the quarter?
  20. My reason for saying this is: benchmarks are not an original creation of gc.com. To be perfectly honest, neither is geocaching. That being said- I like hunting benchmarks (even tho I haven't found many yet) and I think they should be seperate and not included in cache totals. I also think virtual, locationless webcam and possibly event caches should be seperate too. Ah. I didn't know that. I agree with your bottom paragraph. I think that benchmarks should be separate from regular geocaches just because...well...they're not geocaches. I may not be right here, but the benchmark was/should be easy to find, because it was simply a mark for the USGS mappers, not a treasure hunt. Some/most geocaches are placed with a difficult puzzle/search in mind.
  21. Its a good thing to see that you're following safety rules by wearing a life jacket.
  22. My reason for saying this is: benchmarks are not an original creation of gc.com.
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