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  1. Before you read on, be aware that a forum search was performed before the posting of this topic. The topic is: "What State Do You Live In?" (in case you didn't see the title for some strange, unknown reason) Just say what state you live in, after a while I'll probably tally it all up, and we'll see which state has the most people who geocache, or the state with the most people who post on the forums, or the state with the most people that post in this topic. This is a grand topic because it's an easy question that all can answer (even International Cachers can post their country and that will be equivalent to a state!) easily, and it boosts your post count as you provide valuable information to the topic! California.
  2. I'm a kid. Yeah. You'll find that the "Abject Silliness" thread is a great place where you can post pretty much all you want about just about anything at all; sometimes even geocaching. 44 finds since 1-31 is a fairly rapid pace. I've found about 140, but that's over about 20 months. Keep up the great finding!
  3. Great article. Very well written. It's funny how the articles where the journalist caches are positive.
  4. I know of three. link There's nothing there. I just clicked it twice and it worked twice.
  5. If I thought I found a bomb, I wouldn't want to open the container. Yeah. You're right. It helps against more ordinary muggles, however.
  6. This topic is much needed. Thanks for starting it. I think that a good step would be to put the little: "You've Found a Geocache-Intentionally or Not!" paper in all caches. Putting geocaching.com on the outside of caches would help likewise. It may be a bit too far and it would have to be worked out with park owners, but maybe putting a flier at the entrance of a park that states that there is a geocache in this park, it is in an ammo box, and please don't be alarmed and please don't take it. But, what really would help is for cache hiders to place hides while thinking about the current situation. That is my fiftieth of a dollar.
  7. I'm pretty sure that most cachers are the ones that Enspyer talked about, the ones who found one cache in 2001, said on the log that they were hooked, and never went to find another one. Aside from them, I think that 100 is the goal for most cachers, since it's the first number that actualy feels like a milestone (We found our 72nd cache, hooray!) that actually feels attainable, daring, but not too overboard. But, when one reaches 100, there really isn't very much good reason to stop, because there's always 200, and 300... (and, in case anybody's curious, we've got 140 finds)
  8. I'd personally like to see an article about a geocaching marathon, preferably written by somebody who has participated in one.
  9. Thank you, I didn't know that. My question has been answered. Locked.
  10. My greatest thanks and condolences go to the Getting family. The original idea of a GPS system is revolutionary and downright genius.
  11. On the Hide&Seek page, could there be an option that allows you to search for just a certain type of cache as opposed to all the caches in the area in which you are searching? Could there also be a search option that allows you to search for caches with a specific difficutly and/or terrain level?
  12. At times, it seems, the only clueless cacher is myself (as an example: I DNF the same cache twice today. I'm a jenious.). There was a cache that I saw from about 100 feet away in a suburban enviorment. That was kind of crazy.
  13. I'll ignore anything that has to do with the GPS itself and the gadgetry involved in it. I tend to start skimming through threads that are long and have long responses despite the fact that it was fresh and exciting when I started reading and probably is still fresh (and maybe even more exciting) at the present moment. I lose interest in the threads where every response seems to have 10 posts quoted despite the fact that it makes an interesting geometric shape. Too confusing. I also kind of lose interest in threads which have responses that include every action that people do (ie: I'm gonna go take out the trash now). I enjoy...well, I dunno. I really do enjoy more types of threads than those I don't enjoy, I just can't really name the ones that I do enjoy.
  14. They could be long and thin, like a giant tart or something. The lids could come pre-camoflouged (with different lids for forest, desert, and other enviorments). Ooh! Ooh! Maybe they could even be bendable so you could squish them in really tight slots (not like a Ziploc bag is bendable, like a piece of Tupperware-like plastic that's bendable). I like the idea with the slots for pencils, pens, logbook, etc. That would be pretty cool.
  15. I too was once wondering what all this NORM and WOODY stuff was. After a bit in the Abject Silliness thread and reading WildEarths post I got it figured out. He is totally into the NORM WOODY thing. I know what Norm is, but what's a Woody?
  16. I, as a kid, don't care about the trade. I'm not trying to be above anything or degrade other people who do enjoy the trade, I just don't. Most of the time. (the rubber chicken we found once was a definite treasure for me) Recently, we've been doing TNLN, in part because all the current stuff in our swag bag really just isn't good stuff.
  17. There's actually 11. However, since some of them are in groups, then the caches in Antartica are isolated, but not lonely.
  18. I suppose we could say the corny thing and say that finding each cache is a victory in itself. This, however, is a truth.
  19. And then, of course, there's a lot of countries with just one cache: Ethiopia Zambia Burkina Faso Bhutan (cache never found) Chad (cache never found) ...just to name five. There's also a cache in India that's so far out, no caches are nearby. (much thanks to geckoee)
  20. Yeah. I found that one. For the full story: Oops..I Did It Again
  21. I've been looking. There's a pretty good one inWestern Australia: sheep country, 33.9 miles from any other geocache. But.... Mad Dragons' Cache, located in China, is an astounding dun, dun, dun........76.3 miles from any other geocache. Incredible.
  22. Ruyso does not have a cache within 25.6 miles of it. There's probably something better, though. The cache which JamieZ first posted (almost two years ago) now has a cache within 13.7 miles of it.
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