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  1. If it was, then there would be no need for a suspicious hiding place.
  2. I once found a cache when I wasn't hunting for it. We ran into another cacher during a hunt (she has over 1000 now), we found the cache, and she said she couldn't have found it without us (we have -200). I did a cache that was 4.5 is terrain level. I drank water from a bottle on the way to a cache.
  3. Put Monopoly money in the bottle and rehide it.
  4. We just did a cache yesterday that was advertised as a grand place to take your dog on a walk. However, the last .15 miles was all of these prickly plant things. I wore shorts and I paid for it dearly. Several of these thorn-like things became embedded in my socks. I spent a good five minutes getting them out but they kept reappearing like magic. I was nearly driven out of my mind. But I can't imagine the unbearable pain that a dog would feel. They'd go crazy.
  5. We did one that was a three-gallon bucket and still a three-point difficulty. The guy taped plant fronds a few inches down from the top of the bucket that hung down to below the bucket. Then he hung the bucket at about eye level in a pomegranite (spelling) tree. It was a really neat hide.
  6. A guy searched for one of our caches as his first hunt ever...and he didn't find it.
  7. Everybody's forum title is tadpole until they pass ten posts. And good luck with your search.
  8. You might have better luck in the regional forums, which are a ways down the list. And welcome to the forums.
  9. 57% of typing is done with the left hand. So there. reference
  10. I write with my left hand and catch with my right. Surprisingly, I type with both. Just making a NORMal spelling edit...
  11. Congratulations. Getting to 100 does feel like quite an accomplishment. I hope you enjoyed your first hundred and the next hundred as well.
  12. On a road trip this summer, our family will be heading into Bryce, Utah (84717). We're looking for caches that are particularly memorable. Since we're two families, we'd prefer caches that are under a 3/3.5 terrain level. Thanks in advance.
  13. This summer we'll be going to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and we'd like to find caches that are exceptional or memorable in all three states. We'll be coming through the Southeastern parts of Idaho. In Montana, we're going to be at Gardiner (59030). In Wyoming, we'll be at both Yellowstone (82190) and Jackson Hole (83002). We're bringing along two families, so we'd prefer caches that are below 3/3.5 terrain difficulty. Thanks in advance.
  14. Congratulations. I don't know why, but each 100 seems to be very important to me, so I hope that you are enjoying this milestone as much as I have.
  15. I really enjoyed the one that uper started where everybody posted pictures of where they posted from. That was pretty cool.
  16. Well, the results have finally been tallied; and the winner is....... California! With 22 residents! Pennsylvania came in second with 12 and Texas in third with 10. Here's the complete listings, which I think are accurate: 8: Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio 7: Georgia, New York 6: Kansas, Missouri 5: Tennessee, Washington 4: Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin 3: Arkansas, Canada, Colorado, Indiana, North Carolina, South Dakota, United Kingdom 2: Germany, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon 1: Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Finland, Hawaii, Japan, Minnesota, Montana, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia Thanks to all who participated!
  17. Read this. edit to be on topic: I think your terms are fair and just.
  18. *bump* This thread has been bumped a second time. If it motivates anybody, I'm going to try and tally it all up on Saturday.
  19. Cool. This may be off topic, but I really enjoyed your "Never Find the Body." Getting to that was a very fun and challenging expirience for us.
  20. My guess is either "Yellow Jeep" or "Where's In A Name," both locationless.
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