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  1. I've been shocked at all the places I've gone to with geocaching just a few miles from home that I've never seen before, and never would have seen otherwise.


    It's also something to do when vacationing, because those blasted geocaches are everywhere, and you'd be quite hard-pressed to vacation someplace where there are no geocaches.

  2. i'm currently almost 50 caches behind in my logging because if i'm not disposed to sitting down and making a good log, i wait until i am. it's a project, because i like to write a log worth reading.


    I, too, like to leave an intelligent log. That's not exactly the reason I'm logging Thanksgiving's finds now, but I do find it worth it to leave an intelligent, well-thought-out log.

  3. Either the one that took us eight tries or the one with the 4.5 terrain (called Never Find the Body, because, if you fell, they would never find the body. Heh. What lighthearted humor). We were the second to find it, three months after it was hidden. We stayed the most current finder for quite a while, too. It made me feel happy inside, concquering that cache as all the more regular regulars shyed away.

  4. There was one where you had to lift up the latch for a fire alarm and there was the cache amidst all the wires. There was another where you had to go to the fifth story of a library, and there was a book the hider had placed that was entirely hollowed out, with an Altoids Tin inside.


    Both of these were hidden by the incredible, daring OtisPug.


    Another local hider hid one in a fake sprinkler in a blockbuster parking lot. And in a planted pipe behind an office building. And and and....


    I'm like a wealth of fantastic stories.

  5. I'm too lazy to get links! Rejoice!


    Pretty much every OtisPug hide for me defined the word "great." That guy was one of the most mysterious, creative, and evil fellows ever to hide a cache. We relished each and every time we had fought through the obscure clues and were able to pop the lid off one of his caches, whether it was drug up out of the sewer with fishing line or a three-gallon bucket placed in a tree at eye level or an altoids tin placed in a hollowed-out book in a long-forgotten aisle of a library. It was a privledge to have such a prolific and famed hider so close to us.

  6. Hey, TeamMaximus.


    We took a somewhat similar trip (Zion, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Bryce) earlier this summer and, even though the point of the trip wasn't to geocache, we still found around a dozen. I think my favorite in Yellowstone was Oceans Bound, just because that's where the water runs to both the Pacific and Atlantic. It's not exceptionally sightworthy, but I still thought it was cool.


    Perplexing Parallel is just outside the state of Wyoming. As with Oceans bound, there's not a spectacular sight, but being at the 45th parallel was pretty cool to me. Gardiner, Montana is just outside Yellowstone and is the home of dRAFTy and the Jardine Bug Hotel.


    Hope you have a great, memorable time on your trip. And, a word of advice: Grand Geyser in Yellowstone is nost definitely worth the wait.

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