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  1. Why doesn't anyone believe that "Theeeey're heeeeere" and "The're baaaaack" are from the poltergeist movies?
  2. "They're baaaack" was from one of the Potergeist sequels. "They're heeeeere" was from Poltergeist
  3. Looking for so many....where to start?? Geopenguin, maybe?
  4. I've really never understood a) why people get so worked up and upset at things on a message board B)why others seem to take such glee in people getting upset. That being said, there are coins for pretty much everything these days. We have no interest in this coin, but we're also sure there will be a market for it. Good luck with the coin!
  5. Mailed today; steel city babes glennk721 moopalong Geolobo Team Sand Dollar Pengo Family Silver & Lucy kootenay pirates
  6. Here are the pics of the coins; Silver Gold Copper and the fourth, trade only metal - Chrome
  7. We have some of our South Eastern New Brunswick coins available for trade now
  8. lizzardman Mingan Patch Misha backcountrycapers MHz worthapeek Team OleOmi OshnDoc All went out this morning! The few trades left will go out this afternoon or tomorrow morning!
  9. They're in one of the otherthreads too, but it makes sense to post them here as well, it seems In descending order of minting; Had to remove as the tracking numbers are there...dang...will post later today...
  10. Batch 2 for the Day: 3chercheurs Cache Agent Tucats tomturtle MineRP kimbaofftrack sheloha hidude98 Agent Zero dookie2000ca StuckonWGS84 chrisgun Dream Cachers The rest will go tomorrow!
  11. The following orders have been mailed today (others may get out this afternoon); SERGIO TurBeau JLam-D Frodo B Slippery-1 Danoshimano Starzz smerrill Irish-Hunter Sweden-Hawk fairyhoney 9key Big John P Saffier Atlanta Gal Whitebear Geo-taz The Klever Boys
  12. Drove 2 + hours today to pick them up. Quite pleased with how they look. The first lots should be going out in tomorrows mail!
  13. Hi slippery 1, you have indeed paid for 1 gold coin! It will be shipped early this week and I will e-mail you when it is! Thanks, Paul
  14. Got some pics from the 3 geeks! Gold Silver There was also a fourth metal, that was not for sale. 15 chrome coins were minted for gifts or special trades. Chrome <Images removed at the request of the OP to protect the tracking numbers. The OP will post new photos.>
  15. Woo hoo! Coins arrived yesterday in Nova Scotia and I will have them in hand tomorrow. They will start shipping on Monday! There are several people who have reserved coins and have not paid, and there are coins still available for sale or trade. I will post pics tomorrow night! Cheers, Paul
  16. This just strikes me as odd. That is all.
  17. Penguin Geocoin Thread Is this what you're looking for?
  18. I can't believe it!!! The GCSA made their way to the frozen marshlands of New Brunswick! We got the notifcation this morning and wern't long braving the freeeeeeezing cold! All worth it though as we are now the proud owners of coin #163! Sackville Geo-Library Here's our oldest holding the coin in a much warmer climate - in our house!
  19. I agree with Team Pengo! With the cold weather up here, we could all use a litle magic to help warm us up! Lots of nice spots and caches in Canada!
  20. Congrats to the latest finders. -11 degrees Celsius here in Sackville, NB today. But the frozen/icy ground makes it easy to leave no tracks!
  21. I'm thinking "by the community" just means by someone in the community which is true. Government "by the people" doesn't mean we're all in government. Good luck on the venture, but I think I'll stick with trading or buying. Auctions from where ever tend to get out of hand as people overpay if they don't know all the avenues of acquiring a certain coin.
  22. My thinking is that if all the coins here are tied into geocaching, as they are deisgned, traded etc by geocachers. The great part is that if you don't want it or don't like it, you don't have to buy it or trade for it. Just my thoughts
  23. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Paul, Stacey, Caleb and Tolkien
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