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  1. I guess whether or not you call something a series, a set or whatever is really up to you. I would consider different metals, colours, etc sets, not series. To me a series is coins that are different, but tied together by a theme.
  2. Congrats islander! Nice to see the GCSA making it back to atlantic canada!
  3. The maritimes! You should come with us! Oh wait, you already are! Road trip!!! wooo hooo!
  4. As far as I know, you can order them, but only pick them up at the event. You should ask someone who's going to get you one, or just wait and trade. I know our van load from New Brunswick are all buying extras
  5. Evil micro coin was first micro coin we found, and just loved it. Who says micros cant have sweet swag?
  6. Great question - was wondering about this myself. Hope some of the more experienced folks can answer this.
  7. Our coins are, sadly, just in a plastic tupperware type container. It's not even actual tupperware or even a lock and lock *shudder* We have to work on something better.
  8. Our drive is 20 hours non-stop. Leaving early thrusday a.m., we're driving (and caching) through the Thursday night, aiming to be in Raleigh sometime Friday afternoon. Should be quite the road trip!
  9. Well, as we're just over 2 months away, I was just wondering which of the coin collectors and traders that frequent the board are going to heading to GWS5 in May? We've got a van load of folks (mostly coin collectors too) making the near 1700 km trek. Who could we see there?
  10. We'd like one, black nickel - please
  11. Oops, had missed that part. Definitely too rich for my blood!
  12. Hmm 25.00 plus 8.00 shipping to Canada? Pass.
  13. That's too bad about the coin, I just find it odd that someone would bother to "discover" the coin and then steal it. Kinda like a thief leaving his wallet after a break in isn' it? I have seen people wrongly accused of stealing bugs or TB's as well after only "discovering" them in caches and then having the trackable go missing. It's one of the reasons we rarely discover things, we move them or leave them.
  14. Glad to see the Geocoin Fairy made it up to Canada! Congrats to whoever the lucky finder is!
  15. Moncton (which is in SE NB) is often referred to as the "hub" of the Maritimes or the "hub city". Also, the spokes of the hub, all point (albeit roughly) to the maritime cities with the corresponding names. But we didn't want a moncton coin, as we live elsewhere in SE NB - so we went with a "regional" coin. The hub represents the region, the spokes represent the cache friendly areas accesssible (or relatively so) from here. In terms of centrality and access to the maritimes, we're fairly central. Not sure if this explains it or not
  16. I use a spreadheet program (quatro pro). a little archaic, but it works. I keep track of trades, sales, if i've emailed the person, if I've shipped or received, etc. The most important thing I've found is just to constantly update - don't fall behind!
  17. But even if was to trade for or buy activated coins, I can adopt them, right? I traded one of our activated coins and now it's someone elses with just a few clicks of the button.
  18. Wow. Puts a lot of things in perspective. I hope things get better and I'm sure people who have traded with you will be more than understanding. Take care and best wishes for you and all those affected.
  19. I enjoy sharing our coins/icons with other cachers, so we activate all of our non-traders. I have to say, it's always nice to see the rarer coins, but a bit of a bummer to find out they aren't activated and can't be logged. I have seen plenty of traders that aren't keep in binders and are banged around as much (or more) than activated keepers. I'm finding this info really informative!
  20. I was going to start a new thread, but I think this fits in here (and has probably been asked a million times in the past). Why is it that an activated coin is so unappealing for collectors? I don't mind it, but I was just curious as to the reasoning.
  21. I actually noticed PengoFamily twice, I think
  22. Gascan 2006 BN Team Gasmain Geo 40 Two awesome coins!
  23. Some of us in Canada have been lucky enough to be visited, so it probably just depends on where the GCSA decides to go.
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