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  1. Winning bid was $95, !! As of now all my coins are for sale at $95 each, anyone interested please send email. Hah, whoever that was used the scan of the GB coin I made. I demand some royalties! You want a royalty! Ha! I designed the coin and I ain't got a check from eBay for any of them yet I also made all the MiGO, Ohio, and Geocoinclub coins, total royalty from sales on eBay... nada! Hmmm I wonder what an unactivated artist's copy of the MiGO seasonals would fetch on eBay?
  2. From what I've seen it's a different way, with pros and cons. As a state geocoin distributor I really like the idea of an automated system. Plus how do those little activation stickers get on the geocoins anyway? It's one thing to put the activation stickers on travellertag coins that are sequentially numbered, my hat is off to anybody that does it for 1500 non-sequential alpha numeric bug numbers that you go blind reading off a 1.5 inch coin. It's a whole lot easier and more accurate to just import a file into a database.
  3. All new MiGO std coins and upcoming summer & fall seasonal coins are gc.com trackable and so are the Midwest Geobash coins. In addition they have a find icon which (?) I think (?) is included when you pony up for the 1500 numbers. Check my profile I was activating my MiGO coins yesterday as a test. To me all the other tracking mechanisms are a waste of time, it comes down to either its trackable on gc.com or not. I can see pros and cons for both sides of that but I wouldn't spend extra money for any other tracking method. Rusty... Oops wrong profile doh!!!! I did that yesterday when I was testing them too Rusty...
  4. There are pictures of all the coins if you watch the animated gif at geocoinclub.com I designed the coins, they are adaptations of the contest winners for the MiGO 2004 seasonal patches. I received them from the mint Monday and they look great. Only 100 of each seasonal coin was minted and they will never be produced again since the target audience is MiGO members and not necessarily collectors. The summer Sun coin will be released very soon in an online sale and I expect the fall Pumpkin coin will only be available in person at MiGO's Fall Fun Day. An announcment will be made in the MiGO forums about 2 weeks prior to release. Rusty...
  5. I am the one that approved it... so what! In hind sight looking at it I suspect I must have been on drugs that day but it was supposed to last a little beyond the required 3 month minimum and I thought it was something different (ie: more impressive) than what it actually turned out to be but did not ask enough questions.. my bad. I see nothing positive for even starting this thread and even less for comments by some people that ought to know better. But if you want me to say sorry then fine... you got it. Feel better now? There have been 7 other virts posted in Michigan over the last 6 months (9/1/2004 to present), would someone like to also post those links so their merits can be debated. (that was rhetorical and this will be my only response ) Personally I hate all virtuals and think they should all be banned.
  6. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all our geo-friends and all the good little geo-boys and geo-girls everywhere. Our sincere wishes for a great holiday season! Rusty... Michigan volunteer reviewer
  7. Up till now I have been using GSAK on my PC (program of the year) and Cachemate on my Sony Clie'. That combination has worked great but Libby is the one that uses the PDA when we cache and she doesn't like the Sony. So I have a new IPAQ coming today and we are looking forward to experimenting with all the PPC choices out there. GPXSonar sounds like the favorite from what I read. Rusty...
  8. I own about 5 different versions of SA and a couple S&T including fairly new versions of each. With SA2003 they went to a new base map database and interface from SA9. After several attempts to get used to SA2004 I have bagged it and went back to SA9. I have also noticed in my area several roads that appeared on SA9 but were not in SA2004. SA works great for creating an arc filter to use with GSAK/GPSBabel. S&T is much better for routing and I like the display better than SA, mapwise they are very comparable. I don't like the way you have to save things to a file instead of just opening up to what you last saved like SA. I have SA9, SA2004 & ST2003 loaded on my laptop all the time, but SA9 is the weapon of choice. I just ordered an IPAQ and will be switching from Palm so I'll see how well the Pocket Streets works.
  9. Out of over 700 hunts we have run in to other cachers so many times that I have lost count, at least 30-40 times. It probably helps that I will talk to anybody that looks suspicious. A couple weekends ago we took a chance and drove to a multi stage rural cache without even knowing the coordinates, but I had a rough idea of where to park. The cache was a few weeks old so it was pure luck that we ran into 2 other cachers that were already searching for stage one and joined them to complete the hunt. Geo-Karma
  10. I think your logs are great, don't change a thing. I love it when someone finds one of my caches and puts some story into their log. Personally my logs run more along the lines of "Thanks for the fun, TNLNSL" but that's just 'cuz I'm boring. Rusty...
  11. RK is right, I've had a Sportrak for almost a year and it's not unusual for the tracks to be a little off the road on a close up zoom. Drive up and down the same road and you'll often see multiple tracks. I don't find the 100-250' maps to be all that useful when driving anyways and usually I'm on the .40 map to drive with. Remember you don't use a map (at least I don't) to find caches, and you probably won't be travelling 60 mph as you zero in on them Rusty...
  12. "Small Town-Down Town" was placed on hold by your approver Honeychili. Make sure that you have a valid email address on your account and check your email for a message. I can almost guarantee you that one has been sent to you by now. If you don't see an email then send a note to the address above referencing the GC# and someone will get back with you. Rusty...
  13. I have been using a Sportrak Pro for over a year now. I think what you are talking about are the "tracks" that show up on the map screen, you can clear those and the waypoints in setup. Press the Menu button Select Setup Select Clear Memory (scroll way down to find this) Select Track History to clear the tracks, you can also clear the waypoints here that you have stored. Hope that helps, Rusty...
  14. If the zip code you are visiting is in a different state, make sure you don't have your home state selected in the query. Also make sure that you click the edit button at the bottom of the page to submit the changes. I usually keep 1-2 queries available to delete and then recreate when I want different areas. An advantage of this is that when you create a new query it seems to get delivered to you in just a few minutes so you can check it to be sure it is working. Rusty...
  15. When we started you could track your stats on one hand because there were only 4 caches in the whole state. By the time I got around to actually finding one in April 2001 there was probably 20 or so to choose from. I remember that we used to savor the individual find a lot more than nowdays, that's something I've been trying to get back to. Other than that I'll just ditto what everyone else has said. DITTO Rusty...
  16. I forgot to post the link: Thomas Distributing I have a couple of them that hold two AA's. They came with my charger. This is the first time I was able to find more of them. I've never seen them in any local stores. Thanks, I bookmarked it.
  17. Hey Navdog, where did you find the flat containers they look pretty slick? I have 20 rechargable NiMH AA batteries that are almost always charged up. I keep a charger in the Jeep running all the time so we are never without batteries. I only carry two with me in the field because I figure the batteries from the digital camera are always available in an emergency.
  18. Only admins can edit archived cache pages, the change was made at or about the same time as the new cache submission procedures went into effect. There are several free HTML programs available online. If you don't want the cache approved or edited by the reviewer until you are done tweaking you can simply say so in a note to the approver. When you are ready just delete the note or leave another saying it is ready.
  19. I usually say we don't like park & grabs but they do have their place. On a recent trip to Florida I downloaded all the rest area caches every 1/1 within .5 of the expressway. We didn't have time to dally but it was fun to grab a few quick caches while getting gas and it broke the drive up.
  20. We always cache together. Out of our 600+ finds we have probably each done about 5 of them alone. I would have to say we are equally obsessed. I usually carry the GPSr and Libby carries the PDA. Geocaching has become our primary source of entertainment and social life (sad isn't it), we even plan our vacations around it. Our non-geocache friends avoid the subject like the plauge because they know that once we start talking about it that's all we talk about. Within the last week I have updated our caching name from just "Rusty" to "Rusty & Libby", it was long overdue. -------------------------------------------------- When the earthquake swallows up his house, his business, his lifetime savings, the wise man uses his lot on the edge of the abyss to sell tickets to the tourists. Rusty & Libby's Geocache Page Michigan Geocaching Organization
  21. If we see anyone that remotely looks like a geocacher we introduce ourselves and ask if they are indeed caching. We tend to meet other cachers a lot more often than average and I think it is because we try to. We have yet to meet someone that wasn't friendly and have gotten the opportunity several times to tell people about geocaching. -------------------------------------------------- Friends don't let friends cache locationless! Rusty & Libby's Geocache Page Michigan Geocaching Organization
  22. I miss the times when Libby & I used to just load the Mag315 with waypoints and head out. No printout, no PDA, no laptop, no maps, just pure fun. It was not efficient as far as hitting the most caches but it was a lot more adventurous not having any idea of what you would be looking for. We got burned a few times but never did we not have fun. Now we are spoiled, everything is laid out in front of us, always updated. Maps to the nth degree, we find more caches and its still fun but once in a while its still nice to go commando -------------------------------------------------- Friends don't let friends cache locationless! Rusty & Libby's Geocache Page Michigan Geocaching Organization
  23. quote:Originally posted by CacheUsOut:I love the breakdown. Excellent improvement! As a previous post mentioned, perhaps you could have the number of traditional caches be a link to a list of the traditional caches, etc... That might be a cool feature. Click on the icon and it takes you to a list of the caches the person did in that catagory. Way Kewl!!!!! Love the new format, if totals have to include locationless I would rather not see them and just leave it the way it is. Great work!!!!! Rusty... -------------------------------------------------- Friends don't let friends cache locationless! Rusty & Libby's Geocache Page Michigan Geocaching Organization
  24. I figured out my problem although I'm not sure what happened. I went to the pocket query page and it wouldn't let me edit my queries and I noticed it was asking me to agree to the usage terms (which I had done ages ago when we first signed up for them) anyways I clicked that and then I could see my queries and about 15 minutes later all of them had been sent to me. Apparently it lost the record of my agreement to the terms? Alls well that ends well!!! -------------------------------------------------- Friends don't let friends cache locationless! Rusty & Libby's Geocache Page Michigan Geocaching Organization
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