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  1. As an additional FYI...


    May Signal is due in on June 19th and will ship right away and June Signal is due to arrive on July 7th. So as you can see we are gradually getting them on track. Dates are always subject to change until I have them in hand but that is from my latest status report.

  2. There was a maintenance issue at the host this morning and they were already rebooting by the time I was able to get a human on the line in tech support.


    It is estimated that it should be back online in the next ten minutes so the sales "should" be able to go off as planned.



  3. If you have very high name recognition in the gc community, or if you have a really top notch geocaching related design, or preferrably both you still have a chance to sell enough coins to pay for your icon. If you don't fall into those catagories you better bring your VISA card :P


    I have been getting more and more people wanting truly personal coins and lower quantities and I think that is the best choice for most people that want a coin. Make it personal and make what you can afford on your own. You will be happier and your coin will be more desirable if it is relates to geocaching and represents your personality.


    My .02

  4. How about this one...I ordered 2 Geocacher University Geocoins from them and received 1 in the package...Paypaled for 2 and received only one. Emailed 3 times since the package arrived and no reply.


    Your missing coin was sent out two days ago. Your email to info@ was forwarded to me for shipping, sorry if you did not get a specific reply.


    Sweet, thanks a bunch. I imagine you get quite a few emails... ;).

    Still nothing? Do you need more info from me???


    Could you just send me an email to rusty at personalgeocoins.com


    I don't have a cross-reference from real names to forum handles so maybe I'm confusing you with someone else or have a wrong address, I don't know. The coins I said I shipped did ship so we need to figure this out.

  5. I figure I'd post this here since it's probably faster than email :smile:


    My question is about the ink... soft enamel colors? Transparant colors again like the April GCC? The description doesn't say.


    Nice design on this one, by the way.


    Synthetic hard enamel on the flower sides and soft enamel on the Signal side. Transparent might have been cool for the flowers but I didn't want to repeat the same thing in consecutive months. I don't know if the sample is posted anywhere but it turned out really nice.


    June is back to round but will be 1.75" like the April GCC coin.



  6. I have probably shipped as many individual packages of coins as anybody and I think the US Post Office gets an A+ rating.


    We get a report of lost coins about 1 in each 100 packages but actual lost coins by the Post Office are maybe 1 in 2000 packages. We see an erratic rate of late deliveries and sometimes it is 10 days for a coin that should have been delivered in 2 days but they do get there.


    Experience has taught me that if you use quality packaging, proper legible addressing, and proper postage your coins will arrive, ocassionally late but they will get there.


    If your return address is clear the improper shipments will make it back to you eventually. In February I screwed up the address on a bunch of International shipments and I just got another one of them back Saturday. Out of about 70 packages 40 have made there way back so far.



  7. I e-mailed the geocoin store, and have gotten no response. I'm rather bummed. :(


    Drop me an email directly and I'll get it checked out for you, make sure you include your name so I can look up the shipment. rusty at personalgeocoins.com


    I think you are probably talking about the 'refurb' 2005 coins which were hand engraved locally.



  8. That's MY coin!


    Actually we order <10 blanks of each Geocoin Store coin for our own sample book and I never found the pack of blanks in the mtn-man box so they went out in the wild. Yours is the 3rd one I know about and you can keep it one or I'll swap it for the trackable one I have in my book since I didn't have a blank to keep :blink:


    Well I would like to keep it since there was only 10 made and of those 10 only three have been spoken for. :anibad: .


    No problemo, enjoy :lol:

  9. 424 = Arctic Nomad

    409 = Great Rewards

    408 = Two Happy Hikers Vintage Caching

    393 = Circle of Safety


    Not listed:

    430 = Civil War #8

    431 = Civil War #9

    432 = Civil War #10

    433 = Civil War #7

    434 = Civil War #6

    435 = Civil War #5

  10. That's MY coin!


    Actually we order <10 blanks of each Geocoin Store coin for our own sample book and I never found the pack of blanks in the mtn-man box so they went out in the wild. Yours is the 3rd one I know about and you can keep it one or I'll swap it for the trackable one I have in my book since I didn't have a blank to keep :anibad:

  11. Which coin? Have you sent an email inquiring about the shipping date along with your name and order info?


    You can email me direct through my profile if you want me to check to see if your coin has shipped. Be sure to include your name (as it is in Paypal) and the coin you ordered.



  12. My April arrive yesterday. I think it actually looks a lot better than the artwork, sorta like a stained glass window <_<

    But I still wish they'd move back to coins with lots of metal and less color for acents, borders, etc. To me the last couple (Feb, and March) have had a bit MUCH coloring.


    Making the front like a stained glass window was the intended effect and I think that worked.


    If you want less enamel you will like the May coin since it does not have any enamel and will be a PROOF coin. I have done one other proof geocoin and it turned out great so I have high hopes for May.


    June's design will feature two special effects, one of which I have yet to see on a geocoin even though it is very cool and the other effect has only been on one coin that I know of and I did that one.

  13. All coins in the above post are shipped complete.


    All outstanding replacment or missing coin requests to the Geocoin Store have been sent as of yesterday.


    The following coins will ship tomorrow & Saturday:


    March Signal

    Jan & the Percy Boys

    Hobo Dude

  14. FYI - March Signals are shipping tomorrow & Saturday for all orders placed through today. March is the best yet, very cool coin.


    Jan & Feb were shipped yesterday for all orders through Monday.


    All versions will ship again next week.


    PS: January is ALMOST sold out so if you might want one don't wait.

  15. Zinc injected coins are just as heavy as brass or nickel based coins. My Cachehunters42 Bear coins were injected Zinc coins.


    Then I'm thinking of another metal cause most of the coins coming from the geocoin store are really lightweight compared to all other vendors including you and your bear coins.


    Coin Store & Coin Club coins only come in two versions - copper stamped and zinc die cast. Stamping is our prefered method but certain designs can only be done in cast. Most of them are 3.5mm thick although a couple have been 3.0 and a couple were 4.0mm.

  16. I have not been able to contact who I need to get the activation codes loaded online.


    So... and I may regret this... if you need a code you can email me either through my profile or direct rusty at personalgeocoins.com


    I know they will be online within 24-48 hrs but if you need it right now just drop me an email and I'll try to be as quick as I can.

  17. Shipped yesterday and today - all open orders as of Monday, International and domestic:


    - 2006 MiGO Lighthouse coins

    - FootTrax

    - GeoFaex Regular and LE

    - Scott-N8ZUS

    - Cache or Die Trying Silver & Gold

    - Blue Canary

    - Team S&B

    - Haughtons Hunters

    - Always Looking


    Being packed now and hopefully all out by tonight:


    - mtn-man Admin Brick


    Going out immediately after the bricks, tonight & tomorrow:


    - Nebraskache Geocorn

  18. As someone who sits back and read these forums on a regular basis, it appears to me that the coins with black/dark enamel backgrounds are the ones that the defects show up in the most. And the defects I see comments about are things like "debris in the enamel" or some such thing. I would ask the coin makers if they are using a clean room type atmosphere, or have some kind of cleaning procedure for their equipment, or dust hoods over the enamel station. What kind of quality control do they have? I once worked in a clean room type atmosphere, and they had a machine that would count the dust particles in the air, and if it was too high production stopped. That may be way more control than a coinmaker needs, but some kind of air quality checks and station cleaning procedures before each run might help. Heck, we had to wear gloves, shower cap type hats, lab coats, dust covers on our shoes, step on tacky mats when entering, the whole nine yards, and if you had a beard, you have to wear a little shower cap thing on that too. I'm just curious as to how they control it, or if they even try to set controls.


    The 'debris' that is seen are actually air bubbles and the most common cause is the temperature used when setting the enamel. You are correct that black seems to show them more readily but it can happen in any color. Some metal types are less prone to it than others. The optimum temperature range is only a couple of degrees.


    Very rarely will there actually be foriegn matter in the enamel, almost all enamel work in done in clean rooms, at least in my experience.

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